Monday, June 13, 2011

Gloria Hart from Sunshine Boulevard Talks!

FREE Recipe Collection!
Karen Cote offers authors the opportunity to spotlight their favorite charities on her unique website, Writers Pen for Charity Lounge. This week it is my turn. Gloria Hart, the main character from Sunshine Boulevard speaks about the Foods Resource Bank, an organization dedicated to fighting world hunger. Click on the website to hear Gloria and see her avatar. I'll tell you Gloria is one sexy 60-year-old lady in this avatar. It is so much fun to see what Karen comes up with.

I was a guest on Karen's Chaise Lounge this spring talking about my mystery/horror e-book, Sunshine Boulevard. I was quite pleased with her rendering of me....

Gloria Hart's The Garden for Eatin' Recipe Collection is a tool to create awareness of world hunger. Send an email to get your FREE recipe collection  Thank you.

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