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6 Ingredients Readers Expect in a Romance Novel, Get in on Valentine's Day Sales

Focused on Story Blog by J.Q. Rose 
Hello and welcome to the Focused on Story blog by J. Q. Rose on this special day--Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from J.Q. Rose
This day is not a gentle reminder to sweethearts to remember each other with chocolate, special dinners, jewelry, flowers, etc. Oh no. Commercials scream at you through the TV screen, pop-ups interrupt you as you browse, store displays smack you in the face when you enter the doors. The reminders are hard to miss. Last year 18 billion dollars was spent on Valentine gifts! Wow!!

I wonder how many sweethearts will receive a romance written by you as a gift? Yes, I believe books make a great gift. So why not get in on the Valentine cash sales and write a romance?

The greatest perk for penning a romance story is the setting can be in any location. If you like to write sci fi, historicals, contemporary, fantasy, mystery, you can include romance in your book. Two of my mysteries are categorized as "romantic suspense."

Almost every romance follows a certain outline/format that readers expect in a good romance. If you don't, you may receive a poor review from the reader. Below, I have listed the 6 Ingredients readers look for in a romance.

6 Ingredients Readers Expect in a Romance Novel by J.Q. Rose

1.  The meeting of the hero and heroine when he/she notices each other.
Example--She picks up her daughter after school and spots a handsome dad picking up his son.
2.  The attraction
Example--She talks to him at the PTA meeting and feels her heart flutter
3.  An innocent touch 
Example--Brushing his arm when he passes her in the crowded classroom makes her tingle
4.  Conflict-An obstacle in the way of them being together
Example--He was hurt when his wife ran off with her boss and wants nothing to do with another woman
5.  Solution to conflict
Example--They become so important to each other, they have to be together for the rest of their lives.
6.  Happy ending (HEA--Happy Ever After)
Example--They commit their lives to each other ( marriage or at least be together at the end of the story)

Do you agree with these 6 ingredients? Can you add any other elements readers expect in romance stories? I'm always delighted to add more information to my posts. Please leave a comment below.

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Happy Valentine's Day from J.Q. Rose!!

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