Thursday, April 23, 2020

How to Get Through the Tough Times of the Coronavirus Epidemic, Getting the Garden Ready

Gratitude will help us get through these tough times.

Hello and welcome to a different day of posting on the Focused on Story blog. What else can you expect? These days of slogging through the days of the Coronavirus epidemic has taught me that almost everything in my life is different. But, not this blog! Having my blog to write, Facebook group Telling Your Life Story and Memoirs Circle to share ideas on recording your life story and writing my memoir has kept me sane...well, GT may disagree with that!

I think the monotonous days with nothing to look forward to are piling up and taking their toll on my outlook. I miss getting together with friends (in my case Pegs and Jokers games) and family dinners (cookouts if the weather ever warms up) and having a romantic dinner at a restaurant with my husband. (Wait. Usually, dinners with GT are not exactly romantic--Note: the Driftwood Inn's deck)

I was inspired this morning by blogger Kristie Sigler's post at SALT effect. Her uplifting message of how she has lived through a crisis before, never a pandemic, inspired me to take inventory of my life. Her message is to allow yourself to think grateful thoughts. It's not wrong to find something good to be happy about during this sad and dark time. We need to acknowledge our sorrow and emptiness, but to counteract it with joys and a full heart. Probably easier said than done.

Kristie suggests asking these two questions. 
✦ What can you be grateful for right now, in this moment?
✦ What can you learn from this?

I sat straight up when I read those questions. Those are questions I can hang onto. The answers will bring light into my dark day. 

The answers did help me. They inspired me to create the graphic at the top of the page and send it to my two adult daughters expressing how much I love them and am grateful for them. 

Kristie offers many beautiful inspirational quotes on her page. Search online for more "inspirational quotes on gratitude" but remove the quotation marks. Reading through them uplifted me as well as the Bible verse she shared.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.”

At this moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and sit quietly. Focus on one thing you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be big. (Sipping coffee as I write is one thing I'm grateful for.) Thinking of a person or a time in your life can lift your spirits too.

It's okay. Having that moment will strengthen you to face the rest of your day. And probably make you a happier person to live with 24 hours a day!!

Click here to visit the SALT effect page and read Kristie's entire article.

VIDEO: Getting the Garden Ready for Spring

GT (Gardener Ted) is grateful the garden is tilled up, thanks to our son-in-law and the greenhouse is up, thanks to our grandson. Even if Mother Nature is not warming up West Michigan, having that garden ready is definitely something that puts a lift in his step.
Getting the garden ready for spring!

Are you ready to plant your garden? Thinking about it? It's not too late!! GT and I put together a guide for you with helpful tips on vegetable gardening. Download it now for 99 cents!

Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening: Starting Your Garden
by J.Q.Rose and Gardener Ted

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5 Stars--Simple to Follow Quick Tips "Love the easy flow and down to earth approach! 
Great tips from tried and true gardening. New gardeners and the more seasoned can find helpful ideas to utilize." Starr R.
Click the links below to download your copy for 99 cents at major online digital booksellers.

More booksellers link: Apple, Kobo, Nook and more


Juneta key said...

Enjoyable post JQ! Hope you had an uneventful trip home and staying well.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks, Juneta. Yes, an uneventful trip home. Really easy with very light traffic on the highways. We are well and anxious to see some spring flowers and green leaves on the trees! Thank you for stopping in.

Helena Fairfax said...

Thanks for the uplifting post, JQ. It's very difficult not to be able to see friends and family. I'm very grateful for Skype - and for our garden! I hope it warms up soon in Michigan. We have the warmer weather to look forward to, which is another reason for rejoicing.

J.Q. Rose said...

Helena, glad you found the post uplifting. At least no snow this week! But over 4 inches of rain. Certainly that means a LOT of May flowers.

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