Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love Books Blog Swap

I am so looking forward to this Valentine month because I am hosting wonderful authors who will be sharing their exciting stories from YA paranormals to suspense and mystery. Plus I will be visiting their blogs too. It's called a Blog Swap. Check out the author line-up in the side bar on the right side of the page. "I LOVE BOOKS" GUESTS and the I LOVE TO VISIT AUTHORS gadgets/widgets will be up all month so you can see what's happening here.

2/5/2013 C.K. Volnek
2/13/2013 Kay Lalone
2/20/2013 A.M Roelke
2/25/2013 Janie Franz
2/26/2013 Lorrie Struiff
2/05/2013 C.K. Volnek
2/11/2013 Kim Creswell
2/13/2013 Kay Lalone
2/20/2013 A,M Roelke
2/25/2013 Margaret Fieland


This month is also the month for the release of my next mystery, Coda to Murder

We also celebrate Black History Month and Valentine's Day. Welcome February!!


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

It's wonderful that you're inviting all these talented authors, Janet. I'm looking forward to knowing them better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a fun month!

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you, Ladies. Should be a great month!!! Tomorrow is the first appearance swapping with C.K. Volnek. Hope you'll stop in.

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