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NEW Western Romance Time-Travel by Sandra Cox #westerns #newbookrelease, #romance


NEW RELEASE by Sandra Cox
Western Romance, Time Travel

Hello and Welcome to the Focused on Story Blog! An exciting day today because my honorary cousin, (cuz), Sandra Cox is here!! Talented storyteller, Sandra, just released her next Western Romance, Geller's Find! And let me tell you, after reading all of her Westerns, this one is my favorite. Call me fickle. I imagine the next novel she writes will be my favorite. 

Geller's Find by Sandra Cox

 Welcome Sandra! Please, tell us about your story.

Thanks for visiting with us, Cuz.

Sandra: It’s summer break and Dr. Luke Geller, history prof and part-time archeologist is in Nevada looking for potsherds. What he discovers is an antique rifle and a portal in time.

Janet: In case you're wondering what a potsherd is like I did,  I looked it up in the dictionary. I actually clicked on Google for the meaning. The definition from Oxford Languages is "a broken piece of ceramic material, especially one found on an archaeological site."

Sandra, please share an excerpt from the book so we can meet handsome Luke Geller and get a taste of this Western.

Geller's Find by Sandra Cox
Western Romance, Time Travel

Excerpt: Chapter One, Geller's Find


His heels caught in a patch of fuzzy green and gray weeds. Buried in their center was a large piece of chiastolite. Ancient markings all but obliterating the standard graphite cross that long ago was used to ward off evil. The hair on the back of his neck rose and his nerves twitched. He’d never seen anything like that rock before. He nudged it with his foot. When it didn’t budge, he bent to pick it up.

The ground under his feet trembled.

The chiastolite glowed. The markings shimmered.

What the hell?

He flapped his arms, trying to balance himself as the ground dropped an inch.  A perfect circle below his feet gave way.  The stone stayed in place.

He fell into a cylinder of rock and stone.

The bottom dropped.

His stomach flopped and he swirled down. 

The wind whistled in his ears as he tumbled into a deep black hole that went on forever. The chill in the air fell away. The further down he went, the hotter the air. The rocks around him began to glow. Good God. Either he was heading for hell or the earth’s core, and neither was where he wanted to be. His grip on the rifle tightened as he bounced off the hot stones that closed around him as he whirled in a tube of rock.

Time had no meaning. Seconds, minutes, maybe more passed as the cyclone of air spun him around. His stomach pushed up to his throat and he fought off nausea.

With a scraping sound, the spinning lurched to a stop.

Then as if an elevator button was punched, he started upward. Only unlike an elevator there was no floor, just rough rock gravity glued him against.

Up. Up. Up. Faster and faster. Then momentum stopped. His body quivered. A force thrust upward and opened.

He dropped.

Hard earth rose to meet him.

With a thud, he landed.

Facts about Luke Geller

Character Facts:

Doctor Luke Geller is a full-time history professor and part-time archeologist.

His specialty is Native American artifacts.

Instead of a gun, he carries a Hopi throwing stick.

He likes cats, horses with a sense of humor, and women who aren’t looking for a commitment.


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Thanks for being my guest this week. I love shouting about your entertaining books.

Click Sandra's book titles to take you to her other posts on this blog.

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About Sandra:

Sandra, who also writes as S. Cox, is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and

Author Sandra Cox
cats in sunny North Carolina.

An award-winning author, her stories consist of all things Western and more.

She spent a number of years in the Midwest chasing down good Southern BBQ. By the time she moved to North Carolina where Southern BBQ is practically a staple, she’d become a vegetarian.

Pineapple is a must-have on pizza, along with black olives and onions.

She loves pumpkin waffles. Pumpkin cream cheese, not so much.

Connect with Sandra:

Sandra's Author Page 

Cowboy Trivia 

Do you like to read Westerns? Time travel stories? Do you have a question for Sandra about her writing? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for visiting Focused on Story!


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J.Q. Rose said...

Sandra, You are welcome and always welcome to come for a visit with us!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Sandra! And thanks for the definition of potsherd.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That's a tense scene!

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Alex. And thanks to Janet for the potsherd explanation.
Di, Rough landing:)

Steven Arellano Rose Jr. said...

The main character sounds like very different kind of adventurer/archaeologist/cowboy kind of character. Eccentrics such as he are the best!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Congratulations, Sandra! I wonder how far the doc goes into time? Who does he falling love with? Exciting!

J.Q. Rose said...

@Alex--thank you. I'm a word nerd and HAD to look it up.
@Diane--Yes, Sandra know how to write, eh?
@Steven--Luke is a great combo of all these.
@Elizabeth--Yes, Sandra knows how to hook in a reader. Gotcha! LOL...

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