Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tour Artprize in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Artprize is a unique art contest, display, coming together of community every October in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Artists compete for the top prize of $200,000. Check out the Artprize site so you can see the winners. 

My daughter and I visited last week and saw a miniscule number of the sometimes gorgeous, sometimes mindboggling, sometimes awesome works. I believe there were over 1600 entries from every shape and size and media. It is overwhelming. The displays are in downtown Grand Rapids, so it's fun for us small town gals to get into the city and walk around. There are also venues scattered throughout the Grand Rapids neighborhoods. Perhaps next year, you can go too? 

Here are some of the photos I took on our latest visit so you can experience it, well not really experience it, but I can share some of the discoveries with you.

Oh say can you see? Star Spangled Banner written on license plates in the shape of the USA

Had to take a close up of this plate--poetic license.

The four seasons painted in vibrant colors.

This artist had a whole room full of paintings like this. The snake wound around two walls. It is not on tile, but looks like it.

Funny crow made of rubber tires. Yes, it's oversized to say the least.

A keyboard made of wrenches. Can you believe it?

In this large area behind the BOB, many fantastic displays. My favorite was this elephant and infant.

This metallic fish symbolizes Michigan and the streams and lakes here. Gorgeous in the sunlight.

This is NOT a painting. The image is made entirely of colored buttons. Yeah, really!

Small squares individually painted to make one entire rectangle of color.

Okay--next year you just gotta go and truly experience a crisp fall day in Michigan admiring the creativity of these artists.

To discover a local artist featured in my new girls e-book, visit the Girls Succeed blog site to meet Jane Stroschin and see her latest enormous project.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

How would they ever be able to pick one winner? Mindboogling is right! They're spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try and go to this next year. I'll also have to mention this to my niece, who is an artist. Thanks for sharing about this.

J.Q. Rose said...

I only wish I could have seen more of them. I guess checking the site online and watching TV coverage helps to view more.

Susznne, Maybe your niece will want to enter some of her work next year.

Thanks for visiting,Ladies.

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