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Inspired, Excerpt from Dangerous Sanctuary

Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose
Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined 
she would be caring for a flock 
that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.

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Next month, (yikes, that would be tomorrow!), I kick off my Book Blog Tour for my romantic suspense novel, Dangerous Sanctuary. I really enjoy hopping around the cyberspace and meeting readers and bloggers. As a reader, I especially love author interviews because I learn more about the person. I have four Q and A's lined up for December. Answering the questions makes me delve into the depth of my story and the reasons I wanted to share it with readers.

Author and Blogger Juneta Key, who will host me on my blog tour December 19, had lots of wonderful questions for me, but this one gets right to the heart of the inspiration for this book. She asked:
      Your main character is a female pastor and a murder suspect, which I found unique.  What gave you the idea?

I interviewed a female pastor for my book for girls, Girls Succeed: The Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. I was intrigued with the pastor's story about her entry into the ministry at a time when it was basically a man's career. When she discovered
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women were making breakthroughs into becoming ordained ministers in a few denominations, her dream of becoming a minister became a reality. She succeeded in earning her Master of Divinity Degree at Yale University Divinity School and was ordained by the General Conference of the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania. 
At the time I interviewed her she was the District Superintendent of the West Michigan United Methodist Church Conference. She was responsible for sixty-nine United Methodist churches and their pastors.  Her devotion to God, her determination, and her great experiences sparked the idea for the story. 
That same year, a woman was assigned to our local church. I learned even more about being a woman pastor from her e.g. no one tells a male pastor he’s wearing cute shoes! With these two exceptional role models, I created the character of Pastor Hobbs. Since I’m a mystery writer, Pastor Christine had to be one of the murder suspects and what a contrast to have the good pastor accused of such a horrendous crime. 
Especially since Detective Cole Stephens discovered she had the opportunity and the motive for murder. Christine was an attractive and smart woman, so he didn’t mind investigating her either!
This excerpt can give you a peek into the personality of Pastor Christine Hobbs.

EXCERPT: Dangerous Sanctuary, Chapter Six

“Hobbs, we need a preacher now!” The voice on the phone was firm and left no doubt about the urgency of the situation. “This is Stephens. I’m pulling into the church parking lot. Get out here right away.”
Christine looked out her office window to see the black Ford pulling into the parking lot and on its way to the double doors of the church entrance. She grabbed her bag and flew down the steps.
She opened the passenger door and hopped in. “What’s going on? You’re scaring me to death!”
“Two blocks from here one of your parishioners is being held hostage with a knife at his throat. His hyped-up grandson is using him as a shield to keep the officers away. We’ve been talking to him since early this morning. He asked for you.”
“Who’s the hostage?”
“Roger Jenkins. His grandson is Jason Jenkins.”
Christine swallowed hard. Roger Jenkins was indeed a church member and had been for fifty years, dearly beloved as one of the saints in the church. She had visited his wife in the nursing home several times.
The morning sun highlighted the new leaves on the trees. The tulips were at their peak of color. This was a day full of beauty and promise. No one would suspect the dark drama taking place at the small white wooden frame house on Pine Street.
Stephens pulled the car along the curb. Christine jumped out and hurried toward the policeman who motioned to her to stay low to the ground. Dread fell over her as she realized the policeman was trying to keep her from being a target if Jason had a gun. He held a cell phone in front of him and was talking to the kid inside the house.
“Okay, Jason. We have your grandfather’s pastor here,” the officer announced into the phone. He ducked down behind the car and turned to the crouching minister, greeting her with a quick nod.
“Hello, Pastor. Can you help us out here and talk this guy out of the house to give us some time till the negotiator gets here? The kid asked to talk to you. He’s threatening to kill his grandfather if we storm the place. We think he’s high, probably looking to steal some money from grandpa to buy more drugs.”
“Anyone else in there with him and Jason?”
“No, no signs of anyone else in there, just the old man and the boy. Let me give you this to speak to him. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.”
Christine slightly rose with the phone pressed to her ear. She used the car to shield most of her body as she looked toward the house.
“Jason, this is Pastor Christine. Can I come in and talk with you?”
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, Pastor. You aren’t going in there to talk. You stay right here. A hostage specialist from the state police will be here soon. You just calm the boy down.” She ignored the policeman’s stern voice and kept her eyes on the doorway of the house.
The strong young man dragged the frail old man to the screen door.  Jason kept his arm around his grandfather’s neck. The blade of a butcher knife gleamed in his hand. His left arm circled the old man’s waist, holding him upright in the doorway.
“I’m tired of talkin’. I don’t wanna talk to nobody! Everybody leave, so I can get outta here!” His hoarse voice strained to shout at the surrounding police.
Christine unfolded from her crouched position and moved around the car into full view.
“Jason, let your grandpa go. We can talk. Let me come in. We can work this out.” She moved slowly toward the wooden porch. She tried to breathe deeply and remain calm, but her heart thundered in her chest.
* * *
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* * *
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Crystal Collier said...

I love it! How cool that the idea actually came from a real life pastor. Such a cool and unique concept.

Juneta key said...

I agree with Crystal very unique concept. Congrats on your release and tour.
Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

Helena Fairfax said...

I loved your post, JQ. I had no idea Pastor Christine arose out of a real life pastor. I agree with the others - a unique idea! Congrats on your re-release!

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks, Crystal. Love you said the concept was cool and unique. I'll take that as saying I'm cool? hee hee

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you, Juneta. And thank you for hosting me on the tour too!

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Helena, yes Laurie Haller is the pastor. I should've put a link to an excerpt from her chapter in Girls Succeed. Perhaps in a future post. Now she has been given even more responsibility in the United Methodist Church. Not sure what her position is called--perhaps a bishop. She moved to Iowa to take the new position this past summer. When I do my next update, I'll add that to her credentials. A very special woman.

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