Saturday, February 19, 2011


Monday is President's Day. Growing up in Illinois, Land of Lincoln, we never had school on Lincoln's birthday, February 12. All the government agencies closed...a true holiday! 

I love Abraham Lincoln. You can imagine how disappointed I was when someone decided to combine the two presidents, Lincoln and Washington, who have birthdays in February into one holiday to honor all the presidents. But I do believe it is a good idea to recognize the presidents. I can't imagine ever wanting that job!

Do you remember the story of Washington who chopped down the cherry tree when he was a boy? When his dad asked him if he did it, he told the truth and admitted chopping the tree down. So one can not think of Washington without thinking of cherry pie. Well, that's how my mind works anyway.

Have a wonderful Presidents Day!

Is cherry pie your favorite fruit pie? Vote in the poll in the right column and see if cherry pie is as popular as our first president. Thanks.

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J.Q. Rose said...

The not too scientific poll results--a tie between apple and cherry pie. The poll gadget was not working most of the week, so don't be upset with these results.

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