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Happy New Year 2015 from J.Q. Rose, Romance and Mystery Authors on Writing Series Resumes, Giveaways

Happy New Year 2015 from J.Q. Rose
Happy 2015! Say what? 2015? I seem to recall the big scare from the media about breaking in to the new century in 2000 and everything going topsy-turvy. Where did fifteen years go?

A new year excites us with all the possibilities of change, making good changes in our lives with new plans, new goals, resolutions (that we cannot keep all year long!) How about you? What's your goal for 2015? 

I'll share with you my main goal and that is to submit my latest mystery, Deadly Undertaking: A Funeral Home Mystery, to a publisher and sign a contract. Fingers crossed!
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Romance and Mystery Authors on Writing
I am certainly looking forward to visits from romance and mystery authors to begin again on January 8. The holidays interrupted our series, but we are back on track with helpful tips on writing and inspiring words from authors. You'll also discover books you'll want to read and have the opportunity to enter the drawing for prizes every week!
Please stop back on Thursdays in this new year to meet and greet the following authors:

8 Sara Jayne Townsend
15 Joan Curtis
22 Helena Fairfax
29 J.Q. Rose

5 Heather Haven 
12 C. Hope Clark
19 Resources for Writers


  1. Love the title of your new book. Here's KNOWING you'll get a contract. :)

  2. Thanks for your positive attitude, MM! I will be positive for the New Year!

  3. I, too, hope you get a contract this year. Mega luck to you! Keep on writing.

  4. Thanks, Sandy! Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Happy New Year, J.Q.! Wishing you much joy, happiness, and success in 2015!


  6. Thanks, Susan. Right back at you!


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