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Hello and welcome to the first post in the new series, 

Tips and Topics for Writers, 

presented every 3rd Wednesday of the month! 

Tips and Topics for Writers

Tips and Topics for Writers--#selfpublishing
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This month's topic will help you produce images that are accepted by amazon for your print books and A+ Content. (Next month I'll share my experience with creating A+ Content for my Girls Succeed! book.)

 Why did I choose to share tips with writers?  

  • Because I am a writer always looking to learn something new to improve my writing and find new ways to make the job easier. I'm sure you feel the same way.
  • I also love teaching. My mom and grandmother were teachers, so I think I have the gene for teaching. 
  • Plus, I love the camaraderie among fellow writers. When I first entered the writerly world, I was surprised at how authors helped each other. They were, and they are, generous with their support of each other. I have not met one who believes another writer's work is competing with theirs. One little tidbit shared on this blog may bring on a "light bulb" moment for another writer! 

You are invited to share a topic or writing tip. Please email me and I will schedule a guest post. Thank you.

Creating Images for Print Books

If you want to publish your eBook as a print book with images in it, you must have high-quality images for print. Photos are made up of little dots called pixels. The higher the dot count, known as dpi or dots per inch, the higher the quality of the photo. Amazon prefers a clear image on the printed page. I'm sure you want the best photo possible for your print book, so here is a free way of converting photos to get the 300 dpi required by Amazon.

Find the photo's dpi by right-clicking, then click File Information on the menu that pops up

The images in my Girls Succeed book was no problem for the eBook format. But for print, the images had to be 300 dpi. The dpi for the pictures of the women in my book were not 300 dpi. But, thanks to Keith Wheeler, I knew exactly how to make the pictures 300 dpi by creating the images with canva.com

Upload a picture from your file or create an image in canva. Click "custom size" at the top of the Canva home page to select the size image you want for your book. 600 px is about 2 inches. 

If you uploaded the photo to the uploads section in Canva, drag the picture into the blank box. Save the picture as a PDF...yes, a PDF for print. Save your canva creation as a PDF.

Upload the picture to the image converter free with online-convert.com to convert the PDF to a jpg image and to 300 dpi. You will be amazed at all the possible conversions this site can do for you e.g. a document converter, image converter, eBook converter and audio converter. 

Scroll down the section below the submit button. Enter 300 for the dpi. Click submit. The photo will be downloaded to your computer as a jpg with a dpi count of 300. Now you are ready to add the image to your manuscript!

Thank you to Keith Wheeler for sharing this idea in his video--Canva Tips/Image Conversion. Click here for Keith's demonstration of how to do the conversion.

Click here to visit his Youtube channel packed full of helpful tips for self-publishers!

Tips for Writers FREE Gift

A gift for you to celebrate the beginning of the new year and a new series for writers on Focused on Story!!!

You never know what can happen when we writers get together. Several years ago, fifteen romance and mystery authors shared writing tips they gleaned from their experiences as “on-the-job” writers. I collected their tips and created an eBook packed with wisdom about writing, publishing and marketing!!!

To receive this gift, please send me your email address so I can send you the PDF of the book. My email address is jqrose02@gmail.com. Please put GIFT in the Subject box so I won't miss you.

Click here to take you to amazon if you would like to check out the eBook.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Great tips on how to load pictures right for Amazon. I'll have to read this post again if I ever need to do this. I love that you're going to be sharing your tips regularly.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks, Natalie. I have lots to share!!

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