Monday, November 5, 2012

Girls Succeed Book Tour Kicks Off Today

So excited to present the first stop on the Book Tour today at Barbara Ehrentreu's blog. Barbara penned a great YA story, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor. Carolyn Samuels experiences so many situations young girls of today face. The book kept me reading, and I sure am not a young girl!! 

Since it's the first visit on the tour, I wanted to mention the ladies who achieved firsts in their careers e.g. firsts in athletics like Olympics and Paralympics gold medals, in dressage competition (horse riding), the first woman president of the Clowns of America International and the leader of the first People to People International Clown Delegation to China, and the first Athletic Director for both boys and girls in Illinois. I also included the first chapter of the book. Hurry over. Maybe you'll be the first to leave a comment!!

Please pop over to Barbara's and leave a comment to enter the drawing for prizes. Book Tour is November 5-17. The schedule is to the right of this post. See you there!!


  1. Aha! I saw you over at Barbara's blog. Did you like the cyber treats and decorations?


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