Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Diet

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Like many of you, we decided to go on a diet to "celebrate" the beginning of the New Year.  We vowed to cut back on our eating to lose, at least, the pounds we added over the holidays...rolling eyes...So does anyone have any advice to help us along on this journey?

In my research for dieting, I have discovered so many contrary ideas:

Eat, low-fat foods - Be sure to include saturated fat
Do not use artificial sweeteners - Use sugar, 
Do not eat or drink any "diet" foods - Buy "diet" foods to help keep the calorie count low, 
Count calories - Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want and don't worry about calories.

Huh? Can you see me throwing up my hands? So this week I have tried to use common sense watching my portion size and eating plain food like veggie sticks, clear soup, (the Weight Watchers Soup on Dr. Oz show is delicious!), and taking time to savor a mouthful of food instead of slurping it down while watching TV or racing off to the next thing.

If you are trying to cut down this January or for the rest of your life, I wish you well. Just know you are not alone. We are all struggling to be good. And IF you do fall off the wagon, (okay I snuck a piece of cake at the computer club meeting on Thursday night, but do NOT tell my hubby), don't beat yourself up over it. Just keep on workin' at it and soon good eating and sugar cravings will be a part of your past.

If you have any dieting tips to share, please do.

Best wishes for success in this New Year!!!


gail roughton branan said...

LOL! Darlin', here's the thing. Eat what you want but only eat till you're full. Don't cut out any food group, we need them all. Just don't gorge. Use smaller plates. And use real plates. Food looks better on real plates and tastes better. Once you get eating smaller portions of whatever, your stomach shrinks and you don't eat as much, and the cycle keeps going. Don't get hungry. When your hungry, your body thinks its starving and it refuses to turn loose of the fat -- holderover from early man, and that's the truth. Eat often during the day if you need to, just not much at a time. Peanut butter on Ritz crackers-- eight of 'em -- are my snack of choice. Just don't slather on the peanut butter. And by the way, I'm a size six. So I ain't just spouting sound-good words at you! Good luck! And if you want a piece of cake or a candy bar -- eat it! I don't not eat anything.

Pat McDermott said...

Now that the holidays are over and the ice cream is out of the house, we just might be okay :-) All things in moderation works well for us. Keeping meals interesting, and calling a timeout to sit down and enjoy them, seems to help too. Being active to some degree is important, hard to do when you spend so much time writing. I try to park as far away from the mall or grocery store entrance to get some extra walking in. And based on the advice of a friend in my writing class, I'm going to buy a hula hoop!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to incorporate more soups in as meals. Takes longer to eat and fills you up. Just avoid having any breads, rolls or crackers with it.

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