Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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The week between Christmas and New Year's is kind of a let-down after all the preparations for the holidays. To fill your time I am sure you are downloading e-books to your new reading devices and taking time to enjoy a good book. I should add a shameless promotion for my e-books at this point--J.Q Rose Amazon page--Watch for my new cozy mystery/sweet romance, Coda to Murder, scheduled for release from Muse It Up Publishing in February. More information about that in 2013!

This week is a good time to settle in with the family and friends to play games. You may discover some for your New Year's Eve party too. I added the disc game in the right margin under the title, New Year's Fun. You can while away the hours (when you're not reading). Just grab the disc with your cursor and let it drop anywhere on the board. Warning! It's addictive..

Dominoes is a traditional favorite for youngsters and grown-ups alike. We especially like to play Mexican Train and Chicken Foot. Rules for Mexican Train here and rules for Chicken Foot here. Please remember there are as many variations of rules as there are players, so whoever supplies the game also makes the rules and lets the players know BEFORE the game begins what they are!!

So many card games. So little time. We enjoy playing Hand and Foot. Some folks say it reminds them of Canasta. You need a calculator to keep track of your points!!

Because we like to play games, I shared some of our favorites and included the rules and information on, a place filled with lenses on games, crafts, books, etc. 

Our neighbor taught us the Sticks Card Game. Making the game using popsicle sticks is part of the fun. AND there are no points to keep track of. Take a peek at the Sticks Card Game rules here.

Our all-time favorite game, hands down, is Pegs and Jokers. This game is full of strategy very similar to the rules of Sorry. There are a lot of variations and that's what makes it fun. Again, no scoring. Whoever gets all their pegs in home first wins. It can be played as partners or not. Pegs and Jokers game rules here.

Other games I have on Squidoo are the Hodge-Podge Card Game and Dice Games for Fun

What are some of your favorite games to play? Monopoly, Poker, Bridge??? Jenga, Scrabble, Clue, Checkers?

Whatever you choose, have a fantastic week and a Happy New Year 2013!!


J.Q. Rose said...

I completely forgot to mention video games. I am sure a LOT of you play Angry Birds?? Do you have other video games you really like?

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Since many of us (ME) are so full from all the food, now would be a good time to mention outdoor sports like cross-country skiing, skating, and of course the all-time favourite: shoveling the driveway. Thank goodness for these physical fun times because at this point I can barely move. I had to sit down to put on my boots this morning!

Happy New Year, Janet!

Anonymous said...

I tried out the disc game in your sidebar. It is addicting. Don't think I'll be adding that one to my blog, because I'd never get any work done. : )

Happy New Year!

J.Q. Rose said...

Ah, Joylene, no snow to shovel in FL. I'll just continue to eat...LOL..!!!

Susanne, I warned you that game was addicting. My daughter said "a waste of time" and she loved it. !!

Happy New Year to You Two, My Dear Blog Friends!!

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