Friday, March 11, 2011

Flamingo or Flamingoes

In Florida consider the flamingo,
Its color passion but its neck a question

Robert Penn Warren
A graceful pair of flamingoes grace the cover of my e-book, Sunshine Boulevard. Cover goddess, Delilah Stephans, chose them because they are immediately identified as a Florida bird. My mystery takes place in a Florida retirement community with snowbirds Jim and Gloria Hart as the main characters. Notice how the flamingoes together make a heart shape. Clever Delilah.

I am forever writing the word flamingoes when talking about the cover, but I am stumped on the correct plural of flamingo. Should it follow the rule of tomato to tomatos or potato to potatoes? According to the either flamingoes or flamingos is acceptable. That relieves my mind a bit, so I can't be wrong either way. What do you think?

This pair is a member of the gorgeous flamingo colony at Homosassa Springs State Park near Homosassa, FL. The gentle manatees are an attraction there too. The park cares for injured gentle giants and returns them to the wild when well.  They always have some near the springs for visitors to see. The ranger presents a very informative talk about manatees.

If you get a chance to come to Florida, be sure to take in the many beautiful state parks here. You will be able to enjoy the wildlife, the scenery, and Old Florida. Check out my Inside Florida travel site to discover more about Florida and its parks and camping.
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Randall Lang said...

Hi JQ,

Love your Flamingos. I have pictures from the same park taken in January.

Long, long ago a native Floridan died and went to heaven. God greeted him and the man asked God for a favor.
"What can I do for you?"
"I'd like you to create a bird just for Florida."
"Just for Florida?"
"Yes Lord, a beautiful and graceful bird with a long neck"
The Lord produced a swan.
"Lord, that's close, but let's give it long, spindly legs"
"Very well." The swan instantly had long spindly legs.
"It's funny looking."
"Yes Lord, but it's not finished yet."
"What now?"
"Make it pink."
"Yes Lord and put one in every front yard in Miami."

Randall Lang

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