Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Special Gift

This past rainy Saturday afternoon about 1:45 pm my brother Jim called. He and his wife, Sandy, had a gift for me and wanted to bring it down right now. I could tell from his excitement and plain old giddiness, it wasn't exactly something I was expecting. I told him we were having a card party tonight, but he said they would just drop in for awhile. I hated to have them drive for an hour and a half to my house and not be able to visit with them longer. But he said that was fine, they just wanted to drop off the gift. So they arrived about 3:30 pm with a big styrofoam Omaha Steaks shipping box. They proudly set it on the dining room table for me to open. I had an inkling it was something that I had mentioned to Sandy when we were at Webster flea market on the previous Monday.

It was so fun to watch them watch me open it. You'd think it was Christmas morning. After layers upon layers of newspaper, I uncovered a 12" tall figurine of a pair of pink flamingoes. They were standing together making a heart shape just like on the front of my book cover for Sunshine Boulevard. It was a beautiful statue with orchids, etc. I told Sandy on Mon I was looking for flamingo items because if I ever have a book talk, I want to put them on the table. These are perfect! What a fun surprise for me and a delight for the gift-givers.
Sunshine Boulevard will be released by Muse It Up Publishing March 1, 2011. I am getting so anxious for the release date. It's been nine months since the book was accepted. It's like waiting for a baby to be born....LOL...

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