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Contest and Author Interview:: Double the Trouble

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I am delighted to welcome Kate Wesley to the J Q Rose blog today. Kate is the main character in Roseanne Dowell's latest release from Muse It Up Publishing, Double the Trouble.
In a lucky coincidence, Author Roseanne Dowell and I share birthdates…May 25…That's today! (No, I am not telling years!!) Roseanne’s new e-book, available now, is Double the Trouble. So we want to celebrate our two birthdays, not to double the trouble, but to double the fun with a double the chance to win two books! Yes, two chances to win two e-books, mystery romance, Double the Trouble and mystery/light horror Sunshine Boulevard. Look for contest rules later in this post.

Now here's Kate Wesley--Welcome Kate.

Hi,  I’m Katherine Wesley, but everyone calls me Kate. I’ve recently returned to my home town of Twinsburg, Ohio after five years of living in self-imposed exile. Okay, it wasn’t really exile, I was hiding away because my fiancé jilted me two days before our wedding. Can you believe he didn’t even have the guts to tell me in person? Oh no, he left me a note and took off to Las Vegas. 
I left town shortly after, because I couldn’t stand the looks of pity from everyone. I know everyone said I wasn’t I wasn’t the first, and I probably wouldn’t be the last, but that doesn’t help when it happens to you. So I fled. I built a new life for myself. I even opened a very successful flower shop in Clyde, Ohio.

But now I’m back and I opened my own florist shop here. Problem is, my ex is back too. Not that I care. I mean seriously, I’m over him.  The fact my heart beat a little faster the first time I ran into him didn’t mean a thing. Heck, it flipped twice as hard when I met my client’s brother. Not that I’m looking for a guy, believe me, I’m not.  Good grief I’m happy just the way I am. I don’t have to answer to anyone and no one has to answer to me. Nope, I’m quite happy, thank you very much
Life was fine until I visited my Aunt Kate’s grave, well mostly fine. I mean my ex and Emma’s brother seemed to be vying for my attention. I never had that happen before and, quite honestly, I could live without it. Talk about uncomfortable. But the florist shop was doing well for just having opened. Emma’s wedding helped that. So there I was, minding my own business, going to the cemetery and that’s when I found a dead body.

Author Roseanne Dowell
Well let me tell you, life turned upside down, backwards, forwards, and inside out. Between my ex, Emma’s brother and the dead body, let’s just say life got real complicated.

To make matters worse, the twin sister of the victim showed up in town. Things got real interesting after that.

You’ll have to read Double the Trouble to find out what happened. Released from MuseItUp Publishing

You can find out more about Roseanne's books at or check out her blog  at

Excerpt from Double the Trouble

A shadow passed over the doorway, and Kate realized she wasn’t alone. She looked up.
Adam stood in the doorway, the same cocky grin on his face. “Now that’s settled, how are you, Kate?”
Kate couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t he take a hint? “What do you want, Adam?” She didn’t care if she sounded angry. He deserved angry.
Adam came into the work room and stood in front of her. “You look great.”
Kate looked away. So did he, but darned if she’d tell him. He looked too damn good. What was the saying? Fool her once, shame on him, fool her twice, shame on her. Nope, she didn’t need him or anyone like him.
 “So what do you want? I gave you all the information on Emma. Shouldn’t you be out investigating?” She picked up a flower and set it in a vase. Her heart beat so hard, it surprised her that he didn’t hear it.
“Look, I know you’re still upset about the wedding, but give me a chance to make it up to you. How about dinner tonight?”
“I’m busy.” Still upset? The man has no idea. Like we should pick up where we left off? He’s got to be kidding.
“Tomorrow then?”
“I’m busy tomorrow, too. Look, Adam, just go, okay. I don’t want to have dinner with you. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever.”
“Come on, babe, don’t be like that.” Adam moved a strand of hair behind her ear. “I don’t blame you for being angry. But damn, it’s been five years.” He ran his finger along her cheek. “The least you could do is give me a chance to explain. Not that I’m sure I could. I’m not sure, even now, why I took off. Cold feet, I guess.”
Kate trembled at his touch. A spark of something familiar tumbled in her stomach. She pushed his hand away. Try as she might, her anger shattered.
“How dare you walk in here like nothing happened? Like we’re going to pick up where we left off?” Kate spoke through clenched teeth. What she really wanted to do was lash out and hurt him the way he hurt her, but a customer might come in and screaming wasn’t going to help anyway.
Adam stared at her, a look of confusion in his dark eyes. He just didn’t get it. He really didn’t see anything wrong with what he did. Took the coward’s way out and left her to deal with canceling all the wedding plans. What a jerk. “Look, just go.” She turned back to her work and picked up a vase to fill her next order.
Adam ran his hand through his dark, wavy hair. Hair she used to love to run her fingers through. She could almost feel the soft, silkiness of even now.
“Give me a break, Kate. Let me make it up to you.”
Part of her wanted to give in, and part of her wanted to throw something at him. Stay strong, get rid of him. No way was she picking up where they left off.
The bell rang again, and before she had a chance to react, Mark stormed in. Kate’s stomach did a flip at the sight of him. What was wrong with her, reacting to these men this way? For five years men had no affect on her. Now in the course of an hour, the two of them managed to get under her skin, causing feelings deep within she hadn’t experienced in years. Feelings she didn’t want to feel.
Mark stared at them for a second. “I don’t know what the two of you have going, but why aren’t you out looking for my sister?”
Kate shuddered at the angry tone of Mark’s voice. “There’s nothing going on between us, Mr. Westfield. I just suggested the very same thing to Detective Shaffer,” she said just as angry. “Now if the two of you will continue this outside, I have work to do.”
“I’ll call you later, Kate.” Adam acted as if everything between them was settled. Par for the course. Wasn’t that always how it was? She got mad, spoke her mind, and that was it. Over and done with.
Nothing changed. Adam went on doing the same things he always did. Didn’t matter if it upset her. Poker every Friday night with his friends, no matter how angry she got. How they had managed to plan the wedding was beyond her.  Not that he did any of the planning. Adam didn’t even want to see the hall or listen to the band. No wonder he didn’t have any qualms about canceling the wedding. He didn’t do any of the work for it. Obviously, he wasn’t ready to get married. So why had he asked her? Asked her, heck, he had insisted. Even when she suggested they wait a year or so. He at least owed her an explanation. But did she really want to hear it?

Win this book!
Contest Rules

Are you ready to double the fun? E-mail the code word sunshine and a different code word at Roseanne’s blog. Include both words in the body of the email. Send the email to me at jqrose01 at gmail dot com with contest as the subject. You must have both words to be eligible to win two books. AND if you enter on each blog, you have two chances to win two books! Double the fun!

Click on Roseanne's blog to find the second word. Be sure to email both words to Roseanne and to me so you will have two chances to win the two books.

Winner will be announced on May 30.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Janet. It's fun sharing our birthday blogs and contests.

Anonymous said...


Double the Trouble is going on my TBR book list.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Happy birthday, Roseanne. Love the sound of your book!

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Happy Birthday, Janet! What a great way to celebrate you two. Roseanne here's my wishes for you: Happy Birthday!!! I'm popping over now to see the code word. I'd love to win a free book from both of you.:)

Rochelle Weber Author said...

Happy Birthday, Roseanne! Can't wait to read your book. Roseanne is a great writer! I guarantee the winner of this contest will enjoy her book. I read Stranger on the Shore and it was a warm and wonderful book. You could feel the waves pounding the shore, the oncoming storm, the warmth of the fire and the presence of the amnesiac stranger... I'll be reviewing it this weekend on my review blog, Roseanne. ;-)

I'm not entering the contest, however, because I already have Sunshine Boulevard on my Kindle. And I warn you--don't read it at bedtime. It'll scare you and keep you up all night. And make you leery of ever visiting Florida or moving there. And darn it! You won't be able to put it down!

Again, Happy Birthday!

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks, Rochelle. I read Sunshine Blvd also and couldn't agree with you more. I still have trouble falling asleep because it pops into my mind. I'm glad I'm not planning on going to FL anytime soon.

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