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Romance Readers Want to Know: Author Diane Wickles

Romance Readers Want to Know
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Ah, winding up March guest authors on a high note with newly published author D.Dominik Wickles aka Diane Wickles. Diane’s books always have a happy ending, but the road to that point is rife with mystery and danger. Check out the questions readers ask her and the fun answers she shares with us. Also look for an excerpt below from her new book, Hong Kong Treasure.

Welcome, Diane!!

Questions from My Readers by Diane Wickles


I’m still a newly published author so I might not have as many or as diverse questions as the seasoned, best-selling authors; however, I do have a couple of questions from my readers to share with you.

When I tell people about the story lines of my next book I see a dazed look come over their faces and they ask, “How do you come up with an idea each time for a book?” As if they imagine I think of each book, one at a time after the preceding book is finished. The exact opposite is true for me. I’m currently finishing up my second book while the next two books are percolating on my mind’s back burners, waiting their turn to be written.

The next question I get is “How can you possibly write 70,000 words?Hong Kong Treasure was originally 100,000 words and I cut it back to 74,000. Once you get writing a story with all its characters, settings and subplots the words really begin to add up.

When I first signed my contract for Hong Kong Treasure I was floating on Cloud 9 and wanted the whole world to know about it. Big mistake. Being new to the publishing industry I did not understand how long it would take to actually get the book on the shelves.

It’s like when you first find out you’re pregnant and spread the news. You spend the next 7 & ½ months telling people, “No, I didn’t have the baby yet.” Only in publishing, it will take a heck of a lot longer than 7 & ½ months for the book to be available for purchase. So I would constantly be asked, “When is your book coming out?” My soaring Cloud 9 began to droop a little when I had to repeatedly assure people that I wasn’t just pulling their leg; that my book really was going to be published.

Some people, I’m sure were thinking, “Right, but show me the proof.” At least when the cover was finalized I had something to show them and I was ecstatic once more when I received the advance copies. Moral: Keep your excitement to yourself and close friends for awhile before announcing it to the world. Or else come up with some clever responses for why your book isn’t out yet.
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Hong Kong Treasure

Back of the Book : Hong Kong Treasure by D. Dominik Wickles

Deshi Han, a martial arts actor and director, thinks a serious relationship would hamper his career. On a charity trip to the Philippines he agrees to take a young American woman back to Hong Kong to rest and regain her memory.
                Once back in Hong Kong, Deshi reluctantly allows the young woman, whom he names Annie, to accompany him on the movie sets and on his trips across China. Despite his attempts to remain aloof with Annie, a romance develops between them.
                Meanwhile, Annie is troubled by nightmares which allude to a danger lurking from her past and someone on Deshi’s crew is trying to sabotage their budding romance. As Deshi is forced repeatedly to disrupt his work schedule to protect Annie, it serves to confirm his belief that careers and relationships don’t mix.
                But when it looks like Deshi will lose Annie, and he risks everything to save her, will it be too late?

Book Excerpt:
Leyte Province in the Philippines. Her running steps echoed from the walls. Would he catch her? It meant white slavery if he did. Slamming open the kitchen door, she burst out of the hotel despite the typhoon ravaging the eastern coast. The destructive winds and rains were buffered in the alleyway behind the hotel, but she still had to fight for each step away from the man she knew was just behind her.
             Without warning, massive walls of water rushed into the alley from both ends. The sixteen-foot wave scooped her up and battered her against the buildings. When the storm surge receded, she lay bruised and unconscious beneath a mass of water-logged debris.
 “I’m told there are eleven buildings, besides this church, serving as shelters,” Father Donovan said. “I haven’t left here since the typhoon hit four days ago. Is the damage extensive?”
“Yes. Very. Many people with no homes, no food,” Deshi Han replied.
Father Donovan put his hand on Deshi’s shoulder. “You brought much-needed food and supplies. Your movies are loved but your charity work is well-known here in the Philippines. I thank you. You are truly doing God’s work, my son.”
Deshi watched as a volunteer passed out the blankets he had brought, which would help to cushion the pews they were using for beds. He shook his head. “I wish I do more.”
“Perhaps there is something …” Father Donovan began.
“What, Father?” He followed the priest to a courtyard. A young woman sat beside a storm-crushed rose bed. Deshi guessed her to be American, in her early twenties. “Who she, Father?”
“No one knows, not even her.” Father Donovan tilted his head to the side and sighed. “She has no memory of anything before the typhoon. One of the doctors informed me that she just needs rest to regain her memory.”
Deshi watched the girl slowly gather the broken branches from around the few unharmed plants. A child about five years old ran up and tapped her on the shoulder. The young woman’s solemn face broke into a smile as the child led her away toward another section of the church.
Father Donovan turned to Deshi. “But she won’t get that rest here. She has nightmares and cries for the orphaned and injured children. I’ve prayed for someone to claim her and take her away from here.”
“We delivered the supplies to the kitchen.” Jun Chew, Deshi’s assistant, spoke in Cantonese as she approached them.
Deshi turned away from the doorway, nodded at Jun then called to his business manager, “Where the next shelter, Paul?”
Paul Wu shook his head then responded in English. “We have distributed all the supplies we brought, Deshi. That is all we can do today.”
“Besides,” Jun continued in Cantonese, “we have to get back or you will be late for the senior citizen center opening.”
The supplies had gone so fast. They had only been to six of the eleven shelters and there were so many people still in need. “Maybe one more thing I can do today,” Deshi said with a sigh. “Father?”
The priest’s right hand clutched the large cross at his neck and he smiled. “Yes, my son?”
“I will take her.”
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About Diane:
D. Dominik Wickles is the pseudonym for Romance author, Diane T. Wickles. Diane has always been overly curious and loves to try new things. Some of her interests have included studying martial arts, getting her degree in Criminal Justice, ice skating, traveling and of course,
Author D. Dominik Wickles
writing stories. Her career path has taken her from bank teller to probation officer to computer instructor to library clerk to author.
She has explored many genres including horror, humor and mystery publishing several short pieces on various online magazines. Diane’s books always have a happy ending but the road to that point is rife with mystery and danger. She is a member of Pennwriters and is active in two local writing groups.
At her home in northwestern Pennsylvania, she talks to her cat, reads 2-3 books at a time, constantly searches for new vegan recipes and creates her characters. In her spare time, she loves camping and building dollhouses.

Contact her at: ddominikwicklesATgmailDotcom
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Thank you, Diane. Now I know you're prepared to answer questions from visitors to the blog. So sit tight because I'm inviting all the visitors to ask you a question in the comments section below.

Thursday, April 7--Sweet romance author (and critique partner) Joselyn Vaughn will be our guest on Romance Readers Want to Know. Come on over as we enjoy discussing questions from readers. I promise to have popcorn for you with lots of butter and parmesan cheese!


J.Q. Rose said...

Welcome Diane. Thanks for participating in this series. And I do have a question for you too. I'm curious to know how you chose your pen name.

Diane T. Wickles said...

Thank you for inviting me!
There is a reason for my pen name: D. Dominik Wickles
My dad had three girls, so he always said that the Dominik name would die out with him. He (and my whole family) was very encouraging with my writing but sadly passed away before my first novel was published.
So, the D is for Diane, the Dominik is my maiden name that will live on forever in my writing and Wickles is my married name.

J.Q. Rose said...

I knew there had to be something special about Dominik. Thanks for sharing.

Helena Fairfax said...

Hi Diane, good to meet you through JQ's blog. I loved your comment about getting published being like having a baby. Then when you have a baby, everyone wants to know "when are you having the next?" :) Loved your thrilling excerpt. Congratulations on your release!

Marsha said...

Hey, JQ. Nice to meet you Diane. Fascinating story line you've got here. How did you settle on the location? I agree with Helena about the next book. My first one was out and one of the sweet ladies at church said, "Oh, I loved it. When can I get your next one?" I hadn't even sent it to the publisher yet! That was eye opening. Good luck with your writing career. I've shared. :)

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Helena, thanks for stopping by. The first book release is so exciting and yet so frightening...

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Marsha, interesting question for Diane. Locations are always a key to the story. For me, I'd rather write the story in a location I know just to be sure readers will believe it. Of course, writing an alien world would be a fun place too. Nobody would care since the place would be in my imagination. Thanks for sharing!

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