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IWSG Blog Hop Question of the Month, Dangerous Sanctuary Book Tour, Marsha R. West and the Seasoned Romance Authors

Pearl Harbor Day, December 7
On this date, December 7, we commemorate the 75th anniversary of  Pearl Harbor Day  
and pay tribute to those who gave their lives to defend our country.

Hello and welcome to the J.Q. Rose blog. What an exciting day because I have my author friend Marsha West and her Seasoned Romance Group as guests AND today is the monthly meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group(IWSG) blog hop! 

Internet Writers Support Group Blog Hop
First Wednesday of every month.
What is IWSG? Founder of the  Insecure Writer’s Support Group and author Alex J Cavanaugh explains the group's purpose is "to share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!" You're invited to become a member of this supportive group.

The group blogs the first Wednesday of every month.  The list of bloggers is always available so you can hop around to the author blogs filled with humor, advice, and thought-provoking topics on writing and publishing. You can find the list of participants at Alex's IWSG page.
IWSG Question for the Month

IWSG Question for December IWSG Blog Hop:  
In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there? Five years from now I will have completed my memoir about the first year my husband and I were in the floral business, re-released a novella, released another e-book in the Vegetable Gardening series, won an award for one (or two) of my books, and according to my 7-year-old granddaughter Aubrey, we will have co-authored a book. The only way to get there is to sit down and write every day. And that's my plan.

# # #

Dangerous Sanctuary Virtual Book Tour
First Stop is at Diane Burton's blog on Friday, December 9. Come join us!
Another cause for excitement today is announcing the kick-off of the Dangerous Sanctuary Book Tour. I'll be hopping around cyberspace visiting those generous authors/bloggers who are helping me get the word out about my latest release, Dangerous Sanctuary.  
Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose
Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined 
she would be caring for a flock that includes 
a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.
Last month I shared my "insecurity" about offering a re-issue of the book, Coda to Murder. With your encouragement and advice,  I am delighted to say the book is now out and available at amazon in e-book and paperback. The re-release of this story is just as exciting as the original, but in a way, magnified ten times because now I can appreciate every minute of the event. Experience helps to calm fears and strengthen my belief this story is one that will be entertaining and inspiring to readers. 

If you read Coda to Murder previously, please leave a short review for Dangerous Sanctuary. Reviews do not stay with the re-release of the book. If you'd like to read a sample or download a copy, click here for the amazon link.

Thank you for your support last month on moving forward with this plan. Throwing big hugs to you!!
# # #

 Meet romantic suspense author Marsha R. West 
and the Seasoned Romance Authors.

Welcome, Marsha. Please tell us about your group and your exciting book sale.

I like stories with older characters. Do you?  Like 40s on up? I do, and that’s what I write. Like-minded authors have formed a Facebook group called Seasoned Romance and for 
Dec. 7, 8, & 9, you can find one of our books for 99 Cents
Meet the authors and find great reads. Please check out the link for Seasoned Romances here and stock up on some great books for little dough.

My book is the first in the Second Chances Series, SECOND ACT. 

Second Act by Marsha R. West
Romantic Suspense
Meet four women, now in middle age, 

who’ve been friends since they met at summer camp. 
Whether they realize it or not, they all need a second chance. 

Back of the Book:

When a member of the board of a non-profit arts agency in Fort Worth turns up dead, the homicide detective assigned to the case looks at everyone involved in the organization, including the Executive Director. 
Addison Jones Greer, divorced mother of two teens, is the Executive Director of Cowtown Theatre. When a board member is found in the costume room murdered, suspicion rests on everyone involved with the theatre, including Addie. She has angered some board members because she wants to fire the Artistic Director. Although she’s warned him several times, he continues to go over budget for productions.
Mike Riley, Fort Worth homicide detective, hates that he caught this case. His sister-in-law dragged him to a theatre fundraiser where he met Addison, the first woman he’s wanted to pursue a relationship with in a long time. Not about to happen now.
Addison hasn’t ventured into romance since she caught her now ex-husband in their bed with his secretary. As a result, she doesn’t do trust. How could she trust someone who seems determined to think she’s capable of murder? Or worse, thinks her kids might be involved.
SECOND ACT is Book 1 of the Second Chances Series. We meet four women, now in middle age, who’ve been friends since they met at summer camp. Whether they realize it or not, they all need a second chance.
I hope you’ll check out at least a few of the other authors. Let me know if you do and what you liked about these books.
There’s a FB Hop going on for the 3 days, too, and here’s the link.
Seasoned Romance  Facebook Hop Link  
If you haven’t already liked Marsha's FB author page, click here to do so now.
 A big thank you to JQ Rose for hosting me and the Seasoned Romance authors.  
You're welcome, Marsha. I love this Second Chance series. 
I checked your Seasoned Romance site. Lots of books and authors there. Best wishes!
Dear Reader, please leave a comment below. Have you done a virtual book tour? Any advice for me? Have you hosted a VBT author? Are you a romance reader?

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Inspired, Excerpt from Dangerous Sanctuary

Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose
Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined 
she would be caring for a flock 
that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.

Hello and Welcome to the J.Q. Rose blog,

Next month, (yikes, that would be tomorrow!), I kick off my Book Blog Tour for my romantic suspense novel, Dangerous Sanctuary. I really enjoy hopping around the cyberspace and meeting readers and bloggers. As a reader, I especially love author interviews because I learn more about the person. I have four Q and A's lined up for December. Answering the questions makes me delve into the depth of my story and the reasons I wanted to share it with readers.

Author and Blogger Juneta Key, who will host me on my blog tour December 19, had lots of wonderful questions for me, but this one gets right to the heart of the inspiration for this book. She asked:
      Your main character is a female pastor and a murder suspect, which I found unique.  What gave you the idea?

I interviewed a female pastor for my book for girls, Girls Succeed: The Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. I was intrigued with the pastor's story about her entry into the ministry at a time when it was basically a man's career. When she discovered
Girls Succeed! by J.Q. Rose
Inspiring and empowering girls
to achieve success
in their dream careers.
Available at Amazon
women were making breakthroughs into becoming ordained ministers in a few denominations, her dream of becoming a minister became a reality. She succeeded in earning her Master of Divinity Degree at Yale University Divinity School and was ordained by the General Conference of the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania. 
At the time I interviewed her she was the District Superintendent of the West Michigan United Methodist Church Conference. She was responsible for sixty-nine United Methodist churches and their pastors.  Her devotion to God, her determination, and her great experiences sparked the idea for the story. 
That same year, a woman was assigned to our local church. I learned even more about being a woman pastor from her e.g. no one tells a male pastor he’s wearing cute shoes! With these two exceptional role models, I created the character of Pastor Hobbs. Since I’m a mystery writer, Pastor Christine had to be one of the murder suspects and what a contrast to have the good pastor accused of such a horrendous crime. 
Especially since Detective Cole Stephens discovered she had the opportunity and the motive for murder. Christine was an attractive and smart woman, so he didn’t mind investigating her either!
This excerpt can give you a peek into the personality of Pastor Christine Hobbs.

EXCERPT: Dangerous Sanctuary, Chapter Six

“Hobbs, we need a preacher now!” The voice on the phone was firm and left no doubt about the urgency of the situation. “This is Stephens. I’m pulling into the church parking lot. Get out here right away.”
Christine looked out her office window to see the black Ford pulling into the parking lot and on its way to the double doors of the church entrance. She grabbed her bag and flew down the steps.
She opened the passenger door and hopped in. “What’s going on? You’re scaring me to death!”
“Two blocks from here one of your parishioners is being held hostage with a knife at his throat. His hyped-up grandson is using him as a shield to keep the officers away. We’ve been talking to him since early this morning. He asked for you.”
“Who’s the hostage?”
“Roger Jenkins. His grandson is Jason Jenkins.”
Christine swallowed hard. Roger Jenkins was indeed a church member and had been for fifty years, dearly beloved as one of the saints in the church. She had visited his wife in the nursing home several times.
The morning sun highlighted the new leaves on the trees. The tulips were at their peak of color. This was a day full of beauty and promise. No one would suspect the dark drama taking place at the small white wooden frame house on Pine Street.
Stephens pulled the car along the curb. Christine jumped out and hurried toward the policeman who motioned to her to stay low to the ground. Dread fell over her as she realized the policeman was trying to keep her from being a target if Jason had a gun. He held a cell phone in front of him and was talking to the kid inside the house.
“Okay, Jason. We have your grandfather’s pastor here,” the officer announced into the phone. He ducked down behind the car and turned to the crouching minister, greeting her with a quick nod.
“Hello, Pastor. Can you help us out here and talk this guy out of the house to give us some time till the negotiator gets here? The kid asked to talk to you. He’s threatening to kill his grandfather if we storm the place. We think he’s high, probably looking to steal some money from grandpa to buy more drugs.”
“Anyone else in there with him and Jason?”
“No, no signs of anyone else in there, just the old man and the boy. Let me give you this to speak to him. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.”
Christine slightly rose with the phone pressed to her ear. She used the car to shield most of her body as she looked toward the house.
“Jason, this is Pastor Christine. Can I come in and talk with you?”
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, Pastor. You aren’t going in there to talk. You stay right here. A hostage specialist from the state police will be here soon. You just calm the boy down.” She ignored the policeman’s stern voice and kept her eyes on the doorway of the house.
The strong young man dragged the frail old man to the screen door.  Jason kept his arm around his grandfather’s neck. The blade of a butcher knife gleamed in his hand. His left arm circled the old man’s waist, holding him upright in the doorway.
“I’m tired of talkin’. I don’t wanna talk to nobody! Everybody leave, so I can get outta here!” His hoarse voice strained to shout at the surrounding police.
Christine unfolded from her crouched position and moved around the car into full view.
“Jason, let your grandpa go. We can talk. Let me come in. We can work this out.” She moved slowly toward the wooden porch. She tried to breathe deeply and remain calm, but her heart thundered in her chest.
* * *
Download a sample or order Dangerous Sanctuary at Amazon here for your Kindle or in Paperback.
* * *
Join me for fun and prizes during the Dangerous Sanctuary Virtual Book Tour

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Gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving from J.Q. Rose


What is gratitude? 
The dictionary defines it as the "quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful." This week we focus on being grateful. Some folks keep a journal on gratefulness and record  something they are thankful for each day. And you know what? We can be grateful for BIG special things, but those ordinary, every day things are very BIG too.

Happy Thanksgiving from J.Q. Rose
Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

From J.Q. Rose

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Celebrating the New Release: Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose, Touching People's Lives

Celebration Time! Come on in and join the party! 
Books We Love just released my romantic suspense, Dangerous Sanctuary.
Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose

Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined she would be caring for a flock 
that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.

I'm thrilled to have the Kindle format AND the Paperback book available for you at amazon. I had so much fun writing this story that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a cat. 
Take a peek inside at these links:
Available at amazon
Previously published as Coda to Murder

Touching People's Lives as a Writer by J.Q. Rose

While working on Dangerous Sanctuary and writing a memoir this fall, I made a discovery.
I spent twenty years of my working life as a floral designer. My husband, Gardener Ted, and I were co-owners of a floral shop and greenhouses/garden center. I never realized the parallels that experience had with my “job” as a writer until recently when I began writing my memoir about the year we bought the business.
When we purchased the floral shop and greenhouses from an old couple, we knew absolutely nothing about being business owners or the floral industry. I know…crazy kids. But when you’re that age, you‘re more willing to take risks. 
Ted had raised vegetables and flowers in his hobby greenhouse for several years first growing plants for our newly landscaped yard, then for the neighbors, then retailing them to customers. That gave him the inspiration to do more--to have his own floriculture business-- so we jumped at the opportunity when we found the floral shop and greenhouses for sale.

When I started writing, I was a kid, but every story I wrote made me hungry to write more especially when the stories were so well received and made people happy when they read them. When my first novella received a contract from a small publisher, I knew absolutely nothing about the publishing and marketing of a book.

In the flower business, I was privileged to meet many wonderful folks and share important occasions in my customers’ lives. We designed flowers for a boy ordering his first prom corsage, a new dad sending his wife flowers to her hospital room where she and his new son were waiting for him, a bride (and her mom) planning the perfect arrangements for her bridal bouquet and church decorations, a daughter who just landed the job of her dreams, families celebrating holidays or a grieving wife mourning the loss of her husband. 
I was caught up in the emotional events in people’s lives and honored to have been chosen to help them express their feelings through the gift of flowers.
Romantic suspense
As an author, I am writing stories now, not so much because it’s fun for me, but because I want to be caught up in people’s emotions again. I want to give the reader a chance to experience strong feelings through my stories whether it is hate, anger, love, guilt, betrayal, forgiveness. When a reader shares with me how much they loved or hated a character, I want to holler "YES." I connected with the reader through the story.
Now I arrange bouquets of words wrapped up with sweetness, spiciness, sauciness and love instead of bouquets of colorful roses, lilies, daisies, and tulips.
I’m so lucky to have been in two careers allowing me to touch people’s lives.
# # #
The J.Q. Rose blog
Thank you for stopping in and joining in the celebration today. Please check back for updates on prizes and contests during the Dangerous Sanctuary Virtual Book Tour--better yet, follow the J.Q. Rose blog by email by adding your email address to the box above. You'll be notified when a new post is made. I promise no SPAM!

The quirky, realistic characters will definitely make you smile 
but the pig, cat and kangaroo will make you laugh out loud! 
~~Gail R.

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Veteran's Day, Moving On After the Election, Writers Village University

Veteran's Day today in the USA. Thank you veterans! 

On Veteran's Day we honor those who gave their lives in service to our country and say a huge thank you to veterans for their service.
Thank you Vets!

Flag of the United States of America
Photo by J.Q. Rose
Hello and welcome to the J.Q. Rose blog.

I'm writing this blog post a little later than usual because I know on this day, the results of the election of the President of the United States is on everyone's mind, Americans as well as the whole world. If I didn't mention it, I would feel like we were trying to ignore the elephant in the room. (Hmmm--I didn't think about the elephant as the symbol of the Republican party until now.)

Pastor Laurie Haller is a woman I admire very much. She wrote the following on her Facebook page--"My prayer this morning is that our country will rally around, support, and work together with our new president, Donald Trump, to continue our national legacy of liberty and justice for all." This is my prayer for our country too.

In President Obama's speech in the Rose Garden during lunch time here he asked "Americans to move forward with the presumption of good faith in fellow citizens." and  "those who are disappointed should not give up on their dreams."

Both the President and Mrs. Clinton assured us the transfer of the Presidency will be done peacefully--a "hallmark of democracy"-- as it has been done throughout the USA's history 

No matter who won the highest office in the land, our lives will move forward. I still plan to keep writing and releasing the book I am working on now, I plan to enjoy the upcoming holidays, and we just ordered tickets for the Pirate Invasion and Gasparilla Parade in Tampa on January 28. You can bet we'll be there joining in the fun in our pirate costumes.

We cannot wallow in the mud we unwillingly had to endure thanks to this vicious campaign. We won't forget it, but we must shower off, start fresh and adjust to reality. 

President and Mrs. Clinton wore purple today as a symbol of the red for the Republican party and blue for the Democratic party mixed together to make purple. We must get together to build a bright future for everyone. And we can!

* * *
Any writers remember using this machine??

On Sunday evening, you bet I'll be at Writers Village University as a guest speaker online. This "Village" was founded in 1995--writers helping writers.

I am honored to have been invited and look forward to meeting everyone.
* * * 

Squeeeee---getting closer to Books We Love re-issuing my e-book, Dangerous Sanctuary, formerly Coda to Murder. Watch for info next week!!

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IWSG Blog Hop: To Re-issue an eBook, Question of the Month

Hello and welcome to the monthly meeting of the 
Insecure Writers Support Group(IWSG) blog hop! 

Internet Writers Support Group Blog Hop
First Wednesday of every month.
What is IWSG? Founder of the  Insecure Writer’s Support Group and author Alex J Cavanaugh explains the group's purpose is "to share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!" You're invited to become a member of this supportive group.

The group blogs the first Wednesday of every month.  The list of bloggers is always available so you can hop around to the author blogs filled with humor, advice, and thought-provoking topics on writing and publishing. You can find the list of participants at Alex's IWSG page.
IWSG Question for the Month

IWSG Question for November IWSG Blog Hop:  
What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Writing gives me a purpose in my life. I cherish the opportunity to enrich a reader's life with a smile, a tidbit, an awareness of a topic, a learning experience, and emotion.

# # #
To Re-issue an eBook

To Re-issue an eBook 

A small press offered me a contract for my first eBook and published it in 2011. I also signed a contract with them for a romantic suspense, and they published it in 2013. 

As you know, the buzz and excitement about a new release is over within six months or less and the hard work of marketing to keep the momentum going is non-stop. Now this many years later, the momentum fizzled. So I asked for my rights back from the publisher. She courteously complied, all the while knowing I was planning to re-issue with another publisher or to self-publish the books. 

Now I have the opportunity to re-issue the romantic suspense with my current publisher, but I feel guilty about re-naming the book and putting on a new cover to the old story. Oh yes, I have revised and reviewed the ms over and over and made improvements in grammar, punctuation, and even tightening scenes, etc. but it's still the same story. 

How do I market this book? The publisher will have a notice on the sales page of the book that it was formerly published, so we are not deceiving anyone. How does a reader feel about a new-to-the-reader book but knowing it is a re-issue? Does it color the book in a bad light for new readers to try?  

When this book released years ago, I had never heard of actually re-issuing a story. The digital age is wonderful for this purpose, especially having the ability to easily correct errors and formatting. But I wonder how readers perceive publishing the book again?

How do you feel about re-issuing one of your books? If you have done it, do you constantly tell readers it's really the same story? Thanks for your help.
# # #
Author J.Q. Rose
in her snazzy 1995 Mustang convertible

Connect with J.Q. Rose online at
J.Q. Rose blog
J. Q.  Rose Amazon Author Page

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FREE eBook on Halloween, My Favorite Halloween Poem: Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley

Hello and Welcome to the J.Q. Rose blog!
Deadly Undertaking by J.Q. Rose
A handsome detective, a shadow man, 
and a murder victim 
kill Lauren’s plan for a simple life.

I have a delightful, non-fattening treat for you on October 31, Halloween! My romantic suspense, Deadly Undertaking, is FREE on Amazon! Grab your copy before you head out to your Halloween party or play those tricks--like turning over outhouses! My publisher, Books We Love, believes this e-book is the perfect read for the holiday because the setting is the Staab-Blood Funeral Home haunted by a shadow man, Henry. 

At this special time of the year, I'm also sharing my favorite Halloween poem below.
Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley. BOO!!
Happy Halloween from J.Q. Rose
I loved reading this to my third grade class every year. You know how experts tell us not to write too much dialect in our stories? I guess in the 1800's Riley didn't care. The language makes the poem, I'd say. But what's even more fun is to read it out loud. Your tongue needs to twist and turn to negotiate through the words, so read it a few times to train it. Try it. Can you do it without laughing? Enjoy!

 Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley
Poem found at All Poetry Website

.  Little Orphant Annie's come to our house to stay, 
    An' wash the cups an' saucers up, an' brush the crumbs away, 
    An' shoo the chickens off the porch, an' dust the hearth, an' sweep, 
    An' make the fire, an' bake the bread, an' earn her board-an'-keep; 
    An' all us other childern, when the supper-things is done, 
    We set around the kitchen fire an' has the mostest fun 
    A-list'nin' to the witch-tales 'at Annie tells about, 
    An' the Gobble-uns 'at gits you 
      Ef you 
    Wunst they wuz a little boy wouldn't say his prayers, — 
    An' when he went to bed at night, away up-stairs, 
    His Mammy heerd him holler, an' his Daddy heerd him bawl, 
    An' when they turn't the kivvers down, he wuzn't there at all! 
    An' they seeked him in the rafter-room, an' cubby-hole, an' press, 
    An' seeked him up the chimbly-flue, an' ever'-wheres, I guess; 
    But all they ever found wuz thist his pants an' roundabout: — 
    An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you 
      Ef you 
    An' one time a little girl 'ud allus laugh an' grin, 
    An' make fun of ever' one, an' all her blood-an'-kin; 
    An' wunst, when they was "company," an' ole folks wuz there, 
    She mocked 'em an' shocked 'em, an' said she didn't care! 
    An' thist as she kicked her heels, an' turn't to run an' hide, 
    They wuz two great big Black Things a-standin' by her side, 
    An' they snatched her through the ceilin' 'fore she knowed what she's about! 
    An' the Gobble-uns 'll git you 
      Ef you 
    An' little Orphant Annie says, when the blaze is blue, 
    An' the lamp-wick sputters, an' the wind goes woo-oo! 
    An' you hear the crickets quit, an' the moon is gray, 
    An' the lightnin'-bugs in dew is all squenched away, — 
    You better mind yer parunts, an' yer teachurs fond an' dear, 
    An' churish them 'at loves you, an' dry the orphant's tear, 
    An' he'p the pore an' needy ones 'at clusters all about, 
    Er the Gobble-uns 'll git you 
      Ef you 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!! from J.Q. Rose

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Storytime Blog Hop: Sorry by J.Q. Rose, Free eBook

Logo Credit: Katharina Gerlach
Founded 2015 by students of “How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writer’s,” 
writing course created by writer and teacher Holly Lisle.
Hello and Welcome to the Storytime Blog Hop! Be prepared to laugh, cry, scream, shiver, and have fun. You'll find lots of stories and I'm sure, many scary ones because it IS Halloween time! Are you ready? Enjoy.

An "Old-fashioned" Robot
Photo by Robin Zebrowski @ Flikr

Sorry by J.Q. Rose

“Barbie, I need more coffee.” Joanne held her cup up in the air without taking her eyes away from the news on the thin i-screen in her hand.
            In a flash, Barbie, the new robot, heels clicking on the stone floor, moved to the table, took the cup, and filled it to the brim.
            Joanne frowned. “Don’t fill it that full. I need to add cream and sugar and there’s no room for it with so much liquid in the cup. Dump it out in the sink, and don’t fill it to the top of the cup.”  Breaking in a new robot was such a chore. Trying to cover all the tasks needed to be done as well as teaching them human feelings was overwhelming.
“Wait.” Taking the full cup from Barbie’s beautifully manicured hand, she sipped a bit of coffee off the top, dropped the cup and whooshed the coffee out of her mouth. “Ohhhh, that’s burning hot,” she spluttered. Her face twisted in pain from her scorched lips and burnt tongue. Joanne grabbed a glass of apple juice to cool off her mouth.
Looking at Barbie through watery eyes, she said, “Dammit. Here I am trying to help you out so you won’t spill the coffee on the floor all the way to the sink, but instead I burned my mouth.” Her voice pitched up higher and louder.
            “That must give you a lot of pain?” Barbie frowned with the correct programmed look of concern on her face.
            Joanne wiped away the tears streaming down her cheeks. “Yes, you bet your sweet ass. It gives me a lot of pain.”
            Barbie asked, “Excuse me. What is a sweet ass? A nice donkey?”
            “Oh never mind.” She pointed her finger at Barbie’s voluptuous chest and jabbed the air with each word. “Remember, when you hurt someone, you always say ‘sorry.’ Got that?”
            “Okay. Sorry. Now I know not to fill the cup to the top. I should leave room enough for a teaspoon of cream?”
            “That’ll be good.”
            “Good morning, everyone.” Joanne’s husband entered the kitchen pod sharply dressed in his uniform. “How’s it going?” He settled himself in the ergonomic chair custom-fit to his tall, thin frame.
            “Not so good. I can’t understand why in 2036 the Artificial Intelligence Machine is not more advanced. After over thirty years of development, you’d think they’d be able to program in more common sense.”
 He flashed his sparkling blue eyes at Joanne and she had to smile. “You know it takes months to teach our robot helpers what they need to know to do their jobs around here.” He patted her hand. “Be patient.”
Joanne caught Barbie watching them when she looked across the room. The robot didn’t flinch with embarrassment when caught eavesdropping. “Make a note on teaching Barbie she is not to interfere with our personal lives,” she said.
When Joanne glanced back at Barbie, she questioned again why the robot had the shape of a gorgeous model. Joanne’s temper flared seeing her husband googly-eyed checking out Barbie’s slender ass and long legs. The tight white blouse and navy blue shorts hugged her body in just the right places.
Was the look on his face because he was proud of his company’s development of these new and improved machines from the pioneering years when robots were made of metal ducts and put together with bolts? Sure they were now amazing human-like figures that were a thousand times smarter and more mobile, not to mention sexier. No, that look was not one of pride. More like leering at the gorgeous body. Shaking her head, she felt ashamed she was actually jealous of a machine.
            “Barbie, you got some hot coffee for me?”
            “Yes, sir. Right away.” The dazzling smile Barbie gave to her husband made Joanne’s stomach turn over. “Do you need room in your cup for cream and sugar,” she asked in a sweet lilting voice. 
            After breakfast, Joanne stood up and hugged her husband grinding her body against his. The deep, lingering kiss should be something he’d remember at work at the A.I. Network division of the Rangers. “I’ll be home early tonight.” His eyebrows rose all the way to the top of his forehead and she smiled. He pinched her on the butt before he left.
            Joanne turned around to see Barbie watching her.  “When you aren’t assigned a task, you can find something to do like empty the dish bin and put away the dishes and silverware.” She motioned to the cabinets. “The knives and the spatula go in that drawer.”    
Pushing her dirty plate, used napkin and silver away from her space, Joanne sat back down at the table and began reading her i-screen again. She took a sip of coffee and spit it back into the cup. “Dammit, Barbie. This coffee is cold. Make another pot of coffee now.”
            “Okay. Excuse me. What is a spatula?” Her pleasant expression agitated Joanne. She threw down the cup and screen on the table and marched over to the dish bin. Calling on all of her willpower, she didn’t slap that doll face with the big blue innocent eyes and pull her long blonde hair. “Here,” she said pulling the red spatula out of the bin. “This is a spatula!” She waved the kitchen tool in front of Barbie’s nose. Reaching into the bin again, she yelled, “This is a butcher knife! Okay?”
            “Yes, now I know what a spatula is and what a butcher knife is.” She turned away from Joanne and pushed the button on the coffee maker.
            Thoughts of murdering the robot pulsed through Joanne’s brain. Can you murder a robot? All she would have to do is pull the power pack.
            Get a grip. She’s a machine. She placed her hands at her temples and massaged them deeply to help her calm down.
            Joanne heard the heels clicking on the stone floor as Barbie approached. “Here’s your coffee,” she said. As Joanne turned her head to check how full the cup was filled, Barbie poured the entire pot of scalding hot coffee on top of her.
            Joanne screamed in pain as the burning liquid coursed into her eyes and scalded her face and neck.
            “Sorry,” Barbie said and turned on her heel to finish unloading the dish bin.
 # # # #
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October 27, 2016
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