Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Humorous Holiday Short Story, The Good Neighbors by J.Q. Rose

T'is the season! 
Snowbirds Jim and Gloria Hart, main characters in my mystery novella, Sunshine Boulevard, have a Christmas story for you.  The action takes place in Florida's Citrus Ridge Senior Retirement Resort. Action in a retirement resort? Read this fun story, just right for a lunch break, and find out.

Humorous holiday short story set in Florida

Jim and Gloria Hart, snowbirds from Michigan, always help out the neighbors in their Florida retirement community when asked. Who knew being good could turn out to be so bad?

This delightful holiday short story will tickle your funny bone and question the idea of being good during the warmth and good cheer of the holiday season.

Here's what readers are saying:

 I disturbed the peace at Wendy's because I was laughing so hard reading this while I had lunch today. It's another great waiting room read--the kind of short-story you can devour along with a quick burger or while waiting to see the doctor. But try not to laugh too loudly unless you want to tell people what you're reading. On second thought, go ahead. Laugh out loud. Don't be afraid to let people know how much you're enjoying Ms. Rose's writing. Isn't a good hearty laugh in the middle of Wendy's a great recommendation for a book? 
5 stars Rochelle Weber

I wouldn't have believed that a retirement community in Florida would be a fascinating setting, with intriguing and fun characters. But J.Q. Rose's short story delivers exactly that--I also believe it is an excellent taste of her mystery novel, Sunshine Boulevard, with the same setting and characters, and if so, I'm certainly off to read Sunshine Boulevard! More, please. 4 stars Conda Douglas

Buy The Good Neighbors short story now for 99 cents at amazon.com 
All royalties from the sale of the story support local food pantries. 

Mysterious deaths upset the Florida retirement community interfering with their seasonal activities and turning up more than dead bodies.

Reviews for Sunshine Boulevard:

What a page turner and full of surprises! I couldn't put this book down.
 Roseanne Dowell, author Stranger on the Shore

This story blends humor with mystery and death very cleverly, making it a book I had to keep reading. Even after I found out the answer to the above question, I was still hooked and had to read on to find out what happened next.  Sue Perkins,  Sue’s Book Reviews

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