Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Readers Circle: Award-winning Author Miss Mae's Audiobook--Catch Me If You Can, Free Gift

Hello and welcome to the Summer Readers Circle on the J.Q. Rose Blog. 
Award-winning author Miss Mae joins the circle this week.
Please welcome to the Readers Circle award-winning mystery author and zany creator of I.B. Nosey, Miss Mae. (More about I.B. later.) This week we have something different for you to enjoy, a romantic mystery audiobook, Catch Me If You Can by Miss Mae. 

Miss Mae, a dear friend and talented author, with the help of her producer, Roger Rittner, have created an amazing audiobook. The story is produced like a play you could listen to on the radio with several different voices and amazing sound effects. I loved the experience.

My Review of Catch Me If You Can--Miss Mae certainly caught me in her web of intrigue. Just when I thought I may have figured out who the killer was, then a twist popped in to take me to another level of mystery. Layered storytelling that smoothly wove together a nail-biter,intense story. The author juggled many distinct characters in conflict with each other AND the conflict of surviving a hurricane category 5! You just don't know what will happen next, so the story keeps you reading. Enjoy the heart-pounding action. 

Thank you, Miss Mae for answering my deep, thought-provoking, amazing questions this week. LOL.

You're welcome, JQ. Always glad to be on the J.Q. Rose blog.

1) Why did you write this story? What inspired it? 
MM: Hm, that’s a good question! It was a combination of things – I watched a TV show that showed files hidden in a CD disc, and I thought, ‘Ooh, that’d be cool to write a plot around something like that.’ And I love computer games, so I wanted to add that concept. Plus, I needed my characters forced in one location, meaning they had no choice but to interact. I’ve never forgotten hurricane Hugo of 1989 (we lived in Savannah at the time where Hugo was predicted to hit) and thought that’d make a great ‘no escape’ setting. So I meshed it all together.
 2) Why did you make the decision to make it an audio book? 
 MM: I’ve loved the idea of audio. When I learned it was possible for narrators to agree about sharing the profits, I went for it. I already had three audio books for sale and went searching for a new one to produce “Catch Me If You Can”. I hit the jackpot when I found Roger Rittner – and more so when he agreed to take me on.
Producer Roger Rittner

 3) How did you find the actors and producer to produce the audio book? 
 MM: As mentioned in the above answer, I searched around for producers and came upon Roger’s site. When I listened to the samples of his work, I was blown away. I loved how he added sound effects, music score, and background accents. Plus, he hired a whole cast of actors to “play” the characters. It reminded me of the old radio shows and I thought, ‘This will be absolutely incredible for my book!’ 

To answer the question about my “finding” the actors – I didn’t. When Roger Rittner takes on a project, it then becomes his project. He works to make it the absolute best and won’t compromise on quality. Based in Los Angeles, he uses Hollywood’s best voice artists. Did you know, we’ve actually heard these actors’ voices hundreds of times in television commercials, or in cartoons, or in video games, etc. Robin Riker, who plays my heroine, Lois, currently stars in ABC’s ‘General Hospital’. Stephen Mendel plays my hero, Victor, and has starred in many television guest roles; J.W. Terry plays various characters in my book, such as Bob, Rajah, Pete, and is the voice of ‘Whisper’ in Yo-Kai Watch; Toni Attell, an Emmy-nominated actress and acting coach, speaks for both my Jenna and B.J.; and Dave Mallow is a professional voice actor ‘sounding’ in many television shows, such as Everybody Loves Raymond and Roseanne, and he speaks for Jared, Andy, and my ‘mystery man’. My character, Mite the dog…well, he plays himself. 

 4) Has I.B. Nosey listened to ‘Catch Me If You Can’? Has the Pukelitzer Award winning cyberspace reporter interviewed you about it? 
Cyber Reporter, I.B. Nosey
 MM: I.B. Nosey? Would he have time to listen? He’s so busy, flying on that rope ladder beneath Gander’s helicopter to such exciting places as Here and There and Everywhere, that it’s tough for him to settle down for a couple of minutes and do anything except to snack on a box of Gum Drop Island chocolates. 

If your readers aren’t aware, I.B. Nosey is a character I’ve created. When presenting interviews for my guests, I wanted to come across from a different angle, so I invented a ‘reporter’. And thank goodness for freedom of the press, people! Without it, how could we have a professional like Nosey who’s a firm believer in, and a confirmed spreader of official unofficial unfake-real news? He also partakes in –  gleefully, and without asking your permission, thank you very much– his trademark ‘probing questions no accredited journalist would deem intelligent, let alone newsworthy enough, to ask.’ He alone is the ‘fleet of foot, wide of mouth, and fluent of tongue-in-cheek’ reporter. 

 You ask if I’ve allowed Nosey to interview me. I answer…What do you think I am? Crazy??? 

 Janet, thanks so much for hosting me today. I’ve enjoyed talking up a ‘storm’ about my audio book “Catch Me If You Can” (which is a 2017 platinum award winner in the Hermes Creative International Competition), and of ¬warn- er, um, that is, telling your readers about Nosey. 

 I’d be happy if anyone would like to visit my site to learn more about me. And why not sign up for my newsletter? I only send monthly, and they’re short and to the point. You’ll receive my space opera novella, Through a Glass Darkly, as your free gift. 
Catch Me If You Can by Miss Mae
 Thrilling Romantic Mystery Audiobook 

produced and directed by Roger Rittner
About the Audiobook:
You Can Now Hear the 2017 Platinum Hermes Creative Award-Winning mystery, Catch Me If You Can. The howling wind of a hurricane. The creak of footsteps on the stairs. The wailing of a dog in the dark of night. "Catch Me If You Can", the thrilling romantic mystery by award-winning author Miss Mae, is now available in an enhanced audiobook at Catch Me If You Can received five-star reader ratings at, and the brand new audio version enhances the story with extensive sound effects, background accents, and a complete music score. 

The story is performed by five of Hollywood's best voice artists, and is produced by Roger Rittner Productions of Los Angeles. In this riveting story, Lois Steinberg is washed ashore on a South Carolina island during a category four hurricane. She seeks shelter inside an old plantation house that was scheduled to host a video game convention to announce the newest mystery game, Catch Me If You Can. But almost immediately, the cook is found murdered. Then the prize to be awarded at the convention, a CD of the game, goes missing. 
The quest to discover the answers becomes a maze more complicated than any "Catch Me" game could ever be devised, as Lois races to save her life ... and keep hidden her mysterious secret. The new audiobook is available in a deluxe 6-CD set in library case, or as an instant MP3 download at Receive 40% off when you use this code at checkout JQROSE40OFF

 Reviewers say
"Love the pacing of the story. Catch Me If You Can has intriguing characters and more and more surprises in each chapter." Geeta M. Kakade. 
 "The emotion in the voices and the sound effects are great." Larry Hammersley. 
 "The sound effects ... absolutely make the story come alive, transporting the reader right in the midst of the story." C. Rogers. 

 About Author Miss Mae: Miss Mae is an award winning best selling author. "Said the Spider to the Fly" has received consistent five-star reviews and has
Author Miss Mae
won the renowned title of Best Book of the Week from The Long and the Short of It Reviews and The Romance Studio. With her writing style compared to Agatha Christie's after the release of her gothic thriller, "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady", she's gone on to pen "It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred" which was featured in the Top Ten Read at in 2009. 

Connect Online with Miss Mae at her website
Click here for Miss Mae's newsletter and receive a free gift of her science fiction novella Through a Glass Darkly.
Find I.B. Nosey here.

About Producer Roger Rittner
Roger Rittner is a producer of audiobooks, audio drama, and audio marketing and training. He created the cult radio adventure "The Adventures of Doc Savage", and "Bulldog Drummond - The Audio Adventure", which won the AVA Platinum Award for Audio and the Hermes Creative Award for audio drama. He created and produced The Variety Arts Radio Theatre live stage show, and co-created and directed "Charlie Sent Me!", the original musical comedy for radio, heard on National Public Radio. About the talent: "Catch Me If You Can” is narrated by and stars Stephen Mendel, whose voice credits include radio and TV commercials, video games, and audiobooks. Robin Riker has starred in TV series for ABC, CBS, FOX, and Showtime, and films including the cult favorite film "Alligator". She is currently a regular on "General Hospital". J.W. Terry is an Emmy-winning TV actor whose voice credits include video games, anime, audiobooks, and cartoons. Toni Attell is an Emmy-nominated film and TV actress, as well as a respected acting coach and motivational speaker. Dave Mallow has been heard in commercials, film, radio plays, audiobooks, and numerous video games and cartoons. 
Thanks, Miss Mae, for sharing the information about your audiobook and how it came to be. Thanks for offering a 40% discount on the audiobook for our readers! Here's the code again to be used at      JQROSE40OFF

Readers, do you listen to audiobooks? How often?

Writers, have you published an audiobook or looked into offering an audiobook?

Please leave a comment below and let us know about your audiobook experience or ask a question so Miss Mae can answer. Thank you.


Miss Mae said...

Hi J.Q.,

Thanks so much for having me over today. Always love visiting your blog. :)

I'd also like to add that EVERYONE who visits today is offered a generous 40% discount off Catch Me If You Can by using the code:


This applies to the download version of the book.

Go over and grab your copy. This is a limited offer! :)

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi MM--Always love having you visit. Thanks so much for participating in the Readers Circle.

Laurean Brooks said...

Interesting interview, JQ and Miss Mae. I've listened to this audiobook. It swept me along with the unique voices and the eerie sound effects. I was there in that howling wind and in the room with the other suspects. I could imagine the dark gloomy house and all its supicious characters.

Roger Rittner did a great job pulling this together, and Miss Mae wove her readers into a web of intrigue once more. I would expect nothing less, though.

Hywela Lyn said...

Great interview, ladies, and so nice to find out a bit more about the background to Miss Mae's audio books. Catch Me If You Can' was a great read - and even better to listen to, and of course I absolutely loved 'Through A Glass Darkly'! Well done my talented friend and wishing you even more success in the future!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

great interview! :-)

Larry Hammersley said...

I've enjoyed all of Miss Mae's books. I have read and listened to Catch Me If You Can. The audio is well done and I appreciate being quoted to that respect. Yes, the audio is well put together with excellent voices, sound effects and story line. Keep writing Miss Mae and thank you J.Q. for having Miss Mae on your site.

Miss Mae said...

Thanks to everyone who visited. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Marsha said...

Hey, JQ. Nice to meet you Miss Mae. This was all fascinating. I have friends who only listen to audio books. I've only done it once many years ago. Your story is intriguing and learning about how it came together interesting. Wish I'd read this post earlier. We're going on a long driving trip and this would've been useful. I've shared, JQ.

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Laureane, I agree with you. The story is amazing and the audiobook production is definitely a new and wonderful way to tell a story. Thanks for stopping in.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you, Hywela. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you, Lynn!

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Larry, it's always a good time when MM is around. Thank you for your kind words.

J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Marsha, I'm listening more and more to audiobooks especially since I discovered how to download library books too. You won't be disappointed in MM's audiobook. The sound affects and voices give a whole new "reading" experience. If you click on the link to the book, you can listen to a preview of the audiobook. Quite a production. Have fun on your trip!!

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