Friday, February 8, 2013

Stories in the News

The news stories in the media, whether newspapers, TV networks, cable TV, or online, are full of stories which seem only a writer could make up. 

The reason why a man dragged the five year old boy, Ethan, to his underground bunker and kept him there is still a mystery. No one seems to know why, no explanation. Thank goodness the police were able to rescue the boy. Adding a twist to the ending was the revelation that the bus driver killed by this deranged man was the ONLY person in the community who was his friends.

At this writing a cop seeking revenge is on a murderous rampage. The largest manhunt team ever assembled is looking for him. 

The horrendous blizzard traveling across the midwest and into the northeast is getting top priority on newscasts in order to keep citizens safe. Hurricane force winds are combining with the snow to make a once in a century storm.

Athlete Lance Armstrong after years of denying his use of drugs to enhance his athletic abilities has come forward and confessed to Oprah that he did use them.

All these headlines and more are fodder for a writer's imagination. I know in my upcoming new mystery I swiped a real life headline from the news to include in Coda to Murder. When I read the article in the paper, I tucked the idea in my head for future use in a story. I didn't even know what the story would be about, but this twist on the happening was definitely going to be in a novel by J.Q. Rose!!

Watch for the release of Coda to Murder in the next few weeks from MuseItUp Publishing. I'll keep you posted!! Oh yes, I will clue you in on the news situation that I used in the book.

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I used the Highway of Tears in BC in my current ms, now at the publishers. It was difficult to do because even as we speak, the wounds are still fresh.

Best of luck with Coda to Murder.

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