Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowbirds Christmas

Wishing all the snowbirds a Happy Snowbirds Christmas! Snowbirds are folks who migrate south in the winter. I am a snowbird who lives in Florida during the winter to escape the snows and blizzards and ice up north. In fact the main characters in my ebook coming out in March 2011 are snowbirds who live in a retirement community in Florida.

I am sharing this video, Southwest Florida Christmas, with you--a parody on a Christmas song written for snowbirds (and anyone who knows a snowbird) and Florida residents.I hope this entertaining piece gives you a giggle and helps to make your Christmas merrier!

For more snowbird fun, check out my ebook, Sunshine Boulevard by J Q Rose from Muse It Up Publishing.


Randall Lang said...

Hi J. Q. Rose,

This video and the production were EXCELLENT! Congratulations and best wishes. Love the flamingos.

Randall Lang

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks Randall. Glad you enjoyed the video. I still chuckle when I watch it...

Vihaan Boyle said...

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