Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks to the Beach Reading Bonanza Authors

What a diverse group of stories for you to escape with this summer.
Many thanks to the authors who visited this month during the Beach Reading Bonanza. It was fun to read how they spend their summers. Their stories are a mix of mystery, sweet romance, romance, light horror, and paranormal genres. All are designed so the reader can get lost in another world for entertaining summertime reading.

If you missed one of these author's interviews, please check my blog posts list to catch up with them.

July 12 --Pat Dale Sleeping with the Enemy
July 14--Mike Arsuage My Life as a Dog and Subspecies
July 19--Joselyn Vaughn Sucker for a Hot Rod
July 22--Debra Shiveley Welch Cedar Woman
July 26--Marva Dasef Missing, Assumed Dead

Wishing you all a happy reading summer!!


Cellophane Queen said...

That is a cool collage thingie. I'll have to steal it!

Thanks for having me for the Beach Reads.

Heather Haven said...

This looks really fun! This seemed to have gotten by me, which is too bad. Maybe next summer I can be a part of this!

J.Q. Rose said...

You're welcome to it, Marva. I don't think it's stealing when you tell me you are taking it? LOL...

Yes, Heather, it was fun. I mentioned your mysteries at the beginning of the beach reads on July 5..shoulda added your book cover to the defined what a beach read is!!

Thanks for stopping in.

Anonymous said...

The summer collage is cool looking. Maybe you can do something along these lines for each season of the year. Always fun to see what everyone is reading.

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