Friday, March 30, 2012

Your Favorite April Fool Prank

Happy April's Fool Day!

Watch out! April Fool's Day is right around the corner. We've all heard the April Fool's stories of being tricked--trade sugar for salt, put an uncooked egg in hubby's lunch box instead of a boiled egg, tell someone his zipper's down, etc.

The best prank played on me and my roommate, Marilyn, occurred when we were seniors in college. We both had an eight o'clock class, so we always rode together to the class. We punched off the alarm clock and rose quietly since noone else in our house had an early class. After falling out of bed, dressing, and as usual in a rush, we checked the clock and had just enough time to make it to class. When we drove into the enormous empty parking lot on campus, it dawned on us we had been fooled. We also realized it was April Fool's day and our housemates had set us up perfectly. They had changed every clock in the house and were probably giggling at us right now...if they were awake. Oh yes, they would be awake soon if we had anything to do about it!!

I know you have one to share. Leave it here in the comment section. Shhhh...I won't tell how someone made you the April Fool!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scaredy Cat

If you're a scaredy cat, then don't read my mystery/light horror e-book, Sunshine Boulevard.  Here's a scaredy cat in this fun video. The music and the kitty are "purrrfect" together.

Hope this made you giggle.

Sunshine Boulevard is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Muse It Up Publishing and  major online booksellers.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Rich Life

Seventy-two year old Mary Maxwell gave the invocation at a gathering of caregivers to seniors. She said, "This is the first time I've ever been old.... It just kind of crept up on me." I laughed at her wise and witty speech.

I turned this over in my mind. Life is all about first times isn't it? First time you were a kid, a gawky middle schooler, a teen-ager, and on and on with stages of life. What if you hadn't experienced those stages? Don't you wonder sometimes how you ever made it through those times? And why?

As I get older, I realize that each stage of my life built on to the next. Things I learned as a sixteen year old help me now at this age. Oh I don't mean book learning, I mean lessons in dealing with life e.g. joy, love, sorrow, passion, patience, faith, honesty and so many more that enrich one's life.

The best thing about working through these life lessons is sharing what you've learned. No, I don't mean preaching to a teen about the horrors of smoking or lecturing on not texting while driving. (Heck, there were no cell phones when I was a teen.!) 

I am talking about being able to be a good example to others going through stages in their lives. They can see I made it and they can too. With my past experience in life, I can be empathetic, listen, and understand what someone else is feeling.

I want to remember every single part of my life and, when asked, to use my experience to help others. Writing your life story is a wonderful way to share your life with others and to let them know the trauma and triumphs you faced. Your life story is a gift to family and friends. It's easy to start. Write down that story that is told at every family gathering. I'm sure it will spark many more for you. Enjoy the writing and re-visiting of your life.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm a Guest Star

What a thrill to be a guest star on I.B. Nosey's absurdly funny blog. Miss M M has done herself proud developing these fun and ridiculous characters. I don't know what it is about this kind of old-fashioned idiocy that appears every Wednesday, but people are giving Nosey rave reviews.

Come and join us today, Wednesday, March 21 when I will appear as a guest. Then don't miss a single episode of the continuing saga every Wednesday. Mark it on your calendar or the Gum Drop Island Police may show up and grab you into cyberspace with them. Although being taken away to Gum Drop Island would not be so bad....licorice trees, chocolate rivers, and the best Gum Drop Island chocolates in the whole cyberspace world!

Take a peek at my February interview with Nosey, the official unofficial cyberspace reporter.

See ya' there!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day Spring Morning...Clean Car

Such a gorgeous spring morning, I decided to give my wheels a bath. My boppin' around Florida car was covered with yellow pollen from the pine tree in our front yard. The tree pollen has been potent for the last few weeks covering everything with a coat of nasty green/yellow pollen and causing havoc for people with allergies.

I washed the '96 Buck Century, a car I love to drive, but unfortunately it made this Florida car's sunburn more evident. For some reason this kind of car and color does not hold up well under the blazing Florida sun. My DH says the clear coat is peeling off. It is so sad. However painting the car would cost more than it's worth. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day to You!! 

Great weather in Florida this winter, but I get no jealousy from my friends up North since they are experiencing a fantastic winter there too. Enjoy a lovely spring season, ya'all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tootin MY Own Horn at the Writers Chatroom Blog


I am a guest on The Writers Chatroom blog this week--Tootin' Your Own Horn is
the topic. If you are looking to be a published author or are newly published, this may be a cautionary tale for you. I bet you could add some advice for writers in the comment section at

The Writers Chatroom offers chats every Wednesday night from 8-10 pm. During the
first hour we discuss a topic, then watch out for the next wild and crazy hour
after that. A well-known guest author is featured every Sunday night 7-9 pm.
You're all invited to drop in anytime.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review for The Good Neighbors

I think Rochelle enjoyed my short story, The Good Neighbors.  She asks, "isn't a good hearty laugh in the middle of Wendy's a great recommendation for a book?" I'd say so. Thanks, Rochelle. Glad The Good Neighbors made you smile and laugh out loud!

Jim and Gloria Hart first appeared in my mystery novella, Sunshine Boulevard.

Here's Rochelle's delightful review:

Jim and Gloria Hart, snowbirds from Michigan, always help out the neighbors in their Florida retirement community when asked. Who knew being good could turn out to be so bad?

I wish I could be a snowbird and have Jim and Gloria Hart for neighbors.  They’re so helpful and they sound like fun people to have around even if you don’t play golf.  Between solving the mystery of last year’s deaths at their Florida winter retirement community, helping a neighbor who fell in her bathtub and plant-sitting for a neighbors who surprised his wife with a Christmas cruise, they’re all round good people.  Besides, who ever got into trouble just plant sitting?

I disturbed the peace at Wendy’s because I was laughing so hard reading this while I had lunch.  It’s another great waiting room read—the kind of short-story you can devour along with a quick burger or while waiting to see the doctor.  But try not to laugh too loudly unless you want to tell people what you’re reading.  On second thought, go ahead.  Laugh out loud.  Don’t be afraid to let people know how much you’re enjoying Ms. Rose’s writing.  Isn’t a good hearty laugh in the middle of Wendy’s a great recommendation for a book?  Just try not to choke on your food or snort pop through your nose.

Price:  $0.99

All royalties from the sale of The Good Neighbors go to local food pantries.

Rochelle Weber is the author of Rock Crazy, a futuristic, sci-fi romance.
Abandoned, pregnant and bi-polar, Katie McGowan's going crazy on that God-forsaken rock, the Moon.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celebration Time--Win a Flamingo!

It's celebration time! My mystery/light horror story, Sunshine Boulevard, was released one year ago today, March 1. What an exciting time for me. 

Last year I experienced the joy of being published and the agony of wondering if anyone would like the story. The experience is similar to sending a daughter or son off to school. Mom is thrilled to have some time to herself, but worried how cruel the world will be to her "baby." 

I think many authors feel their stories are their children, so the publishing process is like giving birth. Today I am celebrating my book's first birthday! 

One benefit of publishing an e-book is it can have a chance to celebrate many birthdays. Booksellers will not remove it from the shelf after three months to make room for another book because there are infinite book shelves in cyberspace. 

In my blog introduction I wrote, "Come along with me on a new adventure into the world of writing, publishing and selling." What an adventure it has been. This past year I learned about the publishing world, honed my writing skills, and made so many new friends.  

I want to recognize and thank Lea Schizas, the editors, and cover artist Delilah Stephans at Muse It Up Publishing for shepherding me through this daunting, but exciting world of publishing. Karen McGrath, content editor on my book, is in my thoughts today. I'm sure she is red lining passive words and suggesting changes in the POV for stories written by Heaven's angels.

Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore

The generosity and support of editors and fellow authors overwhelmed me. That is not what one would expect in this world of thousands of books. Who knew instead of competitive attitudes and petty jealousies, the world of publishing includes so many thoughtful, kind people? Bringing my book to readers truly has been a journey, and I look forward to more challenges and adventures as I continue along this path.

I imagine you're wondering about winning a flamingo... Perhaps you are even asking, "Why a flamingo?" Take a look at the book cover for Sunshine Boulevard. Delilah Stephans, cover artist at Muse It Up Publishing, chose flamingos as the image to evoke Florida. Since my book takes place in the Sunshine State, I agreed it was the perfect design for the book cover. 

Notice the flamingos are in a heart shape? Delilah decided that too because the main characters are Jim and Gloria Hart, snowbirds from Michigan. 
Flamingos at Homosassa Springs State Park, Florida

Oh, yeah, about winning the flamingo. You KNOW you want one. But you probably don't want the hassle of feeding, watering, clean-up, and walking the bird. So I have the perfect solution.

Just enter a comment to be eligible to win a flamingo...that is a flamingo pen. Now if you are a writer or not, I know you will cherish this unique pen. You will be the envy of your neighborhood, school, co-workers, family, and friends. I mean really, who else is going to have this one-of-a-kind writing utensil? Maybe in your comment you can tell us how you plan to use it. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on Sunday, March 4. Look at the picture below to see the prize.

Can't you just see yourself penning a best selling novel, writing out a note card, or sending off a postcard using this delightful creature?

Thanks for stopping in for the celebration. Help yourself to the delicious flamingo cookies and fresh strawberry punch. (Strawberry Festival time in Florida now!) Please note the flamingo napkins and lovely floral centerpiece with the big plastic pink flamingo in the center. While you are munching the cookies, be sure to take time to watch the Sunshine Boulevard video.

Big thanks to Cool Text for the Celebration graphic.

Sunshine Boulevard is available at 


as well as at many online booksellers.

You can find me in cyber space here on my J.Q.Rose Blog 

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