Monday, September 30, 2013

Thirty Days of Peace, This Week, Giveaways

“Never doubt that 
a small group of 
thoughtful, committed citizens 
can change the 
world. Indeed, it is 
the only thing that 
ever has.”
 -Margaret Mead

People for Peace
The Newaygo County People for Peace are focusing on Thirty Days of Peace offering videos, talks, walks, readings and more in our county from September 10- October 10.  Their mission is to promote peace and justice starting with the individual and spreading out into the world using both education and nonviolent action. They are advocates for social justice for those who have no voice, to make nations and governments accountable for their military, social, environmental and economic actions.

People talk about peace in one sentence, but throw their hands up in defeat in the next believing it is impossible to achieve peace in their lives, locally, nationally, and internationally. Instead of giving up, we need to learn more and begin right in our own neighborhoods to find solutions. Learn more about the Thirty Days of Peace at the The Newaygo County People for Peace page. 

This Week:
Tuesday, October 1--Karina Fabian stops on her book tour for her new release, Mind Over Psyche, and is offering a giveaway of an electronic copy.
Wednesday, October 2--It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for a blog hop with the Insecure Writers Support Group.

Thursday, October 3--Hobby Hoedown features author Lorrie Struiff and her take on her numerous hobbies through the years.

The Month of October--Join in the fun with the Christmas in October Giveaway with Penny Estelle and 50 other authors!

Christmas in October

It is almost upon us.  Only one more day!

Every Monday and Thursday during October,
six different authors will be spotlighting their books. 

Some lucky commenter is going to win over 50 different prizes. 

It could be you!  All you need to do is comment.
 The more you comment, the more chances you have of winning
all of these fabulous prizes!

So mark your calendars for Thursday, October 3,
and be sure to visit

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Roseanne Dowell Shares Her Embroidery and Quilting Handiwork at Hobby Hoedown

Welcome multi-published author Roseanne Dowell to Hobby Hoedown. She certainly has a creative outlet along with her writing skills. She combines embroidery with quilting to produce lovely works of art and functional pieces. First let me tell you about Roseanne.

Roseanne grew up reading first Nancy Drew mysteries and soon moved on to Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney. She’s a big fan of Agatha Christie and always loved writing even as a teen, often making up different endings to books, and writing poems.
While working as a school secretary, she decided to take a correspondence course, writing for children. It didn’t take long to realize that even though she had six children, it took someone special to write books for them. So, she tried her hand at nonfiction, but didn’t care for that either.  That’s when she moved on to romance novels. But they sat in the attic along with her poems and journals.
In 2002 at a Book Club meeting, she confessed regret about not pursuing a career in writing. That’s all it took.  Her friends convinced her it wasn’t too late. After giving it some thought, she decided they were right and took another writing course. Within a few months, her first article was published in Good Old Days Magazine. Since then, she’s had several articles published.
In 2006, Roseanne’s first book, Satin Sheets, was published and sold over 35,000 copies. Since then, she’s decided to go the way of the future – E-books.  She writes various types of romance – paranormal, contemporary, mystery and women’s fiction. Her heroines range from their early twenties to late seventies. Yes, seniors need love, too.
Roseanne lives with her husband of fifty years, has six grown children, fourteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She spends her time between writing, quilting, and embroidering. She also enjoys blogging, tweeting, facebooking and posting on various writers’ groups and spending time with her family.
# # # # 
If you’d like to know more about Roseanne and her books, 
check out Roseanne Dowell's website   
You can find her books at Amazon

# # # # 

Now take a look at Roseanne Dowell's handiwork.

Contributed by Roseanne Dowell. Photos courtesy of Roseanne Dowell.

Although my first love is writing, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is embroidery. Another is quilting and I’ve found a way to combine the two. I discovered red-work during a quilting shop-hop at one of the shops. I immediately fell in love with it. For those who don’t know what red-work is – it’s embroidery done in all red floss. Just the outline of the picture, not filled in like other embroidery patterns.
A Christmas Wall Hanging
Every year I make something for my six children (usually a Santa) and give it to them on Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s ceramic, sometimes wood. I found this Santa pattern and made one for each of them. It took a while to do six of them, but it was a fun project.
 A cow quilt I made for another niece
After making quilts for each of my children, grandchilden and other relatives, I decided to make a baby quilt for each of my grandchildren – not for them, but for their first born. But, where to find patterns? I started out searching coloring books for designs. I traced the images onto 12x12 squares of muslin. No easy feat.  After I finished embroidering the squares, I put the quilt together. For the backing I used various fabrics, generally not nursery prints. None of the quilts have nursery fabric in them at all. That way, they’re not limited to use only as a baby quilt.  I’ve used patterns from animals to Winnie the Pooh.
Eventually, I found transfer books and started using them for designs, which made it much easier. As of right now, thirteen quilts are finished, the last one is embroidered and the blocks stitched, but I still need to be put the batting and backing on and quilt it. Some of the quilts are done in red work, but several are done with various colors, also.
It did take several years to embroider all those squares, but most of them have been done for a while now.
Since then, I’ve also made quilts for my niece’s twins. One of the patterns is kittens and the other is bunnies. She had a girl and boy, so I thought the bunnies would be good for him.

One of the quilts I made for my niece’s twins. Kittens
The other quilt for my niece’s twins – Bunnies
Three years ago I gave the first quilt to my oldest granddaughter, who had a baby boy, my first great grandchild.  
Each quilt is marked with the name of the grandchild it’s supposed to go to. I hope I’m still around to give each child their quilt, but if not my daughters have been instructed to pass them out. I hope they treasure them. I put them in one of those quilt bags you get from the store to store them.
Yes, I bought a quilt for my bed. But I did make one too, I embroidered wild flowers in each square – and yes, I filled them in, not just outlined. It took over a year to do it, but it was worth it.

People ask where I find the time to do all this. The answer is simple, I have nothing better to do in the evening while I’m watching TV. That’s the nice thing about embroidery; you can sit in front of the TV and still work on it.

My latest book, All in the Family, has just been released by Books We Love.

Back of the Book:

Taking over the police chief’s job in her hometown should have been easy for Callie Johnson. After working in a big city, small town crime would be a breeze.  What a surprise when she arrives to find her grandmother, the judge, accused of murder. As if that wasn’t enough she’s attacked while walking to her car. Between criminal investigations, her nutty family’s antics and her Aunt Beatrice Lulu picking up men for Callie to meet, she has her work cut out for her. Will her grandmother be exonerated?  Can Callie ward off her aunt’s unsuitable suitors? More importantly, can she find the person who attacked her?

Available at: Amazon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Vegetable Garden Roundup, This Week, with Giveaways

Another marvelous Michigan Monday! A bit chilly last night at 36 degrees, but this afternoon is sunny and crisp. Fall is in the air and sadly, the vegetable garden is disappearing as my DH tears out the spent plants. Gardeners are such optimists. As he pulls out the beans and peppers, etc, he already has plans for next year's garden based on the results of this year. And of course, next year always looks better, in his mind, than this year. 

This year, IMHO, was a winner. We had a beautiful crop of veggies and enjoyed every bite. Truth be told, I believe my DH enjoys giving away the bounty as much as getting his hands dirty and his tummy full.

Here is some of the bounty from our garden this year:


red and green pepper.
 (Leave the green pepper on the vine and it will turn red and be sweeter.)

white, yellow, yukon, and red potatoes

muskmelon or cantaloupe

yellow summer squash

leaf and head lettuces

green beans, tomatoes, and basil
Now that's some good eatin', folks. It just may be a coincidence that the main characters in my mystery novella, Sunshine Boulevard, are snowbirds. And just like my DH and I, Jim is a big gardener and Gloria loves to use the veggies from Jim's garden in recipes. If you'd like a FREE copy of her recipes, email me and I'll send you out the Gloria Hart's Garden for Eatin' Recipe Collection. Email me at jqrose02 at gmail dot com.

Mysterious deaths upset the Florida retirement community 
interfering with their seasonal activities and turning up more than dead bodies...

Tuesday, September 24--Join me at Lorrie Struiff's blog, Flowers and Thorns, where I'm talking about the movie Julie and Julia, both cooks and writers. Leave a comment to win my latest mystery, Coda to Murder.

Thursday, September 26--Hobby Hoedown features Roseanne Dowell's amazing handiwork combining embroidery and quilting. You don't want to miss out on seeing her beautiful pieces.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hobby Hoedown--Basic Floral Design Tips from J.Q. Rose

Every week I marvel at all the crafty authors here at the Hobby Hoedown. (Crafty is a good thing!) I don't have the skills some of the authors have to produce a finished project, but I can design floral arrangements. I chose my pen name, Rose, because my favorite flower is the rose. I cannot believe I have no photos of rose arrangements to share with you! 

I was a florist for twenty years and taught a few basic floral design workshops at our shop after hours. I really enjoyed sharing the joy of working with flowers with all the participants, so I thought I would bring you in to the inner circle of my favorite flower arranging tips.

I really enjoy picking flowers from my yard and "plunking" them into a vase.
Basic Fresh Floral Design Tips by J.Q. Rose 
  1. It’s very important to always cut the stems on a slant in order to allow more surface area for water to enter the stem. Allow the flowers to soak up the warm, not hot, not cold, water with dissolved preservative before beginning your design.
  2. Use a very sharp knife or scissors to cut the stems. Dull tools will crush the stem and not allow the flower to drink up the water.
  3. If you use wet foam for your arrangement, be sure to place the foam in a bucket of warm water with preservative dissolved in it. Then place the foam, cut to fit your container, into the water, but don’t hold it down in the bucket. Every inch of the foam needs to be wet. If you hold it down for a couple of minutes, water does not reach all parts of it and may leave air holes in the material. Your flower could dry out because the stem end is in air and not water. So leave it in to soak up all the water. You can tell when you pick it up if the block is full or not by the weight.
    Tulips for Mother's Day.
  4. If making a “plunk-it” arrangement in a vase, simply bring the vase to the edge of the counter, hold the flower bunch next to the vase, and determine how tall or short you want the arrangement to be.  Cut at the point where the flower stems are even with the top of the counter.  Then “plunk” the flowers in the vase immediately. Easy-peasy.
  5. Always give a fresh cut to the flower stem before placing it in the arrangement.
  6. When making a centerpiece, determine the width and length by placing a flower or greens at north, south, east, and west. Determine the height by placing a flower in the center. Just remember to start your arrangement with five flowers, then fill in.
  7. Don’t forget to use green foliages to make a lovely background for the flowers to showcase their colors.
    Mixed flowers--notice the different shapes-round carnations and pomps, and form flower lily.
  8. Include three shapes of flowers in mixed bouquets—a spike flower e.g. gladiola or snapdragon, round flower e.g. carnation or mum, and a form flower e.g. iris or rose.
  9. Usually, and I say usually because the rule is to place lighter colors at the top of an arrangement and darker colors at the base. But rules are made to be broken, so design your piece to please your eye.
  10. Leave space around each flower so you can see each one. Don’t cram them together so tightly that the viewer can’t appreciate each beautiful face.
  11. The most important rule is to make a bouquet that you will enjoy. 
  12. Really, how can you go wrong when working with brilliant colors, unique shapes, and pleasant fragrances? You can’t!

BACK OF THE COVER-- Coda to Murder  

Pastor Christine Hobbs has been in the pulpit business for over five years. She never imagined herself caring for a flock that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer. 

Detective Cole Stephens doesn't want the pretty pastor to get away with murdering the church music director. His investigative methods infuriate Christine as much as his deep brown eyes attract her.

Can they find the real killer and build a loving relationship based on trust?

# # #

One of the characters in Coda to Murder is Lacey. She happens to be a florist and Pastor Christine’s good friend. They are complete opposites. Pastor Christine is a tall, slender, dark-haired woman while Lacey is a petite, strawberry blonde.

The excerpt I share here will help you get to know Christine and Lacey. William is the church music director who was found dead in the church basement. Dutch is the custodian who found the body.


            Christine jumped when she heard the doorbell buzz followed by a loud, “Yoo, hoo!” The cat hopped off her lap, and Christine climbed out of the recliner. She rushed to unlock and open the kitchen door.  Lacey marched in with a bouquet of flowers and a brown paper bag.
            “Hey, Chris.  How ya’ doin’?”  Lacey placed the vase of red and yellow tulips on the kitchen counter. 
            “I heard about William. I am so sorry.”  Lacey wrapped her arms around Christine and hugged hard. 
            The tall pastor and the petite florist couldn’t have been more different in appearance.  Lacey’s blunt cut strawberry blonde hair and bright floral shirt and jeans contrasted with the minister’s black suit and shoulder length brown hair.  Because they were so alike in their life experiences, they became fast friends. They were nearly the same age, both single, both uncommitted, and both had marriages that ended badly.      
            She held out the brown bag.  “Here, I brought us some light beers.  I figured you needed some company.”  She smiled big, making Christine realize how much she loved her friend.
            “What a sweet kitty. Is this Mrs. Whitcomb’s cat? She’s beautiful.” Lacey bent down to pat the now friendly feline.
            “Yeah, that’s Bitsy. She wasn’t interested in coming home with me.” Christine watched as her friend easily stroked the cat. “Well, you certainly have a way with cats. It took me quite awhile before Bitsy would even look at me! Thank you so much for coming over. Have a seat.”
            They twisted off the beer caps and settled themselves on the big ugly couch for a warm heart-to-heart talk. Bitsy chose to stretch out on the back of the couch lounging between the two women. For a few minutes, the pastor could forget her responsibilities and just enjoy having a friend.  Lacey helped to fill the void Christine had felt after divorcing Brad, whom she thought would be her soul mate forever.
            “I heard Cole Stephens is the investigator on William’s case,” said Lacey.  “He’s gorgeous.”  She grinned a silly face at Christine and then sucked down more beer.
            “You’ve got to be kidding me.  I was so worried about Dutch, I didn’t even notice.”
            “Well, I’m sure you had your mind on a lot more than Cole Stephens.  Take my word for it, he’s a cutie,” Lacey said with a wink.
            Christine tried to picture Cole Stephens.  He was a tall, muscular man and handsome in his tie and sport coat.  She remembered his short-cropped hair.  Was it a flat-top, or was there some spiky hair sticking out?   Did he wear glasses or not?  Her memory of him was just too fuzzy.
            “I didn’t exactly have my man radar out this morning.” She tried to brush off more of the cat hair, dust, and food particles on her suit coat and slacks.
            “Well, I’m sure he’ll be talking to you some more if this investigation turns up foul play.”
            Christine sat straight up on the couch and faced her friend.  “Why would you even say something like that?  You know William probably just tripped down the steps.  Gosh, Lacey.  What a thing to say!”
            “I’m just sayin’…just wondering…I mean, really, Chris, nobody knows anything about William.  He may have had too much wine and fell down the steps, or he discovered a burglar in the church, or any of a dozen things.  Just sayin’…” Lacey quickly took another swig of the cold beer.
            Focusing intently on Christine’s eyes, she said, “Cole Stephens has a reputation for digging for the truth.  He won’t settle for any old explanation of William’s death.  You have to be prepared for the worst.”

BUY LINKS:                                                                     

Now available at MuseItUp Publishing-
Barnes and Noble and major online booksellers.

BIO- After writing feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines for over fifteen years, J.Q. Rose entered the world of fiction writing with her first published novella, Sunshine Boulevard, released by MuseItUp Publishing in 2011. Her latest mystery, Coda to Murder, was released in February. Blogging, photography, Pegs and Jokers board games, and travel are the things that keep her out of trouble. Spending winters in Florida with her husband allows Janet the opportunity to enjoy the life of a snowbird. Summer finds her camping and hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with her four grandsons and granddaughter.

Connect with J.Q. Rose online at
J.Q. Rose blog
Author website
J. Q.  Rose Amazon Author Page

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Missed Monday, Goofy Puzzle and This Week

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the flood ravaged Colorado. I think the gentleman from Colorado nailed it when he said they would rebuild inch by inch and community by community. God bless.

Everything is goofy to start off this week as evidenced by my Monday post being posted on Tuesday. I don't know where the weekend went...Well, I kind of do since we had grandchildren here all weekend! 

Okay maybe only a gardener would call this a beautiful picture.
We had a lot of fun digging up 119 pounds of potatoes from the garden. We sliced them up and baked them into crispy potato chips in the oven. Soooo good. We also stuffed ourselves on brownies and finished off the entire pan full. Thank goodness there were no repercussions for eating like we did. Gee, I hope their mom is not reading this!! 
# # # #
Talking about the grandkids--When our daughters were young, they enjoyed this puzzle. Can you figure it out? I know there's a book full of these. I would like to give credit to the author, but I cannot remember the name of the book or the author. If you know, please leave the information in a comment. Thanks!

M R Ducks
M R not Ducks
C M Wangs?
M R Ducks
When we shared the puzzle with our grandsons, they enjoyed it so much, they made up their own puzzle. We snickered and giggled at this one.
M R Grandmas
M R not Grandmas
C M Wrinkles?
M R Grandmas!
# # # # 

Thursday, September 19  it's my turn to share my hobby of flower arranging on the Hobby Hoedown! I'll give you lots of tips so you can learn to arrange your flowers too. Come back on Thursday, ya'all!
Friday, September 20-Children's author Sue Perkins visits the Girls Succeed blog with the Story Behind the Story of the Rainbow Ghost Bus

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Author Heather Fraser Brainerd Shares Disney Parks on Hobby Hoedown

Dear Readers, when you finish reading this post and commenting, please hop on over to the Girls Succeed Blog where another MuseItUp Author, Katie Carroll, tells us how she became a writer and  introduces us to her new YA Paranormal Fantasy, Elixir Bound. Be sure to enter to win prizes during her book tour!!
Katie and I are swapping blogs, so take another hop over to Katie's website to discover what sparked the penning of my non-fiction e-book for girls, Girls Succeed.

# # # # 

Today marks a first at Hobby Hoedown, hosting a brother and sister writing team. Author Heather Fraser Brainerd is here today with her passion, Disney Parks. Her brother and co-author, David Fraser, was a guest on August 15 displaying his skills in building model planes. They may be siblings, but they don't seem to have the same interests when it comes to hobbies. Heather confesses she doesn't remember David building planes when they were kids. Probably because she was off playing with her Barbie Dolls...

Welcome Heather to the Fall Hobby Hoedown!

I was happy to hear that JQ’s hobby hoedown had been extended into autumn. After enjoying her other hobby posts, and wishing I could participate over the summer (but I just didn’t have time!), this seemed like a fun way to kick off the fall.

But what to write about? Quilting? Yoga? Cookie-baking? Dollhouse-building? I have lots of hobbies, but the one that I’m most passionate about is…
Walt Disney World!
I write a Disney-related blog (, collect Disneyana, comb the Internet for Disney-related news, am a member of D23 (the official Disney fan club), and recently became a Disney stockholder. Okay, so maybe it's not so much a hobby as it is an obsession!

hobby castle.jpg
My home away from home.
The seeds of my obsession were sown long ago. I was fortunate enough to live in Florida for several years as a child. Whenever family or friends would come from New York to visit, we’d go to Disney World! After we moved back to New York, our Disney trips became less frequent. When I was a teen, my parents took all four of us kids (I’m the oldest) on a Disney vacation. A couple years later, my senior trip was to Disney World. After that, a twenty-year dry spell ensued, from 1989 to 2009.

In that time, I went to college, got married, had a son, got divorced, and went through the daily grind of handling workers’ compensation insurance claims. After my son turned five, I started to dream of taking him to my favorite place. I did the online research, talked to friends who had taken their kids to Disney World, even contacted a travel agent to make preliminary plans. Instead of going to through with those plans, I met a man.

He’s a very, very good man.  A year and a half later, we were married, and I left my insurance career behind to stay home with my son and my two new stepsons. A year and a half after that, we took our brood to Disney World!

With that first family trip, all five of us were hooked! There’s just something about being there, right in the middle of the magic, that makes you feel like a kid again. Everywhere you go in each of Disney World’s four parks, something magical is happening. Everything is spotless. The staff members (called “cast members” in Disney lingo) are incredibly helpful and unbelievably nice. As Walt Disney said, “Give the public everything you can give them, keep the place as clean as you can keep it, and keep it friendly.” All these years later, his words of wisdom live on.

Thus began my obsession. I started researching Disney World history, news, and rumors, wanting to know every detail about this magical place. Quickly realizing that there are not many resources for larger families, I started my blog, Disney For Five+, to help other big families with their planning.

My first Disney collectible
My one Disney collectible (a 1980s Snow White music box that plays “Someday My Prince Will Come” – how true that turned out to be!) has been joined by an increasing number of Disneyana pieces. I’ve yet to go to a D23 Expo, but hope to someday soon.
My latest Disney Collectible.

We recently took our three boys to Disney World for the fifth time, and I’m already in the preliminary planning stages for the next trip. For us, it really is the happiest place on earth.

First in the Jose Picada P.I. series
Back Cover

Having left the dull life of workers’ comp insurance behind to strike it out as a private detective, things aren’t going well for Josie P. Cates. Her new career isn't as exciting — or lucrative — as she thought it would be. As her bank account dwindles, her first major client finally walks in the door. Chef Marco, a successful local restaurateur, hires Josie to find out who's skimming money from his business. It doesn't take long for Josie to discover that things at Bistro Italiano aren’t what they seem. Secrets seem to cling to Chef Marco like splattered marinara sauce. With the help of friends both old and new, Josie unravels a case that takes her from the bistro to the world of deadly dark magic. At least it keeps things from being too boring.


MuseItUp Publishing


Heather Fraser Brainerd is a renaissance woman. After earning a degree in Anthropology, she embarked on an incongruous career as a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster. She
rapidly climbed the claims-handling ladder before surprising her colleagues by leaving the high-powered world of lumbar strains and carpal tunnel syndrome to run a child care center. Thousands of dirty diapers and gallons of strained peas later, she decided that maybe the insurance industry wasn’t quite as bad as she remembered. It was. Fortunately, a few brief years into that second stint, she was swept off her feet by the most wonderful man in the world. Now a stay-home mom to three amazing boys, she is able, at long last, to focus on her writing. In addition to her fictional explorations, she writes a foodie column for the Rochester magazine Citizen. Heather lives in New York with her family and their crazy pug/terrier.

Connect online with Heather

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Labor Day Weekend, Author Facebook Page, Fall Hobby Hoedown, and This Week


Hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend or perhaps a lively weekend filled with fun, family and friends. Labor Day weekend was a fantastic weekend in Illinois with a family reunion (my DH side) on Saturday and my brother and his wife's 50th anniversary celebration. We certainly made memories to cherish. Of course when we arrived home after much traveling, we were exhausted, but happy.

Today I want to ask you about your Facebook page. Do you have one? I thought I would never want to add that extra responsibility to my marketing chores. After reading so many articles telling me Facebook is the place to be to find readers, I broke down and created my own J.Q. Rose page. And I must tell you I am pleased so far. I like to receive reports on the activity generated by the page and I love to see the  "likes" building. (Let me add I like to like other Facebook pages too.) Take a peek at the J.Q. Rose Facebook Page and like it if you haven't already. Leave me your FB addy in the comments or email me and I will like your page too! 

I use the page as a "hub" to notify my readers of my blog posts on both the J Q Rose blog and the Girls Succeed blog, news about my books and author friends' books, and writing resources/ information other authors may like to check out. I'm having fun with it. If you have an author page, how do you use it in your marketing effort? We can all use some suggestions, especially for this newbie!

In my part of the world, school is back in session and Labor Day is over, so it is officially fall! Time to look forward to colorful foliage, crisp apples, and warm campfires. I'm so delighted to announce the Hobby Hoedown is continuing into the fall season--just because I have had such a great time meeting authors and learning more about their creative outlets besides writing. Another good reason is that you, dear readers, seem to be enjoying the posts too. Watch for these authors and their hobbies to be featured this fall:

12 Heather Brainerd
19 J.Q. Rose
26 Roseanne Dowell
3 Lorrie Struiff
10 Kelly Whitley
17 Break
24 Available
31 Halloween
7 Heather Greenis
14 Margaret Mendel
21 Jane Lebak

Heather Brainerd discusses her hobby, visiting Disney Parks. Love, love Disney!
MG author Katie Carroll and I swap blogs. She visits the Girls Succeed blog and I hop over to her blog. Swaps are fun! Win prizes too!!

Mother's Day Excerpt from Arranging a Dream, Happy Mother's Day, Working Moms

YouTube VIDEO: Mother's Day Excerpt from Arranging a Dream Hello and welcome! I wanted to pop in to wish you moms, grandmoms and those w...