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Insecure Writers Support Group: Is Blogging a Chore or a Joy? #IWSGbloghop


Insecure Writers Support Group Blog Hop

What is the Insecure Writer's Support Group?
Founded by author Alex J. Cavanaugh, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group offers support for writers and authors alike. It provides an online database, articles and tips, a monthly blog posting, a Facebook and Instagram group, Twitter, and a monthly newsletter. 
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The purpose of the group is 
* to share and encourage. 
* Writers can express doubts and concerns 
without fear of appearing foolish or weak. 
* Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. 
*It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! 
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Happy IWSG Day!
Happy April!

Our awesome co-hosts for the April 3 posting of the IWSG are Janet Alcorn, T. Powell Coltrin, Natalie Aguirre, and Pat Garcia

April 3 question - 
How long have you been blogging? (Or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?) What do you like about it and how has it changed?

I believe I started seriously blogging in 2011. I tried Word Press and gave up. Too complicated for me. Then I tried Blogger. I discovered I could get the gist of Blogger a lot better than WP. Perhaps it was because of my attempt to master WP that opened the door to understanding how to use Blogger.

Oddly, today's question is about blogging. I just saw an announcement from an author friend who is giving up blogging. She titled the article "MY FINAL  Blog Post." Wow. I felt a bit of grief when I realized I would not have a window open into her world anymore. 

I must admit I have thought about giving up blogging. But for some reason, I feel such an attachment to JQRose.com, I can’t imagine dropping it completely…yet. I have started writing an article every week at Substack.com, so this could take the place of my blog. Hopefully, my readers would follow me to Substack. But who knows how long I’ll keep writing there??? And a newsletter? I won’t be sad to see it go. Do you notice how insecure I am in making the decision to drop blogging or not?

My blog is my "home" on the web. I am comfortable here. Everything is on this blog--my books, my media kit, my series through the years, my history, interviews with guest authors, and the IWSG blog hop and friends I can keep in touch with every first Wednesday of the month. Gosh, I'm getting misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Do you have a warm, fuzzy feeling for your blog? Or has it become a chore? Please leave your thoughts in a comment below. Thank you!



Recipes 'n Reads Series
Guest author Helen Henderson

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     *WIP--I am working on a journal for Mother's Day sales. I know, I know. It's pretty late to be ready for 2024 sales, but I'll have it ready for 2025!! 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been blogging since 2009 and I can't see myself giving it up anytime soon. (Besides, mu blog is my website.) A few friends have gone to Substack, but I have issues commenting there. I like the ease of blogging and of course, all the friends I have made here over the years.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Next year will be 20 years for me, so I guess I'm not giving up anytime soon.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I've been blogging since 2011, and I still am dedicated to blogging. Please don't stop blogging. I've found over the years that I've lost touch with blogger friends who stopped blogging and don't know much about the books they're publishing anymore. I really enjoy your Wednesday author recipe posts. Maybe try to cut down how much you blog if it feels too much for you.

Liza said...

I feel very loyal to my blog and would have a hard time letting it go dark. I do understand that many people have moved on to other vehicles, but blogging seems to be for long-form writing and I enjoy that. Once a month works for me right now.

Pat Garcia said...

Hi, JQ,
I sincerely hope you don't give up blogging, and I hope you keep this blog. Substack is difficult for me to master. Besides that, I feel like I know you better through your blog.
Take care, and have a lovely day.
Shalom shalom

J.Q. Rose said...

Alex--I'm glad you brought up the commenting on Substack. I don't like requiring visitors to sign up to Substack before they can comment either.

Diane--20 years. Congrats! You must have been a pioneer in blogging? LOL.

Natalie--So glad to know you enjoy the recipes. I love hosting authors and I love recipes and recipe books. I have cut back from weekly blogging to just the 1st (IWSG day) and 3rd (Recipe series) Wednesdays of the month. That has helped.

Liza--I agree about the long form writing and I lovesharing photos on my blog. Thanks for stopping in.

Pat--Thank you for your encouraging words. Writing on Substack is rather sterile and uncomfortable for me. Maybe that's why I don't have a warm feeling about the site.

Joyana Peters said...

I’ve been blogging in some capacity since 2010. It’s a lot of work with little reward and yet I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I also can’t ever see myself giving up my newsletter. I love the relationships and community I’ve built and feel the sacrifice and time are worth it. I think the big question we need to ask is what are looking to get from it? I think the allure of huge incomes has muddied the waters. I have a number of revenue sources I’m pulling from. So my blog truly is my passion project with little pressure riding on it which helps.

Loni Townsend said...

Much like everything else in my life, I do blogging because I like it. I doubt I'll be giving it up anytime soon.

Rosemary Johnson said...

If you feel comfortable blogging here, you must keep going. What’s the worst that can happen? No one reads your post. (Yes, that’s happened to me a few times.)

Fundy Blue said...

Yes, JQ, I have a warm and fuzzy feeling for my blog. I love blogging, and I will continue to do so. It's because of the connections and friendships I've made. I'm happy you are still here with the IWSG!

J.Q. Rose said...

@Joyana- I smiled when you called your blog your passion project. I need to reclaim my passion for writing Focused on Story. Thank you.

@Loni--Love your attitude! Doing something you love.

@Rosemary--Had to laugh at the worst that can happen when blogging. "No one reads your post." Yes!!

@Fundy Blue--Thank you. I'm happy you are here. Connections and friendships are what keep me here too.

Helena Fairfax said...

Hi JQ,
One of your other commenters said they felt they got to know you and to keep up with your news through your blog. I feel the same. It would be such a shame if you stopped. I get an email when you've posted, and I can read your post at my leisure. Social media feels so busy in comparison, and often I miss friends' posts.
I've been blogging for a long time. Occasionally it does feel like hard work to keep the blog, but your post has made me realise that I have regular readers who might miss my posts if I suddenly stopped. Also my website has all my editing details and my books.
Thanks for the post, and for the thought-provoking questions!

Sandra Cox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra Cox said...

I hear ya on the blogging and losing touch with friends that stop, cuz. I started out blogging to get the word out there about my books. Now it's basically just to keep in touch with buds. I've cut back to three times a week.
Take special care. Anxious to see your next work.

emaginette said...

I can't see me giving up blogging, but when someone says goodbye, I think about it. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Olga Godim said...

I don't plan to give up my blog. Like you, I consider it my home on the web. Maybe because I don't do it often, I don't feel 'burned-out' by the demands of blogging. I blog only when I want to.

J.Q. Rose said...

@Helena--I agree social media seems so busy. I mostly skim read the posts. But sit back and enjoy reading blog posts! Happy to know how much you appreciate your loyal followers. I feel good when I have people return to my blog because hopefully they get some insight or a giggle out of my post. Thanks for stopping in.

J.Q. Rose said...

@Sandra--Thanks, Cuz. I cut back to twice a month. Hopefully I can get this WIP put together.

@Anna--I can't see you giving up blogging either!!

@Olga--You have a good attitude to fight burnout!

Janet Alcorn said...

My blog is my home on the web too, so I don't see myself giving it up entirely. But I'm definitely rethinking how much time to devote to it - and how to make keeping it up seem more like fun and less like a chore.

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