Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet New Members of Our Family

Welcome Piper!

Let me introduce you to two new members of our family. A couple of weeks ago, my older daughter brought home this adorable, eight week old puppy, Piper. She is a mix of chihuahua and poodle. Turbo, a 95 pound chocolate lab loves playing with her. There's only a 90 pound difference between the two dogs. LOL  Otis, the enormous 14 year old orange cat, is not as thrilled about the intrustion into his domain.

And a big welcome to Ace!

Last Sunday my younger daughter attended a pet show with her two sons with no intention of coming home with a pet. But....they couldn't resist this little guy, a three year old red Pomeranian she adopted from an animal shelter at the show. My grandson, Noah, explained they saw Ace sitting in the corner of his cage looking so lonely. The dog's sad eyes looked at Noah and said "Take me home." It worked. Ace joins black and white cat, Zazoo who is just ignoring him for now.

I'm looking forward to meeting them too. I guess we're going to the dogs...!!


  1. They are adorable. Pets are great. You're going to have to include them in your books.

  2. I just want to hug them. Love little dogs.

  3. We're suckers for sad faces, too. Got a household of 'em under foot, over fed, and bound to stay that way. LOL
    Last one was Teddy, who's now 150 pounds of barking talking canine; also, the subject of my book MUST LOVE LARGE DOGS that's underway as we speak.
    Bless you and your family for taking animals into your homes and hearts!
    Pat Dale

  4. They are adorable! I'm such an animal lover, good for you. I hope Ace and Piper love their new home.


  5. Thanks for stopping in to to see these cute little pets. I knew you all would love them too.

  6. Oh, they are so precious, especially the puppy. Enjoy. We've tried puppies several times over the years with no success. We are cat people, I guess, have several indoors and out.

  7. They are adorable. We have 3 indoor cats and several outside ones who come and go.


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