Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blogging From A to Z Challenge: The Most Overlooked Letter in the Alphabet, Q

Hello and welcome to the Focused on Story Blog by J.Q. Rose. We have arrived at my favorite letter of the alphabet--Q. (Please note my pen name. Q is for my maiden name.) Q is an overlooked letter. Maybe because it's so Quirky. It's rather plain, but not as plain as O. 

I have a Question for you. There’s Only One Letter That’s Not in Any U.S. State Name. Can You Guess It? I won't keep you in suspense. It's Q according to the Reader's Digest article. Click here to read it. 

Believe me, Q is the most neglected letter of the alphabet. Because my family name started with Q, it was difficult to find a Q on monogrammed products such as towels, mugs, napkins, and even a cut-out Q to hang on the wall. Look for yourself when you're picking up your A, B, C, D, etc gifts for friends. I hope you don't know anyone whose name begins with Q!!
Q--The Overlooked Letter in the Alphabet.
(Brita prominent tuft of hair, esp one brushed up above the forehead,

If you’ve been reading my challenge posts, you’ve seen I've “lifted” a few words from British romance author, Helena Fairfax. Quiff is another word from her feel-good read, Felicity at the Cross Hotel. (You may have figured out it’s one of my favorite reads now.)
Elvis Presley's hairstyle with a quiff.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay
According to the Urban Dictionary, some of the celebrities who have worn quiffs are Elvis Presley, Travolta in 'Grease', Chris Isaak. 

Evidently, the meaning I used here is in the British dictionary. To my surprise, and the American Heritage Dictionary defined quiff as a promiscuous woman. The term originated in the 1920’s

Are you familiar with this word? What is your Q blog post today?

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Helena Fairfax said...

Hi JQ, another fascinating post! I had no idea the word quiff - meaning the hairstyle - was mainly used in British English. When I think of a quiff, I think of Little Richard and Elvis Presley, who set the fashion, and who are both American.
Quiffs were worn by what we called Teddy Boys in the 50s here. I notice they're back in fashion - David Beckham has recently been seen sporting a quiff.
Thanks for another great post, and thanks so much for your kind words about Felicity!

J Q Rose said...

Hi Helena, Thanks for more insight into the word quiff. Glad you enjoyed the blog post and thank YOU for Felicity's story. Love it!

Joselyn Vaughn said...

I wonder if quiff is related to coif, which describes a hairstyle also I think.

Roseanne Dowell said...

I actually have a cousin whose last name begins with Q. I'm surprised it's not used more often. Q is usually followed by U, except in the worda Qats and Qaid (learned that from my Scrabble playing days) There are a few others. Oh and don't forget the famous Q word Queen.

Janet Walters said...

Never heard of quaff but it's a fascinating word, especially if you've a Brit in your story.

Marsha said...

Hey, JQ. Loved this post. "Quif" is a cool word.I agree. Helena's Felicity at the Crosswords is one of my favorite books, too. I shared. :)

Victoria Chatham said...

To quaff is to drink something - usually beer or ale - and guzzle it down in a hurry. Good idea!