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Dieting is Like Writing, This Week, Giveaways

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Dieting is Like Writing by J.Q. Rose
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Dieting is like writing? Yes, depending on what results you want to achieve. Will you be dieting for a few days, a couple of weeks, or is it a lifestyle change with foods and exercise that you can continue for the rest of your life? How about writing? Do you plan to dabble in writing stories or do you want to make writing a part of your life?

Honestly I never thought about how the writing and dieting could be alike, so let's examine the idea a bit further. During the Lenten season my home church has chosen to study the Daniel Plan. According to the blurb for the book, Pastor Rick Warren and well-known respected doctors have put together the plan which "is an appetizing approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle where people are encouraged to get healthier together by optimizing the key five essentials of faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends." 

I had never heard of this plan, but the idea intrigued me that dieting is to achieve a healthy lifestyle. That doesn't mean for a short time, but rather for all of my life. It's not a get-thin-quick program. It's one that will take some study, some planning, some trials and failures, some patience, and adjustments in my life to achieve success for the rest of my life.

I want to be healthy so I can experience life with zest and joy. 

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW-- What a Ride!"Attributed to Bill McKenna, Anonymous and in a Nissan ad

Do I ever want to be able to say "What a ride" when I'm done with this body. 

Compare the lifestyle change to achieve a healthier way of life to the change in my life since I decided to pursue writing. Writing demands study, planning, and patience indeed! Trials and failures in writing? You bet

Writing and the faith component in the Daniel plan fills my life with purpose.

Keeping fit will give me strength and energy and writing certainly exercises my brain and stretches my writing muscles.

Needless to say I study the information on food and I study the art of writing by reading books, learning from colleagues on forums and chats, attending webinars, and lurking on writing blogs.

Friends together support each other in trying to achieve success in weight loss and fitness as well as writers helping writers. 

I think if I can make room in my life to be a writer, then why can't I make some adjustments in my life to become healthier? 

If you would like to find out more about the Daniel Plan, there is information on the Daniel Plan website. Get a buddy to do it with you so you can support each other. Focus on your health and discover more about faith, food, and fitness.

Can you see how writing and dieting have the same requirements? Have you found a successful diet? Any tips on dieting? Any tips on writing? Please leave a comment with your ideas. Thank you.

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