Monday, January 15, 2018

Terror on Sunshine Boulevard 2018 Blog Tour Kick-Off Today, Honoring Martin Luther King

Hello and welcome to the Focused on Story Blog by J.Q. Rose!
Terror on Sunshine Boulevard Winter Warm-Up 2018 Blog Tour
with J.Q. Rose

Squeeeeee---Today is the kick-off for the Blog Tour!!! 
Author Sandra Cox is hosting my first guest post for this winter's tour. Brave gal, eh? 

I really love doing blog tours. I get to work with old friends and meet new ones as we prepare for the guest posts together. The support and generosity of all my hosts warms me all over in this miserable winter filled with freezing weather, fires, mudslides. 

My prayers are with all those who are suffering through the tragedies and prayers for those who respond to these emergencies. I hope my book will allow an escape from reality for readers and bring some entertainment, perhaps a giggle, and perhaps chills not caused by cold weather.

Hop over to Sandra's blog today, Monday, January 15, to enter to win a PDF copy of Terror on Sunshine Boulevard. The article on tips on flower arranging will inspire you to bring in some colorful flowers to brighten those wintry days.
Today!! Click here to visit the Sandra Cox Blog
Wednesday, January 17--hop on over to the Nan Pokerwinski Heartwood Blog. You'll learn a lot about the book and my writing process and you can enter to win a PDF copy of Terror on Sunshine Boulevard.
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Please read on to find an excerpt from the paranormal mystery. The excerpt is a scen with the sweetest dog, Jingles, and his master, Mr. Tweeble.  They live in the beautiful Florida senior park, Citrus Ridge Senior Community and Resort on Sunshine Boulevard. 
Mr. Tweeble's dog, Jingles, in paranormal mystery, Terror on Sunshine Boulevard
Excerpt: Terror on Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose
A few nights later, Mr. Tweeble woke up with a start when his dog Jingles began barking loud enough to wake him even if he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids.
“Jingles! Jingles! Hush up, will you? It’s three o’clock in the morning. You’re going to wake the neighborhood with your barking.”

He remembered Jingles barking and whining like that when he drove his electric scooter near George McConnell’s house that afternoon. He had finally picked up the feisty terrier and put him on his lap to join the other curiosity seekers near the house. The dog jumped off and raced the other way until he was brought up short on his leash and howled until his master turned the cart around and left the area.

Jingles’ pitiful yowling broke into Mr. Tweeble’s memory.

Fearing his dog was sick, Mr. Tweeble rolled himself out of bed, fumbled putting on his glasses, and shuffled into the kitchen. Using the night light in the hood vent over the old stove to see the dog, he discovered the animal scampering back and forth near the back door.

“Jingles, come ‘ere, boy. Are you sick?” Mr. Tweeble picked him up and gently held the dog close to his chest. He switched on the ceiling light and studied the precious face he dearly loved. He checked Jingles’ brown ears and his brown and white furry body for any injuries and then cradled him to his rotund belly.

“It’s all right, little guy. Come on. Come on to bed with me. You must want to go out to chase a rabbit, eh?” As he slowly shuffled his way back to his bedroom with the dog, he wondered what was wrong. Mr. Tweeble made a mental note to check behind the couch for an “accident” in the morning.

He lay down on the rumpled bed and enfolded the trembling dog in his arms. Suddenly Jingles wriggled free and sprang up barking non-stop. He leaped from the bed and raced out of the room. A flash of searing yellow light filled the room blinding Mr. Tweeble, and the smell of his own scorched flesh burned his nostrils.
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Just click on the blog name and pop on over to have fun and win prizes!!

Monday-Today-Sandra Cox Blog

Wednesday, January 17 Nan Pokerwinski Heartwood Blog - a blog about cultivating creativity, connection and contentment wherever you are.

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Honoring and Remembering Martin Luther King
Honoring Martin Luther King

Thank you to Dr.King and those brave people through our history for trailblazing a path to freedom, equality and justice for all. 

Only in the darkness can you see the stars.--Martin Luther King


  1. I saw your post this morning at Sandra's blog - congrats on the release, J.Q.

  2. Thank you, Diane.I appreciate you visiting Sandra and popping over here too.

  3. Congrats on the release and the blog tour kickoff.

  4. Thanks, Juneta!! I appreciate you shouting about this book on your blog too!!!

  5. Congrats! What fun and you get to promote your work as well. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  6. Hey there.
    I pit-stopped at Nan's. Great post!

  7. Hey MLC, those Jack Russell dogs are so cute and bouncy! And fun to write about!

  8. Hi Anna, at this stage it's all about promotion, right? Thanks for stopping in.

  9. Hi Sandra, I saw your comment this a.m. and left a link back to the guest post on your page. Sneaky, eh? LOL Thanks for pit-stopping here!

  10. You sure. You should right mysteries. Heh heh.

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