Monday, October 21, 2013

Cabbage Patch Kids Visit, This Week, Giveaways

Happy Monday to you!

This snowbird and her mate have finally settled into their winter nest in sunny (and very hot) Florida. On the way South, we stopped to visit friends in Cleveland, GA, home of the Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Co.

What a delightful place to visit. In this magical location, Cabbage Patch Babies are born.

Cabbage Patch Kids became a household name (if you had girls in your household anyway) in the early 80's. In fact the company is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Yes, we had two little girls in our family. They saw a display of the dolls in a store in our area and fell in love with these unique "kids." To be honest, I thought the dolls were ugly...shhh...don't tell the girls.

 In fact lots of little girls fell in love with them. In fact, the company could not keep up with demand. My mother made it her mission to find dolls for our girls. She didn't want them to be disappointed on Christmas morning. She worked her magic and eventually did provide two dolls for our daughters. Our girls loved their dolls and to this day still have them packed away in their homes.

This doll store is unique in that the cabbage patch babies are "born" right there from a Mama Cabbage. (Yes, please suspend reality here and enjoy the fun!)

 The nurse checks Mama Cabbage vital signs.

And a few minutes later out pops Nichole Denise. She was named by one of the little girls in the audience. The name and birth certificate are included with the purchase of the doll.

The day was perfect except I wish my now grown daughters were with me to share the experience!

This Week:

Tuesday through Thursday, October 22-24, I will be participating in the Who's Your Hero Blogfest. Come back tomorrow or the next couple of days and tell us who your hero is and you could be one of two winners in the drawing for two e-copy of Saving Sam by J.L. Campbell and an e-copy of Girls Succeed!

Friday, October 25--I will be posting on my publisher's website, MuseItUp Publishing blog in the afternoon.

Hobby Hoedown will continue after Halloween, so ya'all come back! Here are the hobbyists in November.
7Heather Greeniscurling
14Margaret Mendelphotography
21Jane Lebakknitting

All Month:

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Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


Roseanne Dowell said...

I remember those dolls. My girls were too old for them (born in the mid 60s) but my granddaughters were the right age. Can't say I remember any of them having one. My sister, on the other hand, (only 4 years younger than me) had quite a collection of them. Not for her daughters, but for her.

Leona~Author said...

I remember well chasing those dolls for my granddaughters. My son-in-law worked at a department store when they got a shipment right before Christmas, but he wasn't allowed to buy one while working or even holding one back. So, he hid a couple of them behind other toys and called my daughter to get there fast. She made it in time.

J.L. Campbell said...

Lots going on, JQ,

The Cabbage Patch dolls are cuties.

The Lavender Dreams Anthology is well worth the investment!

Anonymous said...

I remember the cabbage patch dolls. I think they are cute.

Miss Mae said...

I'm finally able to make it over here. :)

Oh, how I remember these dolls and yes! They are danged ugly! I could never understand why any child would want one of these. LOL But boy, Xavier sure got them to be popular! :)

And we've driven past the "hospital" a number of times and even though I'm curious to take a tour, no way no how would my hubby do it. LOL

This was really cute and interesting, J.Q. Thanks for reviving a memory. :)

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