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IWSG Wednesday Topic: Procrastination

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Procrastination by J.Q. Rose
Greek village of Tarpon Springs, FL

Insecure? Who? Me? I never would describe myself as insecure, but, (there's always a but),  when I pull up the blank page on my laptop, I do become a bit anxious about putting words on that daunting, dazzling white screen. 

For some reason, my elation at beginning a new story evaporates. Those ideas I scribbled down in my spiral notebook seemed so creative, imaginative, amazing. But, as I begin to think about how to carry out those ideas, actually use words, sentences, paragraphs to develop the brilliant plans I see in my notebook pages, I doubt my ability to pen an entertaining, uplifting, memorable story with a message.

That's the moment the moment procrastination grabs me. I leave the laptop and get the chocolate out. You know, last year's Christmas candy I hid away in the pantry so I wouldn't eat it? I sit back down at my desk and allow the sweet chocolate flavor to coat my mouth. Might as well check my emails while I'm enjoying such a treat. Oh yes, and how about Facebook? You know my friends on Facebook need me to check in.

Finally, after preparing a cup of tea, I decide to get serious about writing the story.  At last, a few words develop into several sentences that group into paragraphs on the page. Instead of work and worry, the writing becomes a joyful challenge. Amazing how chocolate and tea erases that insecurity and the procrastination monster runs away.

How about you? Do you have trouble actually sitting down to start a new project?


  1. That's why I can't face a blank screen. Something about typing on a computer makes me feel it has to be perfect. I do better if I hand write first.

  2. I had to giggle when I read about your stash of Christmas chocolate. I have some too! I feel it's best we keep snacking on it. We wouldn't want it to go stale, right?

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

  3. It takes me forever because I like to plan them out in such detail before I begin. It's typing that first page that's tough. Glad you powered through it.

  4. The worst part about my procrastination is that now I tell myself I am platform building...even as I take the "what animal are you" quiz on facebook. Oh and don't even get me started on chocolate!


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