Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend! and Thank You to my Guest Authors in the Summer Readers Circle

Summer Readers Circle
Thank you for joining us this summer!
Hello and welcome! Today marks the end of our Summer Readers Circle because in the US, autumn officially begins after the Labor Day holiday weekend. But that doesn't mean the end of the Readers Circle. I'll still host guest authors whenever they wish to join us in the Readers Circle.

I want to thank my guests who have brightened my summer with their blog posts. I am a bit selfish in hosting authors because I really do it to get to know the writers as people, not just names. Behind the scenes we trade emails and conversations that are not always about their guest blog posts. It's a pleasure to get acquainted with a new author and fun to work with author friends again.

Huge THANK YOU to the following guest authors!
2 Tricia McGill
9 Shirley Martin
16 Susan Calder
23 Heather Greenis
30 Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
7 Gary Rockey
14 Diane Bator
21 Kathryn Pym 
Jude Pittman
28 Marcia R. West
4 Miss Mae
11 Travel
18 Janet Lane Walters
25 Helena Fairfax

You can also see all their books and their photos at my Pinterest page on the Readers Circle board.
Click here to visit my Pinterest page.

Hope you close your summer days out with a wonderful celebration 
during the Labor Day holiday.
Thank you to all those who contribute to the USA economy and keeps us rollin' !

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