Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cupid Reads

Ahhhh, tis February--the month of romance. It's a busy month for Cupid because all his matchmaking talents are used to promote love and romance this month. But Cupid does have some time to relax during the less hectic eleven months of the year, so of course, he reads. The entire month of February, Cupid will share, what else, his favorite romantic stories. 

Please join us every week to find new books of romance mixed up with some mystery, ghosts, the Old West, and so much more. Discover a new romance and read an excerpt. Below I have listed the books and authors and the dates they will appear. 

See you in February... Don't forget to bring chocolates and roses with you.


  • Feb. 2 Secrets, Lies, and Love by Roseanne Dowell
  • Feb. 7 Hauntings of the Heart by Joselyn Vaughn
  • Feb. 9 Tangled Love by Rosemary Morris
  • Feb.14 A Soldier's Valentine by Kay Manning
  • Feb.16 Man Theory by Vicki Batman
  • Feb.21 Cedar Woman by Debra Shively Welch
  • Feb.23 Traps by Larion Wills


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