Friday, February 22, 2013

A Lot of Thank Yous--Today is Release Day for Coda to Murder

Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined she would be caring for a flock 
that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.

Today is the day I've been waiting for for nine months..No not the birth of my baby, but kind of. This is release day for my new mystery/sweet romance, Coda to Murder, from MuseItUp Publishing.

So many folks have contributed to the writing of this book--fellow authors in my Koffee Kuppe Writers Critique Group, friends in the Fremont Area District Library Writers Group, Pastor Ed, and Officer Doug, and encouragement from friends and family. I listened and interpreted what they told me so if there are any errors or misinformation, it is entirely my doing!

I want to take time to say heartfelt thank yous to Lea Schizas, MuseItUp Publisher, and editors Kim Cresswell and Penny Ehrenkranz for their help in shepherding the raw manuscript into a finished e-book. I am proud to be a part of MIU knowing how important it is to the staff to offer the best book possible to their readers.

Also a huge thank you goes to my cover designer, C.K. Volnek for a spectacular, eye-catching cover that will attract readers' attention. She took a spark of an idea from me and turned it into a lovely, emotional piece of art.

I can't forget to thank all the authors at MuseItUp for their support and encouragement. Many authors who will be hosting me on the Coda to Murder virtual book tour are Muse authors. I am overwhelmed at how close people can become over cyberspace, never meeting face to face. I cherish these friendships. 

I look forward to the book tour and interacting with readers. We're kicking off the book tour at Janie Franz blog on Monday, February 25!! There will be prizes awarded at the end of the tour. Be sure to comment in order to enter the random drawing.

Save 25% this week on Coda to Murder.


  1. Congratulations on your new release. I read (and enjoyed) your last book and look forward to reading this one. Hope it doesn't keep me awake at night like Sunshine Boulevard did. Great cover, by the way.

  2. Congrats, JQ!! How exciting that it's here.

  3. Love the title. Sounds very Dan Brownish and the cover is stunning. I know your book will live uo to it and be as enjoyable as Sunset Boulevard. If feel your excitement. Congratulations!!

  4. Bravo, Janet. How exciting. Your success is inspiring. Hope this tour is the best ever. Break some records! Win a few awards. IOWs, knock em dead!

  5. Thanks so much for your well-wishes and for remembering Sunshine Boulevard! Joylene, it took a minute but I figured out IOW!! Thanks. I hope you'll all accompany me a along the book tour.

  6. CONGRATS on the new release! Best wishes for a very successful blog tour. : )

  7. Congrats, Janet! So excited for you. Enjoy the tour!

  8. Thanks, Pat. The tour is going well. A bit hectic. I need to stop for some tea and cake once in awhile too. LOL. Thanks for stopping in. Hope to see you along the tour route too.


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