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Summer Readers Circle: Katharine Pym's Pillars of Avalon (Canadian Historical Brides, Book 5), Giveaway

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Hello and Welcome to the Summer Readers Circle. Best-selling BWL author Katherine Pym joins us today to talk about Summers in the Northwest. She and author Jude Pittman have co-authored a historical romance that takes place in the seventeenth century! Now that's a lot of research for the book, Pillars of Avalon, one of the books in the Canadian Historical Brides series. 

JQ's Review: Pillars of Avalon is filled with rich people in the 17th century and rich in the telling of the story of David and Sara Kirke. Facing the storms and angry seas to travel from England to Newfoundland, Kirke falls in love with the New World's Newfoundland. The history making challenges in England affect the founding and occupation of this territory. Ms. Pym is masterful in tyingtogether the histories of the turbulence in England with the Kirkes making a life in Newfoundland. The culture of the times, the description of the filth and odors of London's streets and the magnificent wealth displayed in homes and clothing are so well-written, a reader will feel she has been transported to the 17th century. Definitely a must-read book for the history lover. 

A lucky commenter will win the PDF copy of the book. Deadline for entering the drawing is Tuesday, 10 pm EDST.

Pillars of Avalon by Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman

Summers in the Northwest by Katherine Pym

Living in the Seattle area has its challenges. There is a lot of water, with lakes, the Puget
Sound, and mountains clogging the landscape. This allows for fewer roads which make the
traffic in constant gridlock.

Rain comes in various forms that a person gives little heed to or stops him/her in their tracks.

“How’s the weather?” one will ask. “It’s spitting outside,” someone will answer. Or it’s a
heavy mist where you pop your hoodie onto your head, or a fine mist where you don’t think
of your hoodie. It doesn’t thunderstorm much, here.This last winter was rough and cold with almost 50 inches of rain from October to April. Furry moss covers everything. Mold streaks our car doors.

When the sun is out, people emerge pale and wilted from their houses. We take deep breaths
and turn our faces toward the sun. When it’s in the 60’s, we yank out shorts from the bottom
of our drawers. We wear socks and sandals. We dig out our short sleeved shirts and despite
the cool breezes, plunge into the bright but decidedly chilly air.

When the sun comes out, and the trees/bushes flower, it’s time for me to fling open the doors
and windows, sit outside in the sun and enjoy the Northwest beauty. I sit on a chair on the
patio with a cup of tea and breathe in the fresh pine and lilac smells, watch ants roam over the
peonies. I listen to gentle robin song or wonder what the raucous crows are arguing about.

Yes, after a hard winter as we’re still experiencing, this is what I enjoy the most about
summers in the Northwest.

Back of the Book:
Pillars of Avalon (Canadian Historical Brides, Book 5), 
story of Newfoundland, Canada in the 1700’s.

David and Sara Kirke live in a time of upheaval under the reign of King Charles I who gives, then takes. He gives David the nod of approval to range up and down the French Canadian shores, burning colonies and pillaging ships that are loaded with goods meant for the French. When Louis XIII of France shouts his outrage, King Charles reneges. He takes David’s prizes and returns them to the French, putting David and his family in dire straits.

Undeterred, David and Sara will not be denied. After years, the king relents. He knights David and gives him a grant for the whole of Newfoundland and Labrador. There David and Sara build a prosperous plantation. They trade fish and fish oil with colonies down the American coast, Barbados and ports of call in the Mediterranean. They thrive while England is torn in two by the civil wars.

Soon, these troubles engulf his family. David is carried in chains back to England to stand trial for being a malignant, a follower of Lauds high church. He entreats Sara to manage the Ferryland plantation, a daunting task. But with a strength that defies a stalwart man, she digs in and prospers, becoming the first entrepreneur of Newfoundland.
Author Katherine Pym

Connect online with Katherine at
BWL Author Page
Amazon Author Page
Kathryn's Blog

About Katherine:

Katherine shares her warm and cozy life with her husband and puppy dog. They reside in a Burb near Seattle, WA.

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You're invited to join the circle again next Friday, July 28 when mystery author Marsha R. West takes her seat in the Readers Circle!!

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Author Marsha R. West Celebrates Her Anniversary, 99 Cent Romantic Mysteries, Summer Readers Circle

99 cent sale on Marsha R. West's mysteries
Mystery author and my friend Marsha R. West is celebrating an anniversary. Marsha and I became friends when our books were published by MuseItUp Publishing. Meeting people and forming fast friendships is one of the perks of becoming a published author. I am so thrilled to celebrate with Marsha and to shout about her great mysteries. AND to offer you a real deal--only 99 cents for each e-book. 

Congratulations, Marsha!!

Thanks, Janet, for helping me celebrate the 4th anniversary of the publication of my first book, VERMONT ESCAPE. To make this fun for everyone, 

I’m offering VERMONT ESCAPE & TRUTH BE TOLD for 99 Cents each on Amazon for three days: Tuesday, July 18; Wednesday, July 19 (the actual date of publication of VE), and Thursday, July 20.

Below are the blurb & links for both books.

99 cent book sale!! on 2 great mysteries

          VERMONT ESCAPE by Marsha R. West

Jill Barlow has lost everyone she cared about except her grown children. Caught in her father's fight to keep casino gambling out of Texas, her husband and dad are murdered. She'll do what it takes to ensure her kids safety even if it means leaving Texas and moving to Vermont.
Jerrod Phillips, has come a long way in the 20 odd years since his wife abandoned him and their two children. With no room in his heart for love, he'll do anything to keep his family from being hurt again, especially when the threats come packaged in the form of the attractive Jill Barlow who he suspects is involved in murder.
Forced to trust each other when trouble follows her, they'll battle, not only killers intent on ending her life, but the attraction drawing them together.

MY REVIEW: Vermont Escape Marsha West weaves an intriguing story of romance and mystery that draws the reader in with her description of the picturesque Vermont small town and well-developed characters. I had to keep reading to discover who the bad guys were and, of course, to watch the romance develop into full bloom. Looking forward to the next romance/mystery from Ms. West.

TRUTH BE TOLD by Marsha R. West

Looking forward to a peaceful Christmas visit with her Fort Worth family, Meg Bourland is shocked to discover someone is blackmailing her father. When he rebuffs her offer to help, the Atlanta SWAT team member enlists her LA police officer brother and his former partner to uncover the truth. She fights her attraction for Scott McClaine and the immediate tug to her heart caused by his sacrifice. Her life is in Atlanta, and his is in California.

Scott McClaine, medically retired homicide detective, came to Fort Worth to recuperate from life-threatening bullet wounds he received saving the life of Meg’s brother. Hard enough to accept his new physical limitations, but they make him unacceptable for strong Meg. Regardless, he commits himself to helping her stop the blackmailer. Working closely with her, a bond forms. Could she feel the same?

In the search for truth, they uncover pieces of the puzzle, which threaten to ruin her father’s career as mayor and destroy the family she holds dear. Will Meg and Scott find their way through the maze of family secretes? Will they find the strength to make the sacrifices required for real love before the blackmailer makes good on threats to kill?

MY REVIEW: Truth Be Told West weaves romance and mystery into a tight fabric of love and suspense. I had to keep turning pages to discover how the story would be resolved. I would recommend this book to mystery buffs and romance readers.

Please sign up for Marsha's Newsletter , contact her at , and follow her on her social media sites. for my Blog!/marsha.r.west  @marsha.r.west  @Marsharwest

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The Summer Readers Circle meets again on Friday, July 21 with guest author Katherine Pym. Katherine will offer a FREE eBook of her historical romance, Pillars of Avalon, one of the books in the series, Historical Canadian Brides from BWL publishing.

Then, Marsha R. West will be joining us on Friday, July 28 to get us up-to-date on her latest books in her Second Chance series.

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Readers Circle: USA Today Best-selling Author Diane Bator's The Bakery Lady, Giveaway

Summer Readers Circle
J.Q. Rose blog every Friday

Hello and welcome to the J Q Rose blog!

This week, USA Today Best-selling author Diane Bator joins us in the Summer Readers Circle. She shares one of her favorite places to go in the summer, Sauble Beach. 

Diane has generously offered to gift an ebook copy of the cozy mystery, Can't Keep a Brunette Down, to a lucky commenter. Be sure to leave a comment below before Tuesday, July 18, 10 pm EDST to get in on the drawing. 
Can't Keep a Brunette Down (Gilda Wright Mysteries Book 1)
Can't Keep a Brunette Down by Diane Bator
Cozy Mystery
Sauble Beach Summer by Diane Bator

One of my favorite places to visit in the summer is a great beach an hour and a half from my house called Sauble Beach. This quaint little beach town boasts 7km of white sand beach on Lake Huron. Since we moved to Ontario in 2005, it also became our yearly mecca each summer on my birthday. We’d spend the day playing and swimming at the beach, go to a fast food joint called Beach Burger for dinner, then to the boardwalk for ice cream before we’d make the trip home.
Beautiful glass wind chimes handcrafted by Diane's children.
One summer, the kids and I were blessed to be able to spend a few days with friends at their cottage in Sauble which was a short walk from the beach. The kids and I spent an afternoon creating beautiful glass wind chimes that I’m still trying to figure out where to hang in my little apartment. No matter where the chimes end up, the memories of watching my three teenaged boys figuring out how to assemble their little chips of glass was fabulous! We were fortunate to be able to wander by day and come back to the cottage for a delicious, home-cooked meal every evening thanks to our gracious hosts then roasting spider dogs and marshmallows under the stars. 

Even though the weather wasn’t fabulous until the day we left, the kids and I walked and talked and just generally hung out. It was our last real vacation together before my oldest moved away. 

The best part of the entire week was getting to spend those precious moments with my boys and falling asleep to the sound of the surf out the bedroom window. It’s one of those things I’d like to be able to do again one day. Only this time, we’ll rent our own little cottage and hopefully have better weather!

The Bakery Lady by Diane Bator

Back of the Book: 
The Bakery Lady by Diane Bator, 
the third book in the Wild Blue Mysteries series.

“From the moment Leo Blue meets the local tattoo artist's sister Christina, he's drawn into a web of bread dough and lies. Christina Davidson has returned to Packham with a duffle bag full of secrets. Leo soon discovers her biggest secret is Christina's alter ego and her husband, who stands accused of murdering an up-and-coming artist. He promises to help set things straight and plans to bring husband and wife together for Christmas—even if it costs him his sanity and the love of his life.”

"I could visualize that bookstore, smell the coffee and pastries, and see the colorful characters. This book has lots of twists and turns, and I never knew who to trust, all the way to the end. I'll look for future books by this author." ~ Paul Carr

About Diane:
Diane Bator is a U.S.A. Today Bestselling author who was signed by Blue Ridge Literary Agency in 2010. Her first book was published after winning a mystery writing contest, which launched her passion for writing mysteries and helped
Author Diane Bator
earn her a nomination as Established Artist of the Year at the Orangeville 2016 Mayor's Breakfast for the Arts. Aside from writing, she also works in local theatre and loves hiking and photography.

Click here to connect online with Diane Bator.

Be sure to leave a comment below to win this FREE ebook.
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Summer Readers Circle
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Please join us again on Friday, July 21, when Author Kathryn Pym joins the circle. 
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I Missed National Pink Flamingo Day, New Release in December

Hello and welcome to the J Q Rose blog!!
Proud flamingo
I am thrilled to learn there is a special day dedicated to pink flamingos. Unfortunately I just found out about it and missed the day which takes place in June. According to an article by boredpanda, "Pink Flamingo Day was declared in 2007 by Dean Mazzaralla, the mayor of Leominster, MA to honor the work of Don Featherstone, creator of the plastic lawn flamingo. Don Featherstone created the iconic piece in 1957 while working for Union Products."
I bet you've seen those pink flamingos in yards no matter if you live in Florida or Alaska. Our church youth group and many other organizations plant a huge flock of them in people's yards as a fundraiser. Pay $10 to the group and they'll "decorate" the "victim's" yard with the flock and the victim then pays the group $10.00 to "flock" another yard, or at least remove the lovelies from their yard,
Flock of REAL flamingos at Homossassa Springs State Park, Florida
I bet you're wondering why I'm excited about a National Pink Flamingo Day. Right? Some of you probably know my first novella, Sunshine Boulevard, was published in 2011 and the cover had a pair of pink flamingos on it. I requested the cover artist to use something that says Florida because the story takes place in a senior community in the Sunshine State, so she chose the flamingos.
Once friends and family saw the book cover, a wave of flamingos came my way in the form of jewelry, figurines, clothing, bags, etc. You name it. For awhile I was everything flamingo and I loved it! So of course, having a special day dedicated to flamingos fits right into my interests.
Flamingo bag handcrafted by my author and friend, Joselyn Vaughn
Now I'm re-visiting the original manuscript of Sunshine Boulevard and re-vising the story because Books We Love will re-release this humorous thriller in December.
Books We Love Author, J.Q. Rose
Do you think I should use flamingos on the cover again or something not quite so pretty and lighthearted? Afterall, it does contain a bit of terror and death and mystery. Somehow I just can't picture a dark and mysterious book cover for this quirky mystery story.
I hesitate to use alligators on the cover even if Florida is well known for alligators because what if friends/family decide to celebrate the new release by sending me alligators? Ewww. Let it be known I don't  want a collection of alligators in my house!
So if you have some suggestions, I'd appreciate any ideas for the cover. (except alligators.) BWL's cover artist, Michelle Lee, is an imaginative designer and I'm sure she can take your ideas and create the perfect cover. I'm re-titling the book, Terror on Sunshine Boulevard, because I like the contrast of terror against sunshine. 
Thanks for your help!!
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The Readers Circle series continues this Friday, July 14 with USA Today Best-selling Author Diane Bator! Please join us in the circle, leave a comment, and be the lucky commenter to win Diane's eBook!!

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Readers Circle: G. L. Rockey's The Journalist, Giveaway

Summer Readers Circle
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Hello and welcome to the J Q Rose blog. 
This week, contemporary fiction author, G.L. Rockey takes his seat in the Readers Circle. This author has his finger on the pulse of today's news in his latest release, The Journalist.

G.L. has generously offered to give away a digital copy of The Journalist to a lucky commenter. Please leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, July 11, 10 p.m. EDST.
* * *

G.L is sharing an interview with questions asked by our publisher, Books We Love. Check out his entertaining answers, then find out more about his contemporary thriller, The Journalist.

BWL: Why did you choose the genre you write in? Is it your favorite to read, or another reason?
G.L. Rockey: Like a lady reporter/reviewer once wrote, "He writes in all genres." I like to read first person stuff like Nelson DeMille's Plum Island . . .

BWL: Describe yourself using 5 words.
G.L. Rockey: Unfinished, unfinished, unfinished, unfinished, unfinished

BWL: What might readers be surprised to learn about you?
G.L. Rockey: I once directed David Letterman when he was a part time TV weather man at WLWI-TV in Indianapolis. I was a TV director. Letterman was also a booth announcer (did tags for commercials, etc.) I told him over headsets when to "announce", "stand by," etc.

BWL: What was your favorite book as a child or young adult?
G.L. Rockey: I didn't read as a child or young adult, managed to get a B.A. by going to class, listening to lectures . . . started reading books around 23 when I woke up one rainy night in Sullivan, Indiana and thought about writing one. It tuned our to be the novel, Time & Chance.

BWL: What super power would you like to have and how would you use it?
G.L. Rockey: To have wings, fly...bypass long airport lines and airplanes . . . get to warm islands around the equator . . .

THE JOURNALIST – Taking FAKE NEWS to a higher level
Contemporary thriller

BACK OF THE BOOK: Set in 2020, fake “breaking news” video is presented to TV stations and leads to a media “feeding frenzy,” riots, charges of terrorism, and enactment of martial law.

“...captivating book...had me reading quickly to follow the developments as they occurred...extremely believable characters...the writing is very well executed to stir up so much in the reading.” Angie Mangino

“ has frightening ring of truth...compelling...” Sam Boyer, Brunswick Sun Times

“Thrilling...captures you in the opening sentence and hold you spellbound till the will also scare the socks off you...a must read.” Kim Gaona

photo of G. L. Rockey
Author G.L. Rockey
G. L. Rockey has worn many hats–construction worker; drama student; car salesman; adjunct college teacher; television cameraman, producer/director, program executive; restaurant manager; free-lance writer, and author. By way of Carnegie Mellon Drama Department and Michigan State University, he pursued a career in the television industry. From Providence to Phoenix and cities in between, he produced and directed a variety of television programs and managed TV station programming. While program manager at KTSP-TV in Phoenix, he represented NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) to Germany. He has a master's degree from Cleveland State University and taught a course there. 

His writing includes, Five Star Review, a young novelist’s encounter with Satan. Other works of fiction are: Truths of the Heart, a college professor’s love affair; The Journalist, a five-star thriller with a "freighting ring of truth"; Time & Chance, a mystery/suspense set in Nashville; and a collection of sixteen "off-the-wall" short stories, Bats in the Belfry, Bells in the Attic
Also published is a nonfiction book, From the Back of the House-Memories of a Steak House Clan. 


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Happy Birthday USA, Celebrating Independence Day, Remembering the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
from The USA Declaration of Independence
Happy Birthday USA!

Taking a break from the IWSG Blog Hop. 
I'll participate again in August!
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Please return this Friday, July 7 when contemporary thriller writer G.L. Rockey takes his seat in the Readers Circle. A lucky commenter will win an ebook of his political thriller, The Journalist. See you then!

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Readers Circle: Joan Donaldson-Yarmey 's Romancing the Klondike

Summer Readers Circle
J.Q. Rose blog every Friday

Please welcome author Joan Donaldson-Yarmey to the Readers Circle. She writes many genres as you will learn in her biography.T
his week she shares her passion as an avid dragon boat racer with us.

Romancing the Klondike is Joan’s latest novel and part of our publisher’s historical series,  Books We Love, Ltd, Canadian Brides Historical Series. This series, partially funded by the Canada Book Fund, is being put out to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The collection includes twelve books-one written for each province and territory. 
Romancing the Klondike by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

Thank you, Janet.

Dragon Boat Racer by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

I belong to a breast cancer survivor dragon boat race team in Nanaimo, B.C. and summer means dragon boat season. We put the boat in the water in April and practice twice a week, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. We paddle on the strait between Vancouver Island and Newcastle Island Park. The sun bets down and the water is clear and calm. The voices of the steersperson of other teams mix with the beat of their drummers as it carries across the water. Usually a seal we’ve named, Lucille, pops up in the water beside us, or a deer stands on Newcastle Island, or a bald eagle sits in a tree.

     Depending on the year we could attend five to six races and festivals on the island during the summer. There is also an International Breast Cancer Survivor Paddling Committee that accepts applications from teams around the world and awards an international festival to one of the teams. These festivals take place every four years and I have been to Caloundra Queensland Australia, Sarasota Florida USA, and will be going to Florence Italy in 2018 to take part.

Romancing the Klondike by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
In 1896, Pearl Owens is a young woman in search of adventure
while her cousin, Sam, is a young man in search of gold.
Back of the Book: Romancing the Klondike by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
It is 1896 and nineteen-year-old Pearl Owens wants adventure just like her idols Anna Leonowens and Annie “Londonderry” Choen Kopchovsky. In the 1860s, Anna Leonowens taught the wives, concubines, and children of the King of Siam, while during the years 1894-1895, Annie “Londonderry” Choen Kopchovsky became the first woman to travel around the world on a bicycle. She was testing a woman’s ability to look after herself.

To fulfill her dream Pearl is on her way to the Yukon River area with her cousin, Emma, to write articles and do illustrations about the woman and men who are looking for gold in the far north.

Sam Owens, Pearl’s cousin and Emma’s brother, has been searching for gold with two friends, Gordon and Donald, for five years without success. Gordon and Donald have decided their quest is futile and it is time to return home. But Sam wants to stay a while longer. Then they hear word of a new gold find on Rabbit Creek.

Over the next ten months the lives of all five are changed due to love, gold, and tragedy.
About Joan:
Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
Joan was born in New Westminster, B.C. Canada, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She married soon after graduation and moved to a farm where she had two children. Over the years she worked as a bartender, hotel maid, cashier, bank teller, bookkeeper, printing press operator, meat wrapper, gold prospector, warehouse shipper, house renovator, and nursing attendant. During that time she raised her two children and helped raise her three step-children. Since she loves change, Joan has moved over thirty times in her life, living on acreages and farms and in small towns and cities throughout Alberta and B.C. She now lives on an acreage in the Port Alberni Valley with her husband and three cats.

       Joan began her writing career with a short story, progressed to travel and historical articles, and then on to travel books. She called these books her Backroads series and in the seven of them she described what there is to see and do along the back roads of British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and Alaska. She has now switched to fiction writing switching between mystery novels and about Canadian history.

       Joan decided to try something different and wrote a Christmas romance, Twelve Dates of Christmas with her sister, Gwen Donaldson. She also wrote a contemporary young adult novel titled Crazy Cat Kid.

       West to Grande Portage is Joan’s second novel in her Canadian Historical series for young adults. It follows on her first novel titled West to the Bay.

       She has had three mystery novels, Illegally DeadThe Only Shadow In The House, and Whistler's Murder published in what she calls the Travelling Detective Series. They come in a boxed set. In her stand-alone novel, Gold Fever, she combines mystery with a little romance.

       Joan has branched into science fiction with her two books The Criminal Streak and Betrayed in her Cry of the Guilty-Silence of the Innocent series.

       She is now working on her third Canadian historical for young adults. As she says: Canadian history is not boring.

       Joan belongs to Crime Writers of Canada, Federation of B.C. Writers, the Port Alberni Arts Council and the Port Alberni Portal Players. Her short story, A Capital Offense, received Ascent Aspirations Magazine's first prize for flash fiction in 2010. She has since turned that story into a stage play and presented it at the Fringe Festival in Port Alberni in 2014.

Click here to connect online with Joan.

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Please join us next Friday, July 7, 
when author Gary Rockey takes his seat in the Readers Circle.