Sunday, August 23, 2015

National Park Service Birthday Celebration, Free Admission

You're invited to a birthday party on August 25, 2016. The U. S. National Park Service will  
celebrate their one-hundredth birthday. 
Denali National Park, Alaska
Since 1916 the American people have trusted the National Park Service to take care of our over four hundred national parks. Many critics of the USA, Americans included, find fault with our country, but one thing done correctly was establishing the National Parks system. Since 1916 visionaries set aside eighty-four million acres of lands treasured by our citizens to be protected and experienced by residents and visitors. Awe-inspiring landscapes, seascapes, historical people and places for us and future generations to enjoy.

From the National Park Service Foundation:
WASHINGTON (August 12, 2015) – The National Park Service is turning 99 years old on August 25, 2015, and everyone is getting a present, free admission! Visit a park in your neighborhood or plan a trip to one of the 408 National Park Service sites across the country to join the party! 
On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation to create the National Park Service, which preserves and protects 408 sites throughout the country. Each one, whether it’s a national park, a historic site or a national seashore, was established by a president or Congress to protect, preserve and share its national significance for future generations. Some parks commemorate notable people and achievements; others conserve magnificent landscapes and natural wonders; and all provide a place to have fun and learn.
The National Park Service waived all of its entrance fees on nine days in 2015. The remaining entrance fee free days are August 25 for the National Park Service’s birthday, September 26 for National Public Lands Day, and November 11 in honor of Veterans Day. The entrance fee waiver does not cover amenity or user fees for activities such as camping, boat launches, transportation, or special tours.
To find a national park near you, and to learn more about the Find Your Park campaign, or
Mama Bear and two cubs roaming the countryside in Denali.
I hope you will learn about our fantastic parks and plan a visit in the future. 
Check out the blog post on our visit to Denali National Park from the Alaska Journal series on the J. Q Rose blog. Breathtaking mountain scenery and abundant wildlife.
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Susan Bernhardt said...

What a great birthday present! We have visited many National Parks out West and in other parts of the country. We also went to Denali National Park. It was beautiful. I'll check out your blog regarding Denali.

Nice post, J.Q. Thank you.


J.Q. Rose said...

Susan--I love it when it's someone's birthday, and the birthday person/organization gives ME a present! The Denali park is only one of the blogs I did on our trip to Alaska. I titled it the Alaska Journal.I wish the photos could actually capture how magnificent it was. Thanks for stopping.

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