Friday, February 3, 2012

My Interview by I.B. Nosey....WOW!

Interview at Gum Drop Island  

Check out this week's outrageous interview at Mishaps at Gum Drop Island. I.B. Nosey interviewed me about my short story, The Good Neighbors, and it is pure fun. M.M., the creator of this madness, is a talented writer. She penned a fantastic world for children in her book Gum Drop Island. This site is a very special showcase for her amazing characters.--oh, and authors who are willing to be grilled by I.B. Nosey.

Come on over for the fun and a few giggles!


  1. Nosey danced around the office and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Now, am I cooking, or am I cooking, folks???"

    He'd also like to extend a welcome to any readers over to his blog...Yes, HIS blog *M.M. rolls eyes* at:

    Now, hush, Nosey, and prep for your next interview!

  2. second every word! And for those of you who are whacky and zany and love I. B. Nosey, don't forget that Nosey has a blog now wherein he has his own adventures with some new whacky characters -- Petunia the Skunk, O. G. Whattapayne, Y. Lee Permission, Tobe A. Witenite, and yours truly, Gail! A site I am honored and privileged to participate in with my dear friend, Miss Mae a/k/a MM a/k/a "She Who Must REALLY Be Obeyed"! Miss Mae, you bring extra joy to my heart!

  3. Heh heh, girlie, just don't get any more Everglades pets! My jacket still has a Teddy Bear imprint in the sleeve!

  4. Wow, that Nosey is a sly devil. Watch out for him, Janet, he's pretty slick.

    Great interview. Fun interview. Big cheers from the peanut gallery.


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