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Lauren F. Boyd said...

Hi J.Q.! It's great to meet you! Congrats on your publishing accomplishments!

Lauren F. Boyd said...
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Marsha said...

JQ. Can you send me a new addy for the blog today. When I clicked on the one I had, it didn't work. Please email me mwest7012 at sbcglobal dot net My other email and my web site are not working. :( Could you also please post a message on our MIU authors email that if if someone needs me to please used the above address. Thanks. Marsha

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

JQ, maybe the same problem as Marsha had. I had a note to go by and make a big fuss over the post you and I were working on together. The home page came up, but not guest spot. I'm looking for a permalink so I can let other folks know about it, too--and it will stay relevant.


J Q Rose said...

Marsha and Carolyn, I'm so sorry to have discovered your comments here just now! May 22, 2014. Better late than never! So Marsha I didn't post any change in addy. Sorry Ladies.

J Q Rose said...

Lauren, I just now saw your greeting today May 22, 2014. Sorry. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Janet - right? Janet? I see your initials and know it's YOU, but really want to call you by your name.

Thank you for following my blog and for taking time to comment.

Your blog is great. Love the two trailers. Did Kevin do both?

Curious about BWL. If you would, please email me at sandycarl642 at yahoo dot com

J Q Rose said...

Hi Sandy, Yes, Janet is right. Thanks for leaving your email addy. I just sent off a note to your address.

Male Boss said...

Hello J.Q. ,

I'm a huge fan. I was wondering do you have book signing events?