Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What DO You Do with Your Edits?


What do you do with your edits? 

First I cry....LOL...No, actually I don't. But when I first turned in my "perfect" ms for Sunshine Boulevard to content editor Karen McGrath at Muse It Up Publishing, I was very smug, almost challenging her to find an imperfection. After perusing the ms, she returned it with suggestions, comments, and LOTS of red ink from the tracker program. It looked like something had bled all over the pages!

It was a shock at first glance. Then I settled down to read what was on the page and to apply her suggestions. She was very gentle and kind with me and told me she is easily bribed with chocolate. We worked together very well as she guided me through to developing an improved, tighter story.

And, yes, I have saved every one of the edits for Sunshine Boulevard in a file. I have no idea what I will do with them except smile when I see them in the documents file. They are a reminder of a wonderful collaboration and learning experience with Karen on my first published e-book.

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Roseanne Dowell said...

LOL I felt the same way when I saw mine. Lea is my editor and not only was it full of red pencil markings, it was highlighted with yellow. It looked like it had chicken pox or some serious disease. Turns out I favor the word "she" too much. Did Lea change them for me? Heck no, she suggested I change them. You want to talk about a lot of work. Phew. I labored over that first manuscript for hours making changes. In fact the release date got changed from March to May there was so much work to do. I know what to expect now, but I've obviously improved from that first manuscript because the rest of them don't have has a many yellow spots.

Megan Johns said...

You sound very fortunate with your MuseIUp editors

Anonymous said...

'almost challenging her to find an imperfection'. I felt the same way! Boy, was it a shocker when I saw all the red on my perfect pages. :) But my writing has only improved because of it.

Anonymous said...

My experience with Lea has only been in the Museitup conferences but I could guess she would be gentle and kind but firm. I guess all writers submit their first ms with a bit of pride and daring others to find the faults. lol

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