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Learn How to Write by Reading Book Classics by J. Q Rose, This Week

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I bet you're visiting today because you're a reader and/or a writer. I've been reading and writing since second grade. I still have a love affair with words. So powerful when words on the page transport you to a different world, allow you to fall in love with characters, or open your mind to information that makes you think or wonder about the possibilities.

Learn How to Write from Book Classics by J. Q Rose

Writers are readers. Not only for the enjoyment of reading a good story, but also for the opportunity to study the art of writing. Do you read the current books or do you read books popular in the past? In Mary Karr's book, The Art of Memoir, she suggests authors read "through history because it cultivates in a writer a standard of quality higher than the marketplace." 

Reading the older books with their unusual phrases of the time--think Shakespeare-can be more difficult but Mary maintains "the books are better because they've been culled over time."

She also points out the works of writers today who write in the current trends will not endure for future readers. If you're a writer and have the mindset to leave a legacy filled with stories that will last through the ages, you will be a better writer.

When I received a FB challenge to list my top ten books, I realized many were old standards/classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, Black Beauty, and Charlotte's Web. Time has treated them well. 
The Art of Memoir was a Christmas gift from my daughter.
Purchased at Bradley Exchange in Tampa.

How about your stories? Will they stand the test of time? What are some of your favorite books?

If you are a writer, memoirist or not, I recommend reading Karr's book. A lot of food for thought.
If you are interested in Mary Karr's, The Art of Memoir, click the book cover below.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, JQ. I agree a hundred percent that writers learn from reading other great writers, especially the classics. I love reading older classics, but I try to keep up with modern writers as much as I can - so much to read, and I have a massive TBR!
It's hard to predict what will endure from the present-day, but I'm pretty sure the Harry Potter books will be read by children for many years to come.
Thanks for the though-provoking post.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this blog post. I have been in writer's chats when one of the participants says he's not a reader. I can't imagine being a writer,but not a reader. Some use the excuse they don't want to be influenced by the author's story. I believe reading a really well-written book also inspires me to do better at my story writing. Have a lovely spring day!

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