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Writers Groups-- Video: Eight Tips for Having a Successful, Productive Meeting #writersgroups #writers #tipsforwriters


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Hello and Welcome to the Focused on Story Blog!
 I am J. Q. Rose. 

Today I'm sharing a video I created about Tips for having a successful, productive Writers Group meeting.

I've been in several groups that have helped me grow in my writing, learning a lot about publishing and discovering wonderful resources to help me. If you want to attend or establish a writers group, check with your local library or bookstore. Contact local authors to find out if they would be interested in getting together at the local restaurant or library room. 

Our Koffee Kuppe Writers Group
L-R: JQ Rose, WS Gager, Joselyn Vaughn, Tess Grant

I would never be a published author if I didn't have the support from my writers group that met at the local coffee shop--the Koffee Kuppe. When we four began meeting, none of us were published. In only a few years, we all had traditionally published books! 

All of my groups have been in-person, but there are ways to find groups online. Google "find writers groups."  Many Facebook groups concentrate on a specific area such as mystery, romance, memoir, etc. Search for them on Facebook.

Below is the video with 8 tips for conducting a writers group meeting. This video will give pointers on how to conduct a meeting so each participant will be anxious to get back to writing.

VIDEO: Writers Groups-- Eight Tips for Having a Successful, Productive Meeting

Writers Groups--8 Tips for a Successful, Productive Meetings

Whether you're new or experienced, a writers group can improve your writing. And raise your spirits! The camaraderie and sharing within the group inspires writers to keep on writing and sparks ideas for more stories, poems, novels.

Find more tips on the writing process, publishing and marketing in Romance and Mystery Authors on Writing.

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Best wishes for success in your writing career!


Do you attend meetings with other authors? a writers group? Please share your experience as a member of a writers group in the comments below.

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