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Update: Kitchen Do-Over is Finished!! Arranging a Dream Virtual Book Tour Continues, FREE eBook

Hello and welcome! Update on the Kitchen Do-Over today.

A Kitchen Do-Over Report

Hello and welcome! Update on the Kitchen Do-Over today. GT and his brother have been busy! 

Take a peek.

Before the tearing down of the cabinets, we had to empty them of all food, small appliances, bowls, pots and pans and move all of it to the back bedroom 

We removed all the drawers and gave them to a gentleman who is a woodworker.
The rest of the cabinets went to the dump. They were not full cabinets, but doors attached to the frame and were not good enough to salvage. We saved the knobs though!


The sink was in this corner at an angle. You can see exactly where the cabinet stood because the '70s vinyl is still on the floor. Remember those good ole days of Harvest gold and green? Compare the first photo with the sink in place in the first picture.

Now the new cabinets are in place, but that's about it. The old sink is temporarily set in place under the window. I love how getting rid of the sink opened up the room. Compare the first picture with this one and you can notice the wall under the window is empty now. No countertop or microwave over the range. No new floor. 

See the cute light over the sink. Adds to the "beachy" atmosphere.

This was the most difficult part of the whole renovation. No, not applying the tiles to the wall! Selecting the tiles to put on the wall! LOL. So many styles and colors. 
Standing in the lumber company, staring at all the choices and in that warehouse style lighting, it was impossible to imagine what the combination of countertop and tiles would look like once the tiles are installed. BTW, installing IS a difficult job. Grouting and then wiping off the haze that appears on the tiles a countless number of times is no fun. GT did a marvelous job on this tedious project.
This is my favorite nook. The light, the tiles, the wallpaper, the cabinet all come together beautifully.

Ta dah!! Finished!
Due to the lighting, the floor and counter look more brownish, but in the daylight they are gray.

The refrigerator side. I seem to have more room for storage now even if I did lose a cabinet in order to put in the dishwasher and reduced the size of the pantry.
I really loved my palm trees border, gold wallpaper and painted white cabinets when we remodeled the kitchen when we moved in on January 2006. So glad we updated the look and added the dishwasher and microwave over the range for 2021!


I am excited about the kitchen make-over, but nothing compares to the fantastic response by the readers to my newly released memoir,  Arranging a Dream: A Memoir. I appreciate the touching reviews and comments in emails and on blog posts. 

I am having a blast on the virtual blog tour for the memoir. I am meeting so many generous authors and fabulous readers. Click the authors' names to join me.  During my visit with Helena Fairfax across the pond, we talked about getting ready for spring gardening. At Marsha West's site in Texas, Marsha asked many questions for readers to learn more about me and the book. Yes, I do get around!!

Jacqui Murray reviewed my book at the Word Dreams blog. Her words left me misty-eyed when I read it. Her 5-Star review:

J.Q. Rose’s Arranging a Dream (BWL Publishing 2021) is a how-to in buying a family business (in this case, a flower shop and greenhouse) in an industry you know nothing about in a town you’d never even visited before all this started, with a tiny support system of unknown provenance–all while raising a family. In Janet’s case, she and her husband gave up solid predictable jobs for the unpredictability of being self-employed. Janet took classes to learn the basics and then trusted herself to solve each problem as it arose. 

Turns out, with passion, drive, and a clever mind, that works nicely. This is a delightful memoir of the growth of Janet’s family business and how it fits nicely with her personal dreams. I’d categorize it as a Quiet Memoir (link may not be available yet)–memoirs that deal with more common topics that are made uncommon by the author’s voice. Dorothy Rice says: 

“Memories…are often quiet, more echo than boom, more lingering sense than clamor, more subtext than headline.” 

In this case, J.Q.’s voice is approachable, friendly, vulnerable, and honest, innately addressing the worries we’d all have if we started a business, or didn’t. See if you agree that Janet’s voice is what makes this memoir truly stand out:

“…for the first time, I was always second-guessing my instincts.”

“We had followed the map’s directions to find our destination. If only we had a map to know if this place was the right direction we should take for our future.”

“…could “Ted-gineer” anything [Ted is Janet’s husband].”

5/5 for this memoir, and a worthy read if you're interested in exploring a life well lived with good decisions followed through to success.

BTW, husband Ted is amazing.

–I received an ARC of this book but the opinions are my own.

Click here to download your copy from your favorite digital bookseller. 
Click here to order the paperback book from amazon.

Thank you to BWL Publishing for making another dream come true for me.
Click here to visit the BWL Publishing site and download a free romance, Powerful Destiny by award-winning author Tricia McGill. BWL is giving away a free eBook every month in 2021! 

Virtual Book Tour 2020-21

Thank you for stopping by!!


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Beautiful kitchen, Janet. You must be thrilled. We're redoing the doors and cabinets in our apartment. Apart from the smell, it's fun so far. Enjoy your new kitchen.

Computer Tutor said...

Such a lovely kitchen! You designed well, Janet. And congrats on your ongoing book tour!

Marsha said...

Hey, JQ. So excited for you and impressed with GT for getting this done. It looks beautiful. I remember there are those times in the middle of a remodel and you think: Now why did we start this? Not surprised everyone loves your fabulous memoir. :)

Susan Bernhardt said...

Looks wonderful, Janet!! You and GT did a great job!!

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks.When the work is done, you'll realize the inconvenience was worth it.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you. Having fun on the tour.

J.Q. Rose said...

Oh, yes. There were a few bumps along the way. Thank you for describing the book as fabulous!

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you, Susan. As Jacqui said in the review. GT is amazing!!!

Helena Fairfax said...

Ted has done a great job, JQ! It must feel great to be able to put everything back and have a lovely new kitchen. Whenever we redecorate a room, I always think now the rest of the house is looking shabbier in comparison. And so we go round again! :) It was great to have you on the blog, and congrats again on your release x

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks, Helena. I feel like I am playing hide and seek in the new kitchen. More storage place, so I have more places to look to find things. I'm doing better now, but I catch myself heading to the microwave that was on the counter to heat up something. But now it is over the range. Really enjoying the upgrade, but I don't believe it has helped with turning out more tasty recipes.!!

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