Wednesday, March 12, 2014

J.Q.Rose is Centered on Story, This Week, Giveaways

Yes, that's what I am centered on now. Writing a fun, entertaining, story that will take you away from the ho-hum everyday life. Forget the weather, forget the pressure at work, forget the housework, forget the kids, er, well , maybe not forget them, but get them busy or ship them off to Grandma's so you can escape into the pages of a book.

To tell you the truth, when I center on writing a story, I get the benefit of escaping too. So much fun to make up characters and settings and then figure out how to get them out of a dilemma.

I am working on another mystery, paranormal, romance. My deadline is to finish the first draft by April 1. Yikes, where is March going? So I missed my usual post on Monday and the This Week's events. I apologize for being late. I guess I escaped too far for too long, eh?

This Week: 
Thursday (tomorrow) March 13--Fantasy/romance author Janie Franz is my guest on the Seeds of Inspiration Event. Discover her path to writing and publishing her first novel. Enter the drawing for a giveaway.

This Month:

The Seeds of Inspiration Event!
Every Thursday this spring, a guest author will tell us what inspires her. 
Be sure to mark Thursdays on your calendar as the place to be to learn more about your favorite author or discover a new one. 
You'll also find great reads and have a chance to win prizes every week.

The Romance Reviews Third Anniversary Party

The Romance Reviews 3rd Anniversary Party

Congratulations to reader Meghan who won a copy of my mystery, Coda to Murder, when she answered the Q and A about Coda to Murder correctly. Check out the games and prizes all this month. Over 450 authors and 450 prizes! 


Unknown said...

Paranormal romance mystery? Awesome!

Tess Grant said...

Go JQ! So glad your story is progressing toward your goal. You got this!

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