Monday, September 8, 2014

Review of Video-Maker

Hello. I'm writing this post and enjoying a sunny, 
fallish-feeling morning in Michigan!

I'm taking some of my own advice and learning something new this season. I tried this program, It's a FREE one! This video-maker is  a cute way to add some fun to your blog, but it takes some time to figure out how to put a video together.

They have a good variety of templates to choose from, so I used the one they demonstrated on a webinar. I didn't just plug in my info and be done. However, I must admit I do have "perfectionist" tendencies, so I spent a lot of time tweaking it.

The tutorials and webinar really helped me to figure out all the buttons, library, and "whatchamacallits" available on the site. I'm looking forward to developing another one later.

You're probably wondering why I attempted this? All I have learned this summer in my marketing/promoting classes stress how important video will be in the future to get readers' attention and to keep them coming back for more. I hope to use Powtoon as one of the tools in my book marketing kit to promote my published books and future books to get more interest and SALES!

Please know, you are my guinea pigs, so to speak. What do you think of my first attempt at using Powtoon?  I have big shoulders, so I can take it! Thanks. Hope you enjoy it! <Fingers crossed.>


  1. That's brilliant, JQ! Loved the graphics!

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  3. Helena, thank you. Brilliant--love that. There are a lot of graphics to choose from for this being a free program. The free music choices are minimal, so I'll have to figure out how to upload it and add music I like to the video. I can even add an audio file of my voice--voice over. Lots of stuff to play with and learn. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. That's cute, JQ! I like Typing Girl!!

  5. I thought it was cute. You did a great job for a first attempt. Thanks for sharing about Powtoon.

  6. Thanks, Tess. The typing girl looks just like me too!

  7. Susanne, Thank you! Hopefully I'll get a bit more original and adventurous on the next one.

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