Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hobby Hoedown Features Tess Grant's Hobby Project, a Mosaic Flower Pot

I'm excited to welcome my friend and crit partner, YA author Tess Grant, to the Hobby Hoedown this week. Not only do we meet regularly with two other writers every week to discuss our writing, but, needless to say, we share what's going on in our daily lives. So we became cheerleaders for her ceramic project from the beginning to the end. Now she shares the joy, the work, and cut fingers with the J.Q. Rose blog readers too!
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Finished! by Tessa Grant
I am the queen of partial hobbies. My throne is made of half-finished projects--unfinished quilts, unfinished clothes, unfinished mobiles, unfinished flower beds. You get the picture…unfinished.
     When I began writing, I swore I would no longer leave a project in mid-stream. And I didn’t…writing wise, that is. That’s why I’m especially proud of my latest creation…a completely finished mosaic flower pot! I’ve wanted to learn to do mosaics for ages, so when a class was offered at our local art gallery, I jumped at it.
     I was a little surprised when the teacher showed us the basic techniques of glass work and then stepped away from the table. I wanted her to walk me through the whole thing. I looked at my bare pot, took a deep breath and decided to go for it. Start to painful finish.
      Our class was set up for three sessions. Two glass-work meetings and one for grout. After two classes and four band-aids, my pot looked like this.  As you can see, I had a little bit to go.

      I threw my ever-patient daughters in the car and hit the gallery on an off afternoon. Four and a half hours and three band-aids later, I still wasn’t finished. Another three hours and only one band-aid later (you see, I was getting the hang of it), I was ready to grout.

       I actually got to finish my pot with my class…this may have been a first. As you can see from the surrounding table, I am an exuberant grouter.

      So…here it is...I not only learned a new hobby but I finished my project as well.

       I know what’s on my Christmas list…sheets of glass, a glass cutter, running pliers. Oh, and band-aids. ‘Cause I know one thing about my new hobby. Not only does it take hard work to finish; it also takes a little blood!

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Back of the Book:
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Too bad Kitty’s plan unravels. Her father spends his time watching the tree line from the safety of a wingback chair. Her hunting partner analyzes college campuses while she analyzes kill sites. When her brother finds a new friend in a long lost uncle, Kitty’s war with the werewolves becomes a battle for more than just her own life.

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In the final installment of the Kitty Irish Trilogy, Kitty’s past meets her present in an explosive confrontation. The battle comes to her front porch making the fight for the future more than claws and fangs.

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About Tess
Tess Grant lives with her fabulous family on a farmette with a number of critters that changes
daily. She raises organic veggies, free-range kids, and novels. She drinks way too much coffee, which may explain her inability to finish a project.


J.Q. Rose said...

I think your project turned out so cute. I love the colors..don't even notice the blood stains! Thanks so much for participating in the Hobby Hoedown!!!

Patricia Kiyono said...

I love your mosaic flower pot! I don't see any blood stains either - from your descriptions I was afraid I'd see pink grout. I think having another creative outlet helps your writing, too. It's nice to have something to do when you step away from the computer. Nice work, and congrats on finishing your trilogy.

Miss Mae said...

Love the beautiful flower pot and love your dedication. :) Yep, gotta have those band-aids...I always need mine for cooking. For some reason, they put the handles on the wrong end of knives.....

Tess Grant said...

JQ--thanks for hosting.

Patty- Actually there were bloodstains! They just ended up underneath the glass. Good thing. I agree that an extra hobby helps keep my mind going.

Ahh, Miss Mae. You and I must be kin. I too have a problem with knife construction.

Joselyn Vaughn said...

Looks great! I'd be terrified of working with glass. I stick myself with pins too often.

Tess Grant said...

Each day when I started I would do great. As soon as I got tired or lazy, BAM! Pull out the band-aids. :)

WS Gager said...

Tess you are an inspiration to finish all my half started projects! Beautiful pot. Way to pretty for dirt!


J.Q. Rose said...

Aargh...sorry I missed out on the conversations. We were gone all weekend and I had no Internet access. Looks like the cyber world kept going with out me though. Loved hosting you, Tess!

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