Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blogging from A-Z Challenge: Those Darn Cats!

Hello and welcome to the Focused on Story Blog and to the Blogging from A-Z Writing Challenge!
I'm thinking of all the bloggers who are participating in this huge event. We're just getting our feet wet. Looking forward to this month of daily blogging. I would appreciate feedback from readers. Jump in and share one of your fave words.

askew; awry, Dictionary.com
Don’t you love saying this word? Just as it’s spelled. Take a minute to say it out loud. Pronouncing this word seems to take your whole mouth, tongue and jaw to get it out in the open. Say it again and let it just leisurely flow out across your tongue and teeth and then what happens? You smile. Yep, I bet you did.
Courtesy of Pixabay
The dictionary spelled this word as cattywampus and catawampous. I guess how you say or spell it depends on the region where you reside. This word is also associated with kitty-cornered or as some folks say katty-corner which means diagonally across from a place. If you're familiar with the high-jinx of cats/kitties and how lively they can be, you can probably imagine how a cat could make a situation go awry with their antics.

Are you familiar with the word, catawampus? Do you say kitty-corner or katty-corner or is it a new expression for you? Please leave your comments below. 

Thank you for stopping in today.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've always said cattywampus and kitty-corner.

J Q Rose said...

Diane, Hmmm.. are you from the Midwest. That's how I say the words too! Thanks for stopping in.

Morgan C said...

I think the word katty corner is fun. I do like to say it. In fact, my new mission for today is to use that word and catawampus. Not in the same sentence, of course, because that would be redundant.
Once Upon a Time

Janet Walters said...

katteycorner is how I've said it. catawampus is a word I've never heard.

J Q Rose said...

Hi Morgan, Love your mission for today. You may want to explain the reason you're using such funny words today! LOL

J Q Rose said...

Hi Janet, I have always said kittycorner. It must depend on where you grow up? Of course, we all know kitty-corner is the correct word to use. wink wink

Juneta Key said...

I do love that word. When I was younger it would make me giggle.

Jessica Marcarelli said...

Ha! I love this word. It really does bring a smile to your lips. I say a sort of hybrid "kaddy-corner." I have no idea where it came from.

2018 A to Z Blogger
Visions of Other Worlds

J Q Rose said...

Juneta, you made me smile with your comment. Go ahead and giggle even if you aren't a kid!! :-)

J Q Rose said...

Hi Jessica, I hoped the word would make a reader smile. Thanks for letting me know.

Marsha said...

Hey, JQ. I mostly say, kattycorner, (Spell check doesn't like my spelling. LOL) though I've heard of all the others mentioned. They all make me smile.

kathryn jane said...

I always say, kitty-corner. And although I LOVE reading the word catawampus, I don't think I'd ever said it out loud until today... so thank you!

J Q Rose said...

Marsha--glad I shared this word today. Seems others smiled too. I appreciate knowing that.

J Q Rose said...

Kathryn Jane--You are welcome!! Thank you for visiting.